Gran Turismo World Series Finals

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Friendly reminder that the last two times a team was down a driver, that team won.

And ironically enough, guess which team is down a driver again...
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my money’s on Subaru but i hope McLaren can pull off a podium
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Not sure how Porsche haven’t got a penalty for that assault on the Honda.

Oh, now they have.
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I don't know what are the technical difficulties, they have been doing this since GTSport, but the stream would be much better if we had fixed TV cameras.

The races are great, everyone is fighting and racing together and that's why the camera following a single car ruins everything: it's just too close to see the whole action!
Bummed for Haywood, he was up to P3. He's back up to P5 now though. What a recovery!

And Supra is around!
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MR cars are great around here in the wet; they have that weight over the rear which really helps on corner exit.

That BRZ needs to get away ASAP before it drys. I am honestly surprised how well the GTR is doing.
OK, who was it that was arguing with me earlier about racing at the Nord? This is fantastic stuff!!!

Lambo up to P2!