Gran Turismo Physics(Poll)

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What do you think about Gran Turismo Physics?

  1. GT6 Physics is simcade and I like it,I do not want GT Physics to become simulation.

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  2. GT6 Physics is simcade,this is not good enough for me I want simulation physics.

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  3. GT6 Physics is simulation.

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  4. GT6 physics is simulation, but I want even better simulation physics

    320 vote(s)
  1. Voodoovaj


    My rx7, fully tuned to 550pp does 8:29 on SS tires at Nurb 24. I must be an alien :p

    I'm actually easy to please, but those race series you talk about confirm exactly what I stated "Strict limitations" Many of them or no tuning series, or a one car series.

    Not on to be stubborn without backup, I tried to break the Tsukuba track record on SS tires in a street car. I limited myself to 800hp (as the current record car is) and I chose my 650pp Z06. 53.1..I'm off by a second. So, I stand corrected, the sport tires at least seem to be fine.

    Now, as for the slicks...Well, they made up a 100pp difference and ten some. My 550 Audi R8 Destroyed the lap record with a 51.5. The same car on SS tires was in the 55's ... 4 seconds on a 1 minute lap from just tires? That seems out of whack to me. I need some data to compare against.

    As for the tires, CS ... even SH and lower are a great way to keep the riif raff out of the room. I personally REALLY enjoy CS tires up to about 500pp, and SH beyond that. What I am stubbornly defiant about though are the gross imbalances (Ferrari Dino) and the CRAZY top speeds. Both items that should be EASILY addressed, but are constantly over looked.
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  2. ALB123


    United States
    The improvements that are gained with switching to "better" tire grades are much too big, in my opinion. A 4 second gain on a 60 second lap? Come on...That's ridiculous. PD worked with Yokohama closely to make these tires what? Be as unrealistic as possible? I always downgrade my tires because I'm looking for as much realism as I can get. Plus, it just makes driving with the higher grade tires that much easier.

    You haven't lived until you've bombed around Nordschleife in a Yellowbird on CM tires! I don't think I've ever managed to complete a clean lap on CM's with the Yellowbird, to be honest. CS is as low as I can go with that car without getting the shakes. But, occasionally I will do it - just to see if that'll be the day I post a clean time on CM's.

    I have a few Lamborghini Diablo's that drive just fine on CM tires on a track like La Sierra. It all depends on the car and how it is set up.
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  3. synon


    If that were true, wouldn't you have been able to beat the Tsukuba record fairly easily?
  4. Johnnypenso

    Johnnypenso Premium

    You left out some of the context for that quote:

  5. synon


    Yeah you're right, I read the emphasised generally speaking as extending the argument.
  6. Voodoovaj


    While we're on it, let's talk about the tire wear.

    I'm watching Moto2 at Silverstone right now. The tires are literally falling to pieces. Massive chunks are flying off of them. They are finished with 8 laps left to go. (It started as a wet race but dried almost immediately. The wet tires are only good for 12 laps before they disintegrate. The race is 18 laps).

    Some of these guys are setting personal best times on these tires.

    In GT6, once the tires drop below're f'd

    With the racing tires, I did. Less 450hp was all I needed.

    Update - Apparently...Slicks DO make that big a difference - Egg on my face. I stand corrected

    Megane went 3+ seconds quicker going from the equivalent of and SM tire to the equivalent of an RM tire. (1:16 to 1:13)

    This leaves only one major problem - The top speeds.
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