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Welp, nevermind, got my answer. Musk just turns around & says the note is the equivalent of "fake news".
Spreading enemy propaganda in the middle of an invasion would get you arrested anywhere. Also funny that he would attempt to flee to Hungary rather than to Russia, almost as if he knows that the propaganda he spreads is just a bunch of lies.
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He's told his mum on Joe Biden.

Seems to be connected to an FCC ruling about Starlink. But it could be the near-total Tesla recall. Or something else that Oelon needs a distraction from.
He's told his mum on Joe Biden.

Seems to be connected to an FCC ruling about Starlink. But it could be the near-total Tesla recall. Or something else that Oelon needs a distraction from.

That's one way to take "Elon is being investigated by tons of agencies". The insinuation is that the president has a kind of secret information channel that runs through these agencies, where people can give a wink and a nod, or a public statement can be made and employees will read between the lines and know who they're supposed to fraudulently create a case against out of thin air. And these people will do it because... I dunno... they think it'll get them promoted or something? It would be easy to expose this by just pointing out how these agencies have no real case, and it's all just hot air. It's not though.

Maybe, just maybe, Elon's companies have tried to skirt regulation at every corner and the government conspiracy is a way of rationalizing the situation to himself and his family.
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It's not even really an 'investigation', SpaceX was declined an application for a subsidy.

The subsidy was to provide broadband to rural parts of America, you'd have thought they were going to do this anyway, surely?
The insinuation is that the president has a kind of secret information channel that runs through these agencies, where people can give a wink and a nod, or a public statement
I think the real insinuation by right-wing grifters is that they are above the law and immune to criticism and malpractice. Anybody investigating or daring to investigate to the contrary is a deep-state NWO shill.
Elon Musk and massive ****s... name a more iconic duo.
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Elon Musk and massive ****s... name a more iconic duo.
Elon Musk and change for the sake of change to make things worse.

The latest example is the change to links to bring back headlines in Twitter links... and yeah it's way worse than before.

Pre-October 2023:

October 2023-January 2024:

January 2024:

Anyone want to guess what happened in the middle there as a consequence of removing headlines and jamming a easily reproducible text overlay URL?

If you guessed "spammers made spoof images that didn't actually go to the sites they were purporting to go to, aided by Twitter's link anonymisation, creating a massive problem where none existed", you'd be right.

It's now back to what we had four months ago yet also worse - entirely true to Musk form.
And that's the distraction from...

Some SpaceX workers wrote an open letter in 2022 stating "Elon’s behavior in the public sphere is a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment for us, particularly in recent weeks. As our CEO and most prominent spokesperson, Elon is seen as the face of SpaceX — every Tweet that Elon sends is a de facto public statement by the company. It is critical to make clear to our teams and to our potential talent pool that his messaging does not reflect our work, our mission, or our values.".

SpaceX responded by firing some of the signatories. Eight of them responded with an unfair practices suit via National Labor Relations Board, SpaceX files a federal suit on the basis that the NLRB is "unconstitutional" because its members can't be removed at will but only with cause.

Like Trump and his defences to his myriad cases, this is all not "we didn't do it" but "you can't do anything about it if we did".

He's also "comically" renamed "DEI" (diversity, equity, and inclusion) to "DIE", because of die. Lol.

Still, imagine a company having to change a crazy policy because of crashing and deaths...
Apartheid Clyde strikes again. Presumably he thinks the story of the Tuskegee Airmen was woke propaganda.
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It is taking me a while to process this tweet. HBCU is historically black college or university. The SAT scores of people accepted HBCUs is presumably lower than some other colleges. So for some reason the poster is assuming that the SAT scores of grads from HBCUs are lower. That's already not founded. If SAT scores are good predictors of success at HBCUs, for example, one might expect most grads from an HBCU to have a higher than average SAT score as compared to acceptance.

The author of this post goes on to say that since IQ is correlated with SAT, pilots hired from an HBCU will have a lower IQ than other pilots - because the average HBCU ACCEPTANCE SAT score is lower than what would be CORRELATED with the average pilot IQ. We're getting pretty far afield already with a lot of mistakes, and I'm questioning the IQ of the person who posted this. The acceptance SAT score is not acceptance IQ, and the grad IQ for people ultimately hired as pilots is definitely not the average acceptance SAT score across the board. But they go on.

Since IQ is a predictor of job performance for some jobs, and those jobs share similarity with airline pilots, the presumption is that a low IQ pilot will... not perform well? The idea is that they'll crash the plane, but of course that isn't what's being measured by correlation between IQ and "job performance". Whatever that job performance study is, it probably has to do with a lot of things other than crashing a plane. I'm willing to place a bet that crashing planes is not even mentioned in the study at all. Just a hunch.

The author of this post doesn't actually know if plane crashes are more likely to occur with low IQ pilots. The author doesn't know that pilots hired from HBCUs have a low IQ. The author of doesn't even know whether the pilots hired from HCBUs have a low SAT score.

To complicate things further, your SAT score changes (a lot) depending on how much you've studied for it. You can bomb the SAT and then ace it. I bombed a section of the GRE (which is extremely similar) because I didn't study enough for it, and then took it again and aced it.The SATs are not a measure of intelligence.

I didn't study for the SAT, and got a lower score than my fourth grade (or whatever) IQ score would have suggested. I later studied for the GRE and took it twice. Bombed one section the first time because I mismanaged the test, then and had an almost perfect score on math, analytical, and a solid percentile score on verbal the second time. Which one of those scores should we assume represents me?

Fourth Grade IQ - High
SAT - Middle
GRE1 - High/Low/Middle (Math, Analytical, Verbal)
GRE2 - High/Highest/Middle (Math, Analytical, Verbal)

You could literally pick and choose (based on my skin color most likely) how smart you want to say I am based on any of those numbers, and make me out to be dumb, average, or super smart.

I've seen super smart grad school level engineers bomb the LSAT, so there's another test to throw into the mix.

TL;DR - Sorry kid, you can't be a pilot because you went to a university that allows in people with lower SAT scores than I'm comfortable with - because I have hangups on SAT scores. [/s]
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Wow, where to start?

First, the average IQ among USAF pilots is actually 100. Just like the average IQ of any population. That’s by definition.

You can’t use IQ to compare different populations, because then there is a high chance that you’re actually measuring education or socio-cultural factors rather than intelligence. To get a reliable IQ score, your test results need to be evaluated relative to your peers, i.e. people with a similar background.

Second, it’s complete nonsense that you need high IQ to fly an airliner. You’re flying the aircraft - not inventing it. What you need is good vision, good teamwork and a good understanding of the systems. The last part is why you go to flight school.

Third, supporting HBCU’s doesn’t mean that you’re lowering your criteria for recruiting staff, whether that’s pilots, cabin crew, administrators or maintenance personnel.

Fourth, why should people who score lower on IQ tests not be able do get an education?

Fifth, Elon Musk could never qualify to become an airline pilot, due to his mental and emotional instability.
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Of course, an IQ test predicts how well someone can perform in an IQ test and really isn't great at predicting anything else about a person's potential abilities. You'd have thought all the other hoops one has to jump through to obtain a CPL would be a much better indicator over an arbitrary puzzle-solving test.
Another respondent goes on to compare recent diversity hires with long experienced pilots saying in his experience they're less good at dealing with crises. Well, like duh, as new hires they won't have the flying hours of the grizzled longtimers and old hands he's comparing them with.

I wonder whether an actual pilot like @Keef would have something to add here.
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I feel like the IQ test as a concept is a vesitigal meme that may’ve done more harm than good. Honestly, I think a General GRE score would be a comparatively better measure.