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In a future, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles brought about by nuclear decimation, citizens must live in underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation, mutants and bandits.

Surprisingly not seen this mentioned anywhere here yet.

Not much been said about it so far, other than the vague synopsis above which is nothing anyone who has ever played a Fallout game before will be unfamiliar with. It's set to air in mid April next year and looks to have a soild cast, Walton Goggins (makes everything 2x better) plays a ghoul and Ella Purnell looks to be playing the main protagonist vault dweller 'Lucy'. Also appears to be set in LA, as were the first two games, but involves a vault (33) which isn't mentioned in those games, so whether its set in a different time-frame to them is unknown. It looks to have a very familiar look to the games with loads of potential for easter eggs too. 👍
I put way too much time into the Fallout games so I’ll be watching this for sure. I just hope it has a dark tone to it and not some goofy comedy drama like Twisted Metal.
Cool to see Walton Goggins. He won't be playin' no Baby Billy Bible Bonkers on this show! ;)
Episode 1 better open with a Ron Perlman monologue that starts with 'War. War never changes.' or I'm going to be very disappointed! :P
Launching a bit earlier than previously announced (April 10/11 now, depending on time zone) and likely already greenlit for season 2 (they have been granted California tax credits to film there). Early impressions from non-gamer sources are quite positive. As long as you don't expect it to be 100% faithful to the games in all aspects then it should be good.
On episode 4 at the moment.
Really enjoying it, awesome attention to detail regarding to fallout lore/world, so many things from the games in there.
Two episodes in and I'm more than sold on it, loving it so far.
I'm halfway through the second. Never played any of the games and don't know much of anything about any of it but this series still holds its own.

And none of that stupid first person perspective that video game based movies like to use. :lol:
While Black Isle purist in me hates it, its objectively awesome Bethesda games adaptation. PoI references intensify in e2
While Black Isle purist in me hates it
Actually, its New Vegas kind of bad. Best they can do with Bethesda art design.

Series building its own world similar in scale and complexity to West World, but with massive injections of Fallout fan service. Awesome cast, good visuals, Nolanish story with flashbacks(not overcomplicated).
Lorewise its biggest thing in the franchise.

Wish somehow s2 will be released alongside with FNV2
Pros: Great story, super Fallout lore, visually amazing, far larger world than I expected, really couldn't stop binge-watching, exceeded expectations

Cons: Could have done with less gore. Not sure if non-Fallout-player viewers would be so impressed
Officially renewed for season 2

Fallout GIF by Amazon Prime Video
Pros: Great story, super Fallout lore, visually amazing, far larger world than I expected, really couldn't stop binge-watching, exceeded expectations

Cons: Could have done with less gore. Not sure if non-Fallout-player viewers would be so impressed
My wife is a 100% non-gamer and she loved it, gore and all (sample size of one - so that it for what it's worth).
Tried Fallout 3, Vegas and 4. Couldn't stick to one of them for more than 2 hours. Seemed very long winded and not fun. Didn't click with the RPG mechanics and the awkward battle mechanism.

TV show was interesting though.
I'm in the middle of this show, it's fantastic. I never got into any of the games, but I'm curious now. Which game should I play first?

Which game should I play first?
1&2 are best, but dated and different in tone from modern games. F2 is greatest CRPG ever, IMO.

3 is horrible as shooter, but has some Oblivion level CRPG part. IMO, its worst.

FNV is better than 3 in any way possible. Brilliant story, good RPG part and tolerable shooter part.

4 and F76 are good looter shooters. Way better games than F3, Bethesda couldn't produce interesting RPG stuff, anyway.

Tactics isn't bad, but not sure why anyone would play it.

Shelter is moneysink.

If you want more Fallout series fun - play F4 or F76. If you want some real CRPG stuff - play F1&2. If you want something in-between - FNV.

All games has standalone stories, no need to play them in chronological order.
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My wife and I started watching it last night. I didn't have high hopes for it because it was a show adapted from a video game, but it's really good. Despite not knowing anything about Fallout, my wife is enjoying it too.
Same. Thought it would be something i'd end up watching alone but my wife watched the first episode and enjoyed it.

She doesn't game, but she's picked up enough of the Fallout aesthetics through just being sat working on her laptop in the same room as me whilst i play it to recognise how authentic the wasteland looks in the show.
"A feral ghoul can't abide a chicken." I admit to not knowing this important fact.
This is the discussion thread for an article on GTPlanet:

A Gran Turismo Pebble Beach Winner has a Surprising Role in the Fallout TV Series

Eagle-eyed racing game fans may have spotted an unusual vehicle popping up in the background of Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV series, with a very firm connection to the Gran Turismo series...
Another "fleeting glimpse" event for me was the appearance of Fallout 4's "Junk Jet" weapon, also, if I recall correctly, in episode 1 (or maybe 2). It was mostly identifiable by the nature of the projectiles, not the weapon itself, and was over in a few seconds.
I noticed the car immediately in the episode but having never played the games, just assumed that it was from one of them.