Gran Turismo 7 and GT Sport User Interface Fan Art

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    From where did you bring the "Open World GT" idea from? I do want open world GT, but also being one with the next mainline GT game, because in my opinion "The Real Driving Simulator" should consist of, well, driving too (as in, street driving), not only racing (supplement wwith open world license too).

    Speaking of that, if there's open world, bringing back the world mapmenu from GT1-GT4 would make even more sense other than nostalgia, with the open world being made with the same route as the world map menu; and I want it to be modernized more (GT4 already modernized it from previous ones by being more dynamic, but in that next GT with open world, make it 3D with more detailed map perhaps).
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  2. VictorHugo123


    Here is my Main Menu interface:
    Obs: The car model is from 3DTuning.
    Main Menu.png