Ferrari F1 Seasonal Event (THANKS PD!)

Discussion in 'GT5 Seasonal Events' started by EnzoDBR9, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. EnzoDBR9


    This event, SO much fun. Some of the most fun non-online racing i've done.

    This series, DTM, FGT, and the enduros was basically why i bought this game.

    Thank you PD!
  2. BlacqueJacques

    Canada Cumberland, BC

    Still saving up for my F1 Ferrari
  3. ucwepn


    I do a couple of the F1 seasonals every day :)
  4. DA__dogg

    United States The DOGG house

    Me too. I hope PD recognizes how popular the F1 races are and keeps adding them to the seasonals. I would have bought one long ago but since you couldn't use them anywhere but online or the lounge, what was the point? So glad I traded for the F2007 :tup:
  5. sk0pe


    I will no doubt only have enough money to get Ferrari F1 the day after it closes, so yeah i certainly hope some more F1 race's in the future.
  6. fissionproject

    United States new mexico

    me too! i wish they would keep these ones :(

    i use them to warm up myself and my wheel before i hop into an online server :)
  7. EnzoDBR9


    I mean, they're just so much fun.

    I have yet to win 1 more then once in a row which leaves so much room for improvement on my part
  8. crowhop

    United States Upstate SC, USA

    I now enjoy the FGT (hated it at first)...and this is even better. I love racing these cars. I use a DS3 and have to use aids to win, but still, fun. And I bump down the aids a bit every time.
  9. atiger

    Australia Melbourne

    I'm with you on this. F1 races, yes, more please. Monaco would be great, 25 laps minimum, tyre & fuel wear.
  10. Counter_Z23


    I enjoyed the 10 laps in my F2007. It was much more fun than the FGT series because the car is much easier to control and it eaier to know when to change gear.

    I wished that there are more F1 cars. They should've included a Williams or a Red Bull F1 car atleast...
  11. skyline-mike


    I think there again pointless: you earn 300K doing it and a F1 costs at least 10 mil.
    I think they shoud've added 10 mil. And then when you restart a race you will get 100K.
  12. Irishrich


    I have a F2007 and F10 in my garage but didnt get around to trying the Ferrari seasonal challenge until last night. I'm so glad I didn't wait any longer as it was so much fun. I managed to win all 3 races with the F2007 but some were easier than others (would have been easier if I hadn't drank 5 beers before attempting the races lol).
    I think the Cr and xp are fair for the effort put into winning and you dont have to go out and spend 10 mill to own one, try trading for one in the marketplace, there are loads available!
  13. :tup::tup::tup:
  14. will4noobs


    Monaco would be sick!

    Stop complaining skyline-mike, the seasonals are for new content not so you can get insta-cash
  15. strikieg


    Now that would be something :bowdown:
  16. Considering they have Vettel and Red Bull on board, I don't understand why those F1 cars are not in the game.
  17. wigs2009


    I like people who are honest about the way they game, well done buddy
    yeah i found the FGT impossible without skidrecovery using the DS3 gonna have a bash at this F1 seasonal event now :tup:
  18. hugo24

    Australia TAS

    Monaco is a must have, love driving the F10!
  19. It's not for money or XP but you buy a car you like and use it in races!

    I didn't get one yet and I'm not sure now that I have the money whether to buy the F1 2007 or to leave out this seasonal event as I'm not a fan of the F1...
  20. Was great fun.

    Would like to see spa next
  21. tissimo


    I found it boring and too easy. Fun for 2-3 laps then out in front and the fun ended. :( I used the F10, maybe the F2007 would be more competition?
  22. Cavallo Rosso


    Tell me about it ! I won 2 of the races so far by at least 8 seconds. I thought the F2007 was faster? I'm also using the F10, best car in the game, funnest to drive for sure, much more fun than the x2010.
  23. alexxoux

    Greece Greece

  24. alexxoux

    Greece Greece

    i was wondering which of ferrari f1 is faster, so i used both of f1s at the three races, results: f2007 faster soon i ll add times
  25. I am just loving this game so much, can't believe it's like 3 months and I'm still daily playing and smiling with GT5.

    The Ferrari F1 events rule, I pray they have at least 1 Ferrari event each time they update the seasonal events. I just did Suzuka one, I'm having epic battles over the first few laps and then it's so easy to lose it. I love this!

    The AI I find to be really good, I lost it today and then one of the AI cars spun it and filled the track with smoke as I rejoined the track, I smiling man :)
  26. defaultoasis


    It's just a little bit long IMO ... cut it to 5 laps, it's now making me feel very secure after every spinout & very guilty of the eventual win. I spun out in 7 laps in Suzuka (probably twice in 2 of those laps) & tried really hard to control my temper and got the win by like 10 secs.
  27. DA__dogg

    United States The DOGG house

    While the credit and xp could be higher, the point of the game is to race, not reach level 40 in a week and max out credits in 10 races. Just have fun dude. If you can't have fun driving a Ferrari F1 then...
  28. SodyClack


    Ferrari is the only company in f1 that owns the rights to their own car as merchandise, games etc.. The owner of F1 mr. Ecclestone owns the rights to the rest of the teams in F1.
  29. fissionproject

    United States new mexico

    i love the new course maker track they picked for the F1

    pure sweetness - the elevation changes are nuts!

    remember to put some traction on :)
  30. parabulla

    Argentina Kingwood, TX, U

    I really enjoyed the Eifel track as well, I just wish we could keep it and use it online.

    I don't have a F2007, but having raced against them with my F10 online, I can assure you they're slightly faster. It's a wider car and offers better mechanical grip than the narrow F10.
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