Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2024 (Saturday race)Formula 1 

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I hope Ferrari and everyone worked out their race pace issues. Red Bull did well in that area last year
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Looking at the time, the gaps are not that massive 1-9 is split by half a second which I hope means the pack has really close down. Hopefully in the race we don't see a huge canyon open up between red bull and the rest.
The race result will depend on how terrible the Ferrari will be with the tyre degradation.
Alpine back row lock out.

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Weird, Charles dropping another place to Checo. Hopefully Sainz can get let go to chase the top three down. 😶‍🌫️

edit: Keeps locking up.
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Carlos Sainz begins to make his case for 2025!

Would love to know what happened to Logan, though.

Edit: Looks like Sargeant locked up and couldn't turn. His steering wheel also looked to flash a message saying "Car too hot."
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Barring huge Max/Red Bull fans, is anybody really gonna invest time watching 23 more weekends of this?