European GT2 Series 1 - Nemesis-Reaper is the champion!PS4 

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Which day works best for you? Up to 2 choices - please comment with extra details

  • Monday

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  • Tuesday

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  • Wednesday

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  • Thursday

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Open practice session tonight from 8:30pm BST! Room will be called Euro WEC Series and the password will be posted in here just before it opens.
Room is up! Called 'Euro WEC Series' at Silverstone GP and the password is 'wecwecwec'

2 hour session. Spaces available still with details in the first and second posts on this thread.

REMEMBER: You are still allowed to change your car before the season starts next week by letting me know in this thread. You can only change to a car that has a free slot however.
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European WEC series on a weekday evening from 9pm British Summer Time. Please vote in the poll regarding what day works best for you.

919 2015 x 7

BMW M3 GT2 x 3
Chevrolet Corvette C7R x 3
Ferrari 458 GT2 x 3

Nurburgring GP (GT) 23 laps (shakedown - 26th June)

Silverstone GP 20 laps (10th July)
Spa 17 laps (17th July)
Mugello 23 laps (24th July)
One week break (I'm away at the Spa 24)
Barcelona GP 25 laps (7th August)
Imola 24 laps (14th August)
Monza 21 laps (21st August)

9pm - room open for qualifying
9:30pm - race starts (delay 60 seconds)
~10:15pm - race ends

Autoclutch - on
Traction control - factory
ABS - factory
Stability control - off
Tyre blankets - on
Fuel rate - 100%
Tyre wear rate - 100%
Damage rate - 0%
Allowed tyres out - 3
Qualify limit - 10%

Time of day - 3pm
Weather - Clear
Ambient temperature - 30c
Track Surface - Optimum

Penalties - If you get a penalty and need to slow down to serve it, please do so off the racing line and pay attention to cars coming up fast behind you.

I'm looking to start the series after Le Mans this month so please sign up if you're interested/can make it, along with voting for day preference and car choice. Add me on ajh_1990 on PSN and I'll be sending out the room password before it opens.
I'm interested :)
The room is up with details in the PM I've sent out to those who have put their names down. Qualifying has started!
Nice clean driving but kinda lonely with only 2 LMP1 contestants...

Agreed. Once you checked out on me it was lonely as well. Options are try and get more LMP or make it all GT2 so we all have people to race with. I don't want to do the latter quite yet as blasting through Eau Rouge next week in the 919 should be great fun.
looking forward to spa!
I forget how quick those LMP1's are... sorry if I got in your way, it was not intentional. Was focusing hard first half trying to do my best to keep @gt6champnk69 behind me.

There was a close shave with one of you guys, felt like a low flying aircraft flying by

I really think the GT3 shouldnt bother too much about the LMP's. Most of you were a bit overpolite. just hold your line and tackle your corner as you would do. it's up to us LMP's to get around...
the difference in speed is so freaking lovely
I just spent about an hour to make sure tyres were lasting. I went with softs, and at stock they were cooking quite easily.

Think I may have dropped gear ratio too as didn't get near topping out.