Fanatec 12Nm ClubSport DD for PC

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ClubSport DD

New ClubSport DD Table Clamp which is also compatible with CSL DD/GT DD Pro
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Ok, so now they decide to release it, two months after I bought the Asetek La Prima. :lol:
Oh well, this is what happens when you leave customers hanging for years I guess.
No more slipping axle with this design. Can we have a PS5 compatible version please?
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"FullForce signals (in supported games)."

This isn't going to be another Logitech Trueforce situation I hope, where some games support it and others don't?

999 euro is a $999. That's a lot of coin for something that'll be driving GT7 (or future GT games) and WRC.. Also don't think I need 15NM. Honestly I'm happy with 5NM at the moment until I upgrade my seat. I would just like a base with no slipping axle.
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This now fills the hole in Fanatec's lineup, making it complete, which is good. It'll be interesting to see how it stacks up against the La Prima, R12, Logitech PRO etc.

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