GT4 Dream Hybrid Combos

Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by Metar, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Milliethemutt


    Ive finally got round to driving the S2002 a bit. Wow! It can be tuned to 751bhp and with some racing tyres and a wing on is like a mad Euro Hillclimb car. It rockets round the Nurburgring once you've got the hang of keeping it on the road. All the power arrives after 7000 revs but it goes so fast when it does. I managed a 6:40 on the ring but I could easily make about 20 seconds on that if I get a clean lap. Best of all is how drivable it is on the smoother circuits with Racing Hard or mediums on.
  2. DeltaTrain


    bah, I'm not going to be able to play this hybrid but can someone put in a Rb25det (from a Stagea 25t RS four) into a 280z? Can you also make a video with it too. :dopey:
  3. Death Scythe

    Death Scythe

    I just finished doing a R31 Skyline GTS-R awd, Setup A has a RB26DETT, B has a VG30DETT, and C has a VQ35DE. Fun car, good to toss around lol.
  4. Bammer


    Peugot 507 racecar or i think 907.With some 787B wheels that can do wheelies and a Minolta Engine and sounds like Model T with a Polyphony transmission :nervous:Ahhhhh i cant think it out 7 gear trans with a minolta engine.:dopey:
  5. imzjustplayin


    Honda Life Step Van + Skyline GTR R34 :p
  6. Simplex 4100U

    Simplex 4100U (Banned)

    ok, sorry for the "old topic bump", but...

    Benz Patent Motor Wagen with Escudo engine and drivetrain. also, if possible, Range Stormer exhaust, and Minolta suspension(drift, anyone?)
  7. yodman


    I'm surprised after reading this thread and realizing I'm making a little bump here that I don't see something simples as this:

    A V8 powered Volkswagen Beetle! A-la Ford GT or AC Cobra 427?

    Or do an Audi Quattro I5 in there with twin turbos from a Supra.
  8. dcalde78


    Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 1600 with the engine from the 155 2.5 V6 Race Car.
    Suzuki Cappuccino EA11R with the L4 DOHC engine from the Caterham 7 Fireblade.
    Autobianchi A112 Abarth with FR and the L4 engine from a BMW 120i.
    Vauxhall Corsa Comfort with 4WD and a L4: OHV engine from the Renault 5 Rally Car.
    Peugeot 206 RC with 4WD and the engine from the 905 Race Car.
    BMW Z4 with the V8 from the M3 GTR.
    Ford Ka with 4WD and the Nissan R92CP Race Car engine.

    Pretty much all of these cars are just upgrades, particularly the Autobianchi. But the Ka and the Peugeot are just insane cars. They would just be for messing around in, I think, unless they could beat the other Le Mans cars in the game. Imagine that - a Ford Ka or a 206 beating a Bentley Speed 8.
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  9. Simplex 4100U

    Simplex 4100U (Banned)

    a beetle with the racing muffler from the Mitsubishi PAJERO evolution rally raid car. that's all i need :). i love the sound from that muffler!
  10. willis555


    benz patent (3 wheel, not the 4 wheel) with formula gran turismo everything lol
  11. Simplex 4100U

    Simplex 4100U (Banned)

    sadly, you can't get FGT engine in ANYTHING. not even Tank Car. yet, ironically, you can get Tank Car engine in anything!

    btw, nother car i want:

    Daihatsu Midget II D-Type with all the parts from the Peugeot 206 Rally Car. that would be the ultimate rally car, along with the Fiat 500R chassis(a bit wider than the Midget's chassis, and a bit lighter, too.)
  12. Mr. Apex

    Mr. Apex

    Hey Metar

    Just stumbled across this thread once again... wanted to say the S2002 is still my favourite Hybrid and I've lost track on how many times I've lapped the Ring with it!

    As you can see (check the attached pic) the baby now has the 17 inch rim size (from the FWD Clio) and also the old BBS Rim of the 70'ies Esprit on it.
    The wing looks ugly of course... I really only have it to put all the power down at higher speeds.

    After all this time I've been thinking of a version II of this project :mischievous:

    I wonder what the car would be like with the following specs:

    • Engine from the Amuse S2000 GT1 (might be almost too powerful... but the noise... hmmmm)
    • Wider tires at the rear (say, from the RWD Clio or any other car that has 17 inch rim size and wider tires at the back wheels) so I could eventually ditch the ugly wing
    • everything else as is (already perfect)
    (choosing colors of other cars is still impossible, right?)

    Dunno if you still do Hybrids let alone own a PS2 though... :nervous:
    I sure won't dump my PS2's as long there is no Nürburgring available on PS3/GT5...

    I'm glad to hear you like it too :D

    Personally, I prefer the naturally aspirated spec (that's why I asked for a VTEC engine, the cream of the crop of that category) which is also tunable up to 437 horses if I remember correctly. I stick to S2 tires because I like their grip level the most... still more or less realistic, I guess.

    If you want the clio 17inch rimsize & Esprit rim version on the pic, PM me.

    Slightly offtopic:
    I haven't seen a 2002 with VTEC engine swap in the real world, but there is something that comes quite close to it: Putting the engine of the M3 E30 in a 2002. Check this site to see a long list of blokes who pulled it off:

    Hybridding in real life :D If it was possible I'd paint the S2002 orange a bit like this one

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  13. Milliethemutt


    That 2002 is sweet. The only S2000 engine conversions I've seen are on a couple of local rally cars, A Ford Sierra Cosworth and a Mk2 Escort. Both go very well.

    I'd love that new 2002 hybrid but don't have a PS2 anymore. I play it occasionally on the PS3 so I should be able to get a game same onto that easy enough right?
  14. C-ZETA


    Cizeta with Ford GT LM II stats, but the same engine and Peugeot 905 revs.
  15. MinoltaMan89


    I would like to combine cars from the same manufacturer.

    An NA Miata with a 787B engine/chassis

    A C1 'Vette with the C5.R engine/chassis/gearbox

    A Golf GTi Mk5 with a W12 Nardo chassis and a Beetle RSi engine, Clio killer anyone?:sly:
  16. Finnish Bomber

    Finnish Bomber

    50's VW Beetle with W12 Nardo engine, suspension and transmission
  17. POOLEY


    --civic sir-II with integra type R dc5 engine, transmission and wheels, 45mm suspension and 850 kg
    --( used car lot ) accord euro R 900kg, mercedes 190evo wheels size and 45mm suspension ( jgtc style )
    --same thing with peugeot 406 coupe, alfa 156 and audi s4 98.
    --lancia delta integrale with delta s4 rally car engine, 6speed race trany and 45mm suspension, weight 900kg and 190evo wheels and tires
    --skyline kpgc10 350z engine, 300zx 5speed stock transmission, 45mm suspension and clk touring car rear and front tires with ae86 sprinter trueno ss version wheels
    --mustang gt shelby cobra engine, supra rz trany, race suspension 45mm, viper tires
    --caterham fireblade with amuse s2000 engine and trany, tires from renault 5 maxi turbo

    all real swaps and really fast cars
  18. GBWH1991

    GBWH1991 Premium

    Shelby Mustang with a R34 Skyline engine and transmission (like Tokyo Drift :D )
    Maybe a couple of realistic engine swaps (there are plenty avalible in real-life).
  19. Simplex 4100U

    Simplex 4100U (Banned)

    I got a couple: Volvo 240 GLT Estate and S60 T5 with Castrol TOM'S Supra(JGTC) engine, chassis, transmission, and suspension... And i really want those Hybrids, too...
  20. 4everstock


    Ok...for those who made a lot of headway so far with the hybrids.....
    I have GT4 NTSC version and Gameshark V5, and I also have the MaxConverter...I need the code for downforce (preferably from one of the race carslike 787B) and the code for any one of the spoilers specifically fron the Ford Focus RS or one of the station wagons
    Check out the following link to see pics of some of the hybrid cars that I've created so far:
  21. Mephistopheles


    Just a quick question from someone who is still learning about hybrids, so sorry if its a silly one!

    Is it possible in any way to get the Mini Cooper 1.3i (the proper old mini) into the versions of the game which dont have it, though any of the methods available?

    I think its in the Japanese version of the game, and in GT3 there were 'secret cars' that could be obtained in a similar manner. Would love to get one in GT4 when im up and running with this stuff!

    Mephi x
  22. rey92cp


    mt dream hybrid:

    r92cp nissan, skyline gtr r34 chassis and basis, with all kind of tires i can buy, 7 speed f1 transmission for quick boost, and 2042 hp engine.
    boost to 530 kmh at 1000 metres..
  23. dazman


    Caterham fireblade as a non special car. with a chevy v8 up front with some fat tires at the back
  24. LancerEvo7


    United States
    Daihatsu Midget with Minolta Engine and F1 Drivetrain, Suspension, and Transmission.
  25. SuperShouden

    SuperShouden (Banned)

    My dream hybrid will ALWAYS be the Dodge SRT-4 with the Viper Engine, and the Audi LeMans Mid-engine, AWD drivetrain, suspension and the Viper tranny.
  26. Cougar23


    My Friend and I were talking about this the other day and came up a few that we'd love to have in GT4:
    -Mercury Cougar with Tank Car Motor, and Much bigger Back Wheels (Funny-Car Style)
    -BMW 2002 Turbo with BMW M3 GTR motor, exhaust and Trans.
    -Honda S800 Racecar with amuse S2000 GT1 motor, exhaust and trans.
    -Chevrolet Corvette Convertable with Shelby Cobra motor, Slammed to the ground, and with '20-'24 Wheels (Lowrider)

    And a couple just for fun:
    -Ginetta G4 with FGT motor
    -Daimler Motor Carriage with FGT motor

    Cheers, Cougar23 :)
  27. red70mach1


    United States
    2003 Audi S4 (V8) w/ RS6's V8 or the R8 LMP's Twin-Turbocharged V8

    05 Mustang GT w/ '00 Mustang Cobra R V8 and even one with the GT's blower V8 too

    Audi Quattro w/ 1998 S4 V6 twin-turbocharged

    Corvette C1 w/ 2004 Pontiac GTO 5.7 spec LS1 or C5-R's 427 and 6-speed, C4 ZO6's suspension

    All Subaru's with AWD and/or Turbos including the Legacy 3.0R have Displacement Up

    Audi's w/ 1.8T have Displacement Up

    All Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions w/ Displacement Up

    Abt TT-R with AWD

    Ford RS200 (both road & rally car) with Focus WRC engine and the rally car with 6-speed

    Thinking a bit realistic save for LMP powered S4.
  28. 66hellfire99


    daihatsu miget kited out to be a total drift monkey
  29. Rykon Zero

    Rykon Zero Premium

    United States
    It's incredible how I could probably do these.
  30. Cougar23


    Hey StigNumbers, What version of GT4 do you have (Pal/NTSC)? I'm getting a ARMax within the next few days and would love it if you had Pal, could you possibly make a few of my requests? (Further up the page).
    Cheers, Cougar23