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  1. Abraxas

    Poland Wroclaw

    Previous changelogs are gathered in this doc

    When you notice a bug not listed below make sure to provide as many information as possible (game mode, car, track etc.).

    Credits go to h2g2guy who made first proper 2.0.2 changelog and all users that report bugs and changes in new versions of Gran Turismo. Thank you guys!

    2.05 CHANGELOG

    • None

    Unofficial Updates:
    If you spotted anything, show us :)
    • None for now


    Correction of Known Issues (official):
    • The issue of experience and rewards not being received in online races has now been corrected.

    Correction of Known Issues (unofficial):
    • In GTAuto Oil Change Guy's trolley is now back and rolling - reported by bobd
    • Tuning shop navigation issues have been solved - reported by mercgoat

    Known Issues
    black - bugs from older version/s
    red - new bug in current version
    blue - new bugs on the list but not from latest version
    purple - bugs from previous version/s confirmed to exist in current version

    • You can't use your custom tracks in 2 player battle
    • Hitting START button in Speed test screen places car in tunnel net to pits and test lasts only few meter untill finish line is crossed (more info by GTPorsche).
    • Electric cars battery drains with unlimited tire/fuel selected
    • Replay rewind/fast forward functions don't work in replays that were recorded in 2 player mode
    • Sometimes slow loading bar before a hang up when you enter a online trial/single race/seasonal race/2P battle or joining a lounge. Quiting the game required.
    • When batteries are empty in electric car you can still go faster than 50kmh limit by gently operating with gas pedal - more info by Haaveilla
    • When you are watching people race online, or watching an online replay from your library, no one's speedometers other than your own will read above 357mph - reported by Lewis_Hamilton_

    Online gameplay and features
    • Online races "major bug"
    • In online lounge, when you select "No Active Steering" or "Driving line", in the chat window, it will say "Active Steering/Driving line allowed" even though it's disabled. Toggling the option still bring the wrong message. - reported by VolksDude and grog
    • Black screen issues when the race starts. It can vary on length of time but very common to start normal with a countdown as soon as one person leaves the room. There are times where the race will start without countdown but everyone starts at the same time as well. Other possibilities include when not every driver comes out of the black screen at the same time and people are able to get large headstarts on other drivers. - reported by mercgoat and Dan360
    • Freeze issues after a seasonal race or leaving a lounge.It sometimes requires you to just quit the game but sometimes resetting the system is needed. The freezing can happen right after you get paid for the seasonal race. For online when you select the red square or right when you get back to the open lobby area it will freeze. SSRX is where it seems to happen the most. Its recommended not to be in the xmb while leaving a lobby or race as it might make matters worse. Its also important to know that sometimes it just takes a long time to leave a lobby and its not a freeze. - reported by mercgoat
    • Lag-like issues for people with good internet connections. Leaving and coming back may help. These issues include poor mic chat quality, very very slow gararge loading (and possible rare freeze), slow to enter the track, and slow tuning navigation. Usually when having these issues the races themselves are lag free which is the weird part.
    • Sometimes track options are unavailable to room leader until a reset best done by switching damage on and off then back. Ocassionally the tracks options only are greyed out as a host but still changeable and greyed out as a racer but still readable. - reported by mercgoat
    • Tire screech sometimes goes away in online lounge. - reported by mercgoat
    • It is possible to have an online race with combinations of karts, F1, and standard cars by fiddling with the settings in the right way.
    • Random lounge disconnects especially when joining a room. Again I have them more often recently and people entering my lounge seem to get booted right away much more frequently. (I get disconnected once in a room and racing very rarely. Maybe once a week. Sometimes the whole room crashes with me sometimes not. People joining and leaving before they got in is very common though.) - reported by mercgoat
    • People can't hear/see everybody in the lounge but not always both. (Not had this problem personally but it has happened to friends this week. Usually happens when I have multiple countries in my room. Aussie can't see Canadian etc but not always). - reported by mercgoat
    • People in lounge sometimes dont have the yellow circle next to their coffee cup. (One friend I race with a lot shows up 50% of the time roughly. From the same area too.) - reported by mercgoat
    • Lounge leader can sometimes start a race in the pits and be left off the grid. (Heard recent reports. No one I race with though) - reported by mercgoat
    • Various issues with online penalty system - more info by mecgoat here
    • Sometimes after pausing a game controls do not appear (usually on Nordschleife) (more info by EliteDreamer)

    Tracks and course maker
    • SSR X: There is invisible wall between track lane and pit entrance (image of Jag with full throttle)
    • SSR X: Cars are sinking into the road in rear view mirror
    • Kart Space I: The number of corners is wrong, both regular and reverse. The track has 9 corners but the game counts 8.
    • Course maker: Sometimes -5 or -4 corner sharpness makes it actually as sharp as +5
    • Nurburgring Nordschleife: A colourful line sometimes appears starting from the middle of Caracciola Karussell ("The Carousel") and ending about 200m later. This issue is not always reproducible, but has been reported by multiple users. (image by mercgoat)

    User interface and misc. bugs
    • Race End BGM special-tunes does not play when Race BGM is set to OFF in music-options (more info by amar212)
    • License S-7 still has a huge short cut on the Top Gear Test Track that would get someone disqualified on other special events in the TGTT (video by DaihatsuDriver)
    • When adding a MID RPM turbo kit to a car, the graph in settings (green power line / orange torque line) isn't updated (more info by Highlandor)
    • When car is changed, change count updates after race/gtauto visit, not immediately
    • The GT5 log shows every received (gifted) suit/helmet as correct name followed by incorrect number - more info by mercgoat
    • The GT5 log shows every received (gifted) paint as wrong chip name followed by correct paint name - (picture) - more info by ZeGermanBastorD
    • Rubber left on road on static weather and time tracks does not recive shadows in tunnels, so it shines too much - (picture) - more info by snowgt
    • Usually PP value in garage (list view) does not update how it should.
    • In GTAuto during paint animation electric cars have generic petrol engine sound
    • Horns/gear/paint/museum cards does not stack properly. For example I own two seperate Horn 160's instead of one with a quantity of two
    • The Car Restoration Coupon description says it Removes Tuning Parts in the first screen and than in the confirmation screen it says All tuning parts, wheels etc. will be kept.
    • Wheels description in GT Auto and online manual still states that you can't change wheels for standards and suits. Strangely some users have it corrected, some not. (US version) (image by mercgoat) (image by mercgoat)
    • In tuning shop, in body, engine and turbo sections when you have cursor over bottom left item and press "left" it throws you out to main tuning shop screen. - reported by omnid88
    • After receiving gift followed by restoring backup data, information about new gift remains and it cannot be recieved - more info by Xenn
    • When car is going on highest revs and hit from behing rev counter goes off scale (image by GT_johan)

    Photo mode/photo travel
    • Photomode. Bloom and flare effect does not reset when you turn filters off. So after turning on then off cold or mono filters you have no bloom, but after warm it's there but even heavier than in normal mode. Flare is gone always after filter change becouse filters don't use it and you can turn it on only by leaving camera mode (when filters are off).
    • In Gion, Kyoto Photo Travel location there is strage loud sound in background, something like construction site.

    Cars specifications and descriptions
    • Master List of Cars With Incorrect Specifications -> made by Toronado
    • Toyota 86 GT '12 - analog speedometer doesn't have limiter and goes beyond scale (picture) - reported by bman
    • Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 TC - the Standard Centre Differential is incorrect, showing 150/-50 - reported by iLex
    • Toyota MR2 GT-S '97 - LSD acceleration value (80) of stock LSD is higher than highest setting of custom LSD (60). Bug is present in some other cars, but for now only this one is confirmed - reported by MadMax86
    • Dodge Viper ACR - speedometer is counting miles as kilometers and maxes out at 220 km/h. - reported by HuskyGT
    • VW 1200 '66 still has wrong weight in dealership, despite correct weight in garage.
    • In the Special Event/Grand Tour/Eiger Nordwand it states that the Alfa 8C is a FWD car - reported by ZeGermanBastorD
    • Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1800GSR IC Turbo - description in english version says that it's AWD car, which is not correct, as it is FR car.
    • Daihatsu MIRA TR-XX Avanzato R '97 looses power and pp after installing stage III engine upgrade
    • VW Museum card 47 has a picture of a Polo but describes a Golf (image by mercgoat).
    • In some cars descriptions fuel efficiency figures are wrong (999L/100km, or Xkm/L where it should be XL/100km). Cars affected: Priuses, Golf VI R, Honda Insight LS 2009
    • Lamborghini Aventador needs a space between "mph" and "of" in description (US english version) (image by mercgoat).
    • XJR-9 (standard and premium) description claims it ran LeMans in 1998. Really it was in 1988 (US English and Italian version) (image by mercgoat).
    • Description of Corvette C1 is description of Chevy Silverado (US English version). (image by mercgoat)
    • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR RM '05 has too many spaces in name (image by mercgoat)

    If you noticed anything new, or that any of old bugs has been fixed, or you've spotted new bug leave a comment. I'll try update this list as often as I can.

    Thanks to all guys helping make that list. I'll hope Kazunori will get link to it.
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  2. Morphisor

    Netherlands NL

    This is true for the English description as well. In fact, I noticed this occurrence with every car which has a fuel mileage in the description.

    For instance, the Prius G 2009 and Prius G Touring Selection 2003, and Honda Insight LS 2009.
  3. VTiRoj

    United Kingdom Barrow in Furness

    The Mini Cooper S '11 and Mini Cooper S Countryman '11 can be used in the Mini Challenge now.
  4. Abraxas

    Poland Wroclaw

    Thanks, editing :)
  5. Already bought the dlc in the UK then ??
  6. GTPorsche


    Or he looked at the list for that seasonal/A-spec race. :idea:
  7. LOl its possible we will never know
  8. VTiRoj

    United Kingdom Barrow in Furness

    No, unfortunately. :(
    That's right. :)
  9. Marselus_walace

    Ireland Dublin

    Tyre wear speed prediction has been added to the pit stop decisions in B-Spec, to prevent tyres from wearing out completely during long races

    Racing b-spec now and cant see this, maybe for endurance races?
  10. GTPorsche


    It's not a physical option. It's a calculation in-game to determine if the car can do another lap on the tires it is on without being 100% worn.
  11. FroMann

    United States North Carolina

    Can anyone confirm if you are able to sell/delete cars from the last DLC? I have an extra 2011 Mini and I cannot get rid of it.
  12. Nismo34

    Australia Bathurst

    The Shuffle-vote-kick bug has been fixed. It does not kick everyone in the room when a track vote is called.
  13. Abraxas

    Poland Wroclaw

    Thank you Nismo34, edited.
  14. sar593

    Colombia Bogotá

    I had this issue since the 2.02 update, but now with the 2.03 it is gone.
  15. mercgoat


    Known issues-offline at least. Don't get me going on online!

    1.Horns/gear/paint does not stack properly. For example I own two seperate Horn 160's instead of one with a quantity of two. THIS HAPPENS A LOT!
    2. Aventor needs a space somewhere in description.
    3. VW Museum card 47 has a picture of a Polo but describes a Golf.
    4. XJR-9 description claims it ran 1998. Really was 1988.
    5. Vertigo and Toyota 7's PP goes up when reducing power at first. Similar to 2J issue that is now fixed.
    6. Tesla (and I assume Leaf too) battery drains with unlimited tire/fuel selected.
    7. Add on to the standard wheel issue in GT Auto. In the manual it still says Standard wheels can't be changed. Similar to this 4-2 of the manual says your suit can't be changed.
    8. Race mod Lancer's only after a certain patch have this weird space between IX and GSR in the title. If you did one a while back do a new one to see it.
    9. Rewinding replays leaves the cars damaged and skid marks remain on the track.
    10. 54 Corvette has Silverado's description.
    11. Heard a lot of reports of screen shifting in 3rd person view. Especially during endurance races.
    12. Weird sound effects including a crowd before the demo starts on title screen.
    13. B spec AI/Your driver pits every lap and ride around slowly beyond halfway mostly at 24 hour at La Sarthe and ocassionaly other b spec endurance races. AI recently seen doing this at Indy 500 a-spec as well.

    Other stuff thats really not a glitch but worth mentioning
    1.Cars with fenders over wheels have a weird pit stop as the crew puts the tire through the fender. Examples are both XJR-9's, R89C, 2CV, 2J, Prius TC, all X2010's, and X2011. A related issue is the fuel can placement for the X2011 is just floating a foot above the car. Finally F1 cars have 1 center nut...not 5 nuts.
    2. Ford Australia could be a little more clear or add the one car to the rest of the Fords.
    3. Your log does not record endurance races and select seasonal's/special events are glitched and don't show up on the log.
  16. xxDingerxx

    England Bexhill

    Nope, still cant sell DLC cars (or discard them)
  17. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    Battery drain have nothing to do with the fuel. It is not a bug, nor a issue.
  18. Abraxas

    Poland Wroclaw

    sar593 thanks.
    mercgoat, impressive list. I'll add some of these after examining few bugs from 2.0.2

    amar don't you think that when normal cars have unlimited fuel, electric cars should have unlimited battery too?
  19. mercgoat


    No problem! Anything for awarness of bugs. Thats how they get fixed.

    BTW I am aware electric cars don't use "fuel" but if I wanted to do a 100 lap Tesla race with my friends I can't so there is an issue there. Sure its 1 (maybe 2) cars but I use them.
  20. Rudenut

    United States Atl, GA

    Is there a master buglist anywhere? Would be a good idea as some bugs and errors have been around for a few games now....Lister weight anyone?
  21. Abraxas

    Poland Wroclaw

    I think we should continiue with every-update lists, as it will help to track new bugs. I hope someone from PD staff will find it :)
  22. lowwatt

    Netherlands Home

    no it isn't, otherwise you would have it too
  23. diegorborges

    Brazil São Paulo / Bra

    Need to re-check tonight but I was having massive problems to play online (lots of disconnections, compatibility problems) that I didn`t had pre-2.02 and last night I could play in a very smooth way, without any problems.
  24. gtuned

    United States New York

    Lens Flare/Bloom is gone.
    AGAIN :ouch:
  25. Abraxas

    Poland Wroclaw

    Can you check that again. In polish version it's correct.
  26. Abraxas

    Poland Wroclaw

    Bloom is still there at Eiger weather change. Tell me which track lost it.

    Update. If you change filter to one that does not have bloom and then turn it off, bloom disappears, but after turning on and of for example warm filter it is back again.
  27. gtuned

    United States New York

    Yep, tried that method on a Replay from last night at Trial Mountain, i'll try a new replay and see if it'll come back.
  28. RetroJohan

    Sweden Sweden

    I not sure but I think Grand Touring Garage logo have change in New Dealership.
  29. GTPorsche


    Still the same.
  30. Abraxas

    Poland Wroclaw

    So bloom/flare is there, but is gone after filter change. Is that right?

    To me it looks the same.
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