Gran Turismo - Open World Freeroam? (Read OP)

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Would you like an added free-roam mode in the Gran Turismo series?

  1. Yes

    1,107 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. Pierced Lead

    Pierced Lead

    Forget new features, first fix the features already there.
  2. cygnus_zero


    Could be interesting I guess, but its useless unless this is an online feature, and what the hell would you do anyway? This isnt GTA with a story, it would get boring pretty quickly.

    But whatever, if they want to add it I wont complain, but there sure is a lot of other problems with this game I think are far more important. Seems like something too ambitious and would never happen though.
  3. iMod


    I was just speaking of experiencing it. I agree though that it isn't as widely used yet as it has the potential to be. I could care less about more cars. I would care, however, about more useable cars. Do we really need more than a dozen cars with 15 bhp that would only be used to one or two one race events with minimal prize money and useless prize? I'm guessing no.

    The 3D idea was more fantasy than reality. As in, it WOULD be nice, if all flaws were eliminated.
  4. Mr. Premium

    Mr. Premium

    I voted yes, not because I think they should implement this feature right away - they shouldn't - but because I think it would be great in the future - they should at some point in the future when they can afford to.

    The thing about Free Roam though, is what it entails. Being forced to drive around town slowly at the speed limit all the time would make this mode tedious and overly restrictive; not too good for something called "free roam". But I'm getting ahead of myself, and the main issue: where? where are we roaming? Around towns and cities? Or around tracks already implemented in the game, where you can cruise the outskirts and drive through the infield area, for example. But to base all the gameplay around a free roam mode ala recent Need for Speed games... I just don't know. Allow me to indulge my imagination.

    I think implementing free roam as an extra would be more wise, give us the option to take our cars out for a drive. But give us some interesting places to go. Make in game traffic laws for cities and most roads, but allow us to break them, with maybe a simplistic police force that will chase you in slow cop cars and vans, allowing for Getaway in Stockholm-style fun. Of course, another draw for this mode is for photography - as someone else said, being able to stop and take pictures wherever and whenever they want would be sweet too. I'd love to book it down the highway in a veyron, do a brake test, get out and take a picture of the cops barrelling down the road on the horizon, then get back in the car and continue running away! Basically, we should be allowed to create our own fun.

    Seeing as GT allows for a variety of racing environments, why not allow for a variety of driving environments? Offer us cities, tracks, and middle-of-nowhere roads, highways, freeways, and any strip of two-lane heaven in between. Allow us to adjust the traffic, or the option of a dynamic or fixed setup where traffic thins out at night and congests in the morning depending on location. Or both.

    Here you go: implement one big free-roam mode where all the games' circuits and cities are interconnected with roads through a variety of real-world environments. I think it would be unfeasible to try to cram the entirety of planet earth into GT, though maybe in 50 years on PS15 we could see that. Instead you'd be driving around a sort of 'serious' San Andreas on a yet larger scale with much more elaborate and varied roads, "continents" interconnected by huge and awesome bridges that curve and swoop unnecessarily like a roller coaster, just for a bit of fun and challenge (That's an idea of its own that has serious potential for premium gameplay). You'd have gas stations and garages everywhere as safe points where you can refuel and repair your car, but otherwise the entire point would be recreational driving, long or short distance, in any car. You would be completely free to drive anywhere you can physically go. I can see huge appeal in this - especially if you can take this mode online (O.O), but for the PS3, it's little more than a pipe-dream. I do think Kaz should consider waiting before attemping to put a free mode into Gran Turismo, there's too many problems to fix first.

    After all, who wants to do this sweet free-roam in a standard car, with no cockpit view and no high-beams? And no rims? Speaking of which, how many players would ignore such a mode knowing they can't really show their cars off in an online environment without a decent set of customization options? And I don't think it'd work too well if only a handful of free roam areas are affected by daytime and weather cycles, that might be both confusing and infuriating.
  5. Stephen220378


    No, GT5 has too many other issues that need sorting before this sideshow is included and I get the feeling that if it's included in GT6, it will just be another distraction for PD and the overall gameplay will be overlooked again.
  6. RedBullRacer


    The thought of that is fantastic, just imagine driving around stopping at traffic lights and driving nice and slow, then driving into the test track, paying your fee and then just letting rip round the track! Be fantastic!
  7. Tornado


    What exactly would the benefit be?
  8. otago


    Free roam killed TDU and Burnout Paradise.

    No, thanks
  9. Doug Quaid

    Doug Quaid

    This would be awesome, highly doubt it would ever be a part of GT5. Hopefully GT6. Need to sort some other things first before they think about trying to do this.
  10. lildomplaya


    United States
    Voted yes. I think it will be a very cool feature to have these cars & physics, & explore the city in free roam.
  11. Predwolf



    Nobody would actually obey traffic laws, but it would be nice to drive to a sort of 'meeting point' for tracks.
  12. wallpaper42


    I agree with this, it would be amazing. It seems too ambitious for today's technology though. I would be happy if they just gave us some iconic roads and highways to free roam on.
  13. GTJake


    At the moment, no. When the GT series has reached the boundaries of the console then yes. It's a great idea as long as it does not take away from other factors in the game.
  14. NOS Waster

    NOS Waster

    GT already has reached the boundaries of what the PS3 can handle. The PS4 will need to make a GIANT leap forward in order to handle what the future iterations will handle.

    GT5's detail had to be scaled back in order for the PS3 to run it. Why else do you think we have horrible shadows, blurry textures, screen tearing, and framerates below 60 FPS? The PS3 can't even handle GT5 as it is now.
  15. StarEye


    Gran Turismo 6: The Real Traffic Simulator

    I'd love to see something like Test Drive Unlimited for GT6. But it needs to be another portion of the game. GT6 could basically be an upgraded and more polished GT5 + GTU.

    Kaz has already said that PS3 is still not powerful enough for him. So I'm pretty sure GT6 is on the PS4 - hopefully a launch game, or at least launch window.
  16. SagarisGTB


  17. White & Nerdy

    White & Nerdy

    United States
    There's too much deadweight in the game as it is. Give us...

    more premiums
    the GT4 tracks back
    more RM cars
    a livery editor
    the ability to individually set gear ratios
    a machine test
    the ability to use course generator tracks online
    more A-spec events
    more/all tracks with dynamic time & weather
    better smoke & shadow effects

    ...before you start trying to add celebrity-endorsed special events, free roam, B-spec, or a museum of useless slow cars only about 10 people would ever want to race. Basically get the core of the game in order before you add a lot of acessory features. Photo mode is fine, if only because I like to gawk at your awesome shots.

    However, a decent sized city, maybe with direct access to the various fictional tracks, would be great in GT6 or 7 on the PS4 or 5 when everything else is worked out. Especially if it included the Special Stage routes (then I might go for Wangan Midnight type stuff).
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  18. R9NALD9


    South Africa
    I'm really surprised the majority is for this idea actually.

    I think it's a terribly idea personally. If I want to drive a car and obey traffic rules I'll climb into my real car and take a drive through the city.

    A terrible waste of resources...
  19. NBH


    The thing is Gran Turismo is called a driving simulator not a racing simulator so really this mode should be what it's all about. But driving a Veyron at 30mph on a road is no fun at all in my opinion. It would be good in real life but on a game it would be dull as anything so I would rather they concentrated on improving the racing and turn GT6 into the real racing simulator.
  20. nivam


    no I dont think is a good idea
  21. kameraboy


    Well at first I was like, this is a great idea. However, after reading many of the posts I seem to be more in favor of saying no. Once the pressing issues are fixed then you can begin to think of oter ways to add onto the game.
  22. ferrari4619


    I agree to a certain extend e.g online such as playstation home and there are a number of buildings with different events but in career mode, I don't see what they could do, this is GT not GTA
  23. Sasek


    Free Roam = YES , but only on track creator tracks...
  24. StarEye


    Interesting that you should say that... because people who hate racing sims say more or less the exact same thing about those. Your idea of free-roam is just as narrow-minded.
  25. tankuroded


    No thanks. Go play street racing games if you want. :yuck:
  26. jinjin12

    jinjin12 (Banned)

    no it's a stupid waste of time that has no significant to the game. improve teh game, not waste time on some stupid **** like this......what is this need for speed now?

    first people ask for the ability to make decals and stupid designs, aka the "livery editor" like NFS or forza. and now that kaz mentions just something off the topic of his head about some stupid roaming, everyone goes gaga over it? how old are GT players really?
  27. hardvibes


    No. There are way more important things to fix and work on.
    Stop fooling around.
  28. rkk01


    I've thought for a while now (well, since GT5 didn't launch in 2009) that Yamauchi has lost his MOJO for GT as a racing series.

    I haven't expressed this opinion on here before now, for obvious reasons of the loyal fanbase, but irrelevant side issues like this really have me worried.

    Why on earth would anyone on here want PD to develop a free roam mode? I can see that it would be a bit of a novelty for a few weeks (days?), but lets get this into perspective - what are they going to model?

    - A small town?
    - A photomode location (another time wasting development diversion) or two?
    - A larger urban environment, with surrounding countryside, motorways and rural roads?

    FFS - how much development time is any of this going to take - all the 3D models, artistic work, artefacts, collision boxes, traffic light modelling & sequencing, AI traffic (now there's a thing!!), people????

    I can't even imagine how many of Spa, Silverstone, Phillips Island, Bathurst, classic GT tracks, etc, etc, etc, PD could include for the equivalent effort.

    I truly believe that KY / PD have got bored with GT. They've been at it since 1992. If they truly had the passion and desire for perfection that is claimed, then the core elements of the game would be rock solid, and yes, then explore interesting offshoot ideas - but they seemed to have got bored with the core idea - my opinion anyway.

    For the record, I'm enjoying GT5 - but, it is not as good as it could have been, doesn't have the completeness of GT4 or the wow of GT5P, and doesn't compare well to all the hype.

    Hopefully patches will go a long way to improve this - but free roam - no thanks, not yet.
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  29. African Kat

    African Kat

    Nice idea but many basic issues need to be worked on with real dedication first ie: car sounds and changing all cars to no for me, waste of manpower at this stage
  30. iLex


    In my opinion there is a lot more to upgrade and to explore within the current boundaries of the game.