Engine/Drivetrain Swaps

If people want to do unrealistic swaps, that's fine. What if we added a 2CV engine to the Tomahawk X and vice versa.
It's clear you dont know what the hell you're talking about.. You dont know nothing about mechanics!!! The RB/Silvia swap is very, very dificult, you need to even modify the cars firewall and transmision tunnel to be able to eaven fit that big inline six engine let alone a VQ or LS :odd:... A more popular swap could be any civic with an integra engine o a K series, or swaping a rotary engine into any small oldschool car like the nissan 1600 delux or the mitsubishi lancer!
also the same nissan 1600 or later silvias with the modern SR20det.

Wow. Way to be rude, going off at someone, telling them they "don't know nothing", and then spout a factually incorrect statement regarding LS and RB engines in Silvias. S13 Silvias take LS and RB engines fine without any modification to the firewall. I've seen a lot of them. I've seen an S14 with an LS that fits so nicely you'd think it was made for it. All that needs modification for them to fit are K frames and engine mounts. I've even heard of an RB20det in an S12, with no cutting and shutting.

I know someone who has a Holden/Isuzu Gemini with a 5l V8 in it, no cutting and shutting required at all, and those are the side of a corolla.
The idea works. Just a sthere are options to use tuned, stock, race, tyre compound. there cam also be options to turn on/off engine swaps allowed. Easy done.
If it is based on real life existing swaps i agree with it!
But if it is to see a M5 bmw engine in a suzuki swift... forget it!
the swap is sometihng existing in sport car's world!
Gran turismo should normally add it!
The problem is only to not let swaps go crazy,and keep realistic limits on this option.

Wish you all a nice day!
I've merged two threads as they were essentially the same. @ville500's "MOTOR SWAPPING FOR EVERY CAR" has been successfully swapped. :D
I've wanted this since the first time I touched forza 1 in ancient history. I don't want wild and unrealistic swaps like some of forzas swaps, like mostly only being able to swap motors from the same manufacturer with a few exceptions, like swaps that have been done widely irl (ford 5.0 in a 240 would be fun for drifting). I want this feature, but not in a way that will break the game or simulation aspect of the game.
GT7 really needs advanced features, the same old and missing features will lack motivation in playing the game.
I must admit, initially I was against engine swaps, but after seeing how interesting results can be gained, it really made me jealous of Forza and TXR3. Engine swap option would allow some slower cars to become useful either as a donors or receivers of the new engine.

To name two examples using Kei cars:

Anyone who has ever driven Alto Works should know that its engine is not very quality in terms of power and torque delivery. How about putting turbocharged unit from its rival Mira TR-XX then? Oh, boy...

Certain Kei cars for European market were available with 1.3 liter engines - that means there is enough room beneath the bonnet to receive engine that big. Now imagine you could replace those 0.6 units with some 1.0 or 1.3 liter engines. Stock and maximum obtainable power would increase drastically, Kei cars would finally become competitive on big circuits.
On some small cars swapping to a smaller engine is also a done but admittedly rarer. Sounds a bit counter-intuitive but it opens up more room in the engine bays for things like turbos or superchargers.

In an ideal world where the engine weight, tuning options and size are considered you could have a vast array of options, running a 1.8 in your small hatch instead of a 2.5 as it is a lighter engine for slightly better handling and allows the fitting of a more potent turbo to compensate for power.
How bout coming up with mechanical xp system based on buying tools and how much you work on your cars? Say in the beginning you only have basic tools and can only do bolt in type of swaps like swapping one ls for another . As you build up mechanical experience and buy more fabrication equipment you can step up to crazier swaps
why the hell do you need that? if I buy a Lamborghini there is no way in hell anyone is touching it to "change the engine".
why the hell do you need that? if I buy a Lamborghini there is no way in hell anyone is touching it to "change the engine".
And what if I wanted to? In the same way I should be able to edit the livery if I so wish. You're not forced to do it, so why take away the luxury from everyone else?
and then were going to spend 2 hours instead of 1 getting ready for a 5 min race while you pick out the right size engine, tires, livery and air freshner.
and then were going to spend 2 hours instead of 1 getting ready for a 5 min race while you pick out the right size engine, tires and livery and washer fluid.
I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be that detailed. It would take 10 mins tops. Don't see the problem you have with this stuff being included when you aren't forced to use it
I don't think anyone has left this here;

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