Elon's Antics

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"X could have saved Jews from the Holocaust if social media existed back then and here are some fake tweets from the period to prove it."


Imagine going to these lengths instead of simply not cozying up with the Groyper Army. (I do recognize the bitch simply couldn't avoid doing the latter.)
All of a sudden whilst the chip that Bill Gates put in everyone who was covid vaccinated was bad, the chip that Elon Musk wants to put into them is good? :confused:
Ehhh, I think ol’ Elon will get a healthy dose of “Leopards eating faces” with this when Conservatives decline it as well. I think only the Elon fans in the party will support it.
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Elon lost his compensation package, guessing Twitter Blue will have a totally unrelated but conveniently timed price increase.

This is relatively extraordinary:

Not the Tweet, which is essentially a description of an image that hasn't even been posted, from a 14-year old spam account that hasn't Tweeted in those 14 years...

... but the responses. 80% of them are from blue tick accounts - so paid rather than legacy verified - accounts, commenting positively on the picture.


Yes, the picture which hasn't even been posted.

It's bots all the way down...
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Skin so thin he could double as a pigeon-chested Slim Goodbody...

Also having burner accounts to fluff himself in public just like famously self-confident people like Kevin Durant.
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Once upon a time this might have been exciting news. But in 2024, the idea of implanting any sort of neural technology from Musk or pretty much any modern megacorp is dystopian. You just know that they're going to be putting more research into how to use it for monetisation and control than into user functionality and safety.

I swear these people see media like Cyberpunk as aspirational.

It seems pretty obvious that a lot of those in power in the west aspire to be just like Putin. It's just that as usual Musk has the least ability to refrain from saying the quiet part out loud.

I have to imagine that when all the billionaires and world power brokers are having parties on Epstein's island, he's the one standing in the corner by himself while all the other billionaires talk behind his back about what a colossal moron he is. Maybe that's why he has such an inferiority complex, because he knows all his peers think he's a dumb ****.