Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2024 (Saturday race)Formula 1 

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For reference, this was deemed to be worthy of a 10s Penalty for Browning. Watch as this precedent is not followed for the rest of the weekend.
Red Bull, please turn up your engine and stop all this pretending. It's giving me too much hope.
Alonso fastest!
But what about Red Bull's internal investigation? Complete silence is always reassuring.
Well, Horner saw the FIA during FP3. They let us know about that, but not what that was about.
Lando already is using a new energy store and control electronics for this race. Hopefully they can reuse the old ones as it might be a hindrance if he can be in a championship battle this year. They seem like they will start the season strong with maybe also the strongest development plan. Oscar is probably even more happier with the decision he took joining McLaren now, quite the turnaround from how they started last year.

Given how strong the top five teams are that even the likes of Mercedes could be only getting the tail end of the points, it looks like the other teams will have to rely on scoring when these teams slip up. They should add half a point for 11th or something as it could be a lot of pointless races for some of these teams and it could be down to luck on who scores big when the opportunity rises deciding their championship positions.
Ok place your bets - how many tenths will Max be ahead of P2? I'll go 4.
It would be great if Sergio outqualifies him. I just hope there is a chance of a championship battle this year by other teams.
Renault were lucky to have Honda take some of the heat off them, they are worst engine manufacturer of this hybrid era.

That was actually a really good lap by Stroll there.
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Shocked at Stroll's Q1 pace, and Hamilton's lack of it.

McLarens look decent. 😮

Sauber's Brawndo green is growing on me.
How has Hulkenberg got that Haas into Q3 ahead of a Mercedes, Red Bull and both McLarens???
Aaargh, so close for Charles. And now Alonso within a tenth.
Dare we dream.
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