GT6 Duel of the Week #70: The Grand Finale (well, not really)

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  1. Draggon


    5 seconds on me? Seriously, Vic? :confused: So I offended you by saying "in the 29's" I see.....
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  2. Vic Reign93

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    Not really, I just welcome any form of challenge, :p:tup:
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  3. McClarenDesign

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  4. Cowboy

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    I'll start with the TVR. Is it reliable? In GT6, absolutely. It's one of those cars that are easily overlooked by the Tamora, Tuscan, Speed 12. The car has a comforting feeling by having a nice exhaust note, and decent stability. It has a very little bit of understeer, and oversteer if you push too hard, but that doesn't take long to overcome. So how does it compete against the Camaro?

    I noticed a few people here say that the Camaro is a brick on wheels. I'd like to disagree in my utmost opinion. I like the car, good sound, good acceleration (to a point), and decent cornering. It handles most situations in a timely manner, hole giving out a simple feeling of driving pleasure. This isn't something that I think decides the winner here, but the Camaro is semi-premium, and I think looks better as well. And all of that is why it gets my vote.

    Both cars tested at Midland Raceway, no aids except ABS:1.

    V8S: 2:38.952
    Camaro SS: 2

    And the votes:

    V8S: 4
    Camaro: 1

    And the winner is.....

    The '91 V8S!!!

    Congrats to @Draggon for setting a top time of 2:33.986 in the V8S and @Vic Reign93 for making a top time of 2:28.804 in the Camaro SS. It seems as though that Blackpool always wins these battles, but something has to be better than these cars. So with that, stop by tomorrow for the next duel of the week.​
  5. Cowboy

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    This week's duel features two cars that let the sun do the driving. The person who suggested this believes that this will be more of a challenge for the newcomers to the group. So this week's duel is.....

    The 2003 Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster (Z33)


    The 2002 Chrysler Prowler!!!

    (Thanks to @ThrasherDBS for the suggestion)

    America vs Japan, roadster vs roadster, FR vs FR. Should be a good battle as always, so be sure to let me know what you think. This week's Time Trial will not be available until tomorrow because I am not near my PS3 at the moment, but when I get it up I will post it here first thing. So with that, let the battle begin.​
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  6. MisterWaffles

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    Looks like the legendary Japanese tuner car against my guilty pleasure. The prowler is down on power, but it has a nearly 200kg advantage for weight, it's also more compact compared to the Nissan and has a wider wheelbase, so maybe better handling?

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  7. Cowboy

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    This week's time trial is up and running a little earlier than expected. It takes place at Brands Hatch, the greatest course on earth according to some people. Take a crack at it.
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  8. McClarenDesign

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    Z33, cause I can't trust anything from Chrysler.
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  9. Draggon


    After driving both for awhile, I favor the Prowler.

    But I drive a Dodge. Maybe that's my problem.
  10. MidFieldMaven


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    Specs for both cars from the Garage:

    Chrysler Prowler '02
    249 hp / 6,500 rpm
    255 ft-lb / 4,000 rpm
    1,287 kg (2,837 lbs)
    427 pp

    Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster (Z33) '03
    282 hp / 6,000 rpm
    268 ft-lb / 5,000 rpm
    1,550 kg (3,417 lbs)
    442 pp

    The infamous Z gained a lot of weight in its transition from a hardtop to a convertible. It weighs 263 kg (580 lbs) more than the Prowler, but has a better 3.5L V6 engine. It produces 33 more hp and 13 more ft-lbs of torque.

    At Mid-Field Raceway on Comfort Soft tires, it's almost a tie, with the Nissan edging out the Chrysler by only 0.277 seconds. I could probably close that gap, or come out ahead in the Prowler if I try again.

    The Prowler is rare and always a treat to see on the road, even if I would never own one, because you can't get a manual transmission, and you won't even have 5 forward gears. So the win by default goes to the Nissan.
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  11. GT_Alex74


    Trial Mountain lap times :

    Nissan Fairlady Z / 350Z Roadster (Z33) >>> 01:43,013
    Chrysler Prowler >>> 01:43,524 (ABS off)

    Two different schools here. The Z33 chassis sets high standards, and even after losing its roof, it remains nicely balanced, providing a sound handling and good traction. It's pretty good at everything, and is supported by a nice engine - gearbox package.

    The Prowler behaves like it looks : a bit of a raw and oldschool flavor. It's not difficult to drive, but you feel it's not as modern and optimised, despite being a bathtub design. I had a bit of entry understeer at first, but you can overcome that after a couple laps. The suspension handles pretty well the bumps, but it could be faster by tweaking the setting with maybe a tad softer rear - although I've been very consistent with it, setting 4 consecutive laps in the 43.5xx range. The main drawback remains the 4-speed automatic gearbox, which draws some performance.
    But the engine feels good, with a nice power curve. You never feel out of energy, from mid-range RPM up to the limiter, so it is not penalized that much by the gearbox.

    Overall, the Prowler is really enjoyable, despite not being performance focused, I had a good time with that one - but it could be even better. The Z remains a bit better in most things, though, so it would be the choice of reason. But the Prowler is a unique face in the automotive world, and it's not something you choose by comparing it to others. So even though the Nissan takes the win for being more versatile and easy to live with, I'll give special honours to the Prowler.
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  12. MisterWaffles

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    0 Title Card.jpg
    2003 Nissan 350Z Roadster vs 2002 Chrysler Prowler
    "Hey baby, mind if you 'drop your top'? Nononononononnononono that's not what I meant!!!"


    On a time limit, so content is down to a minimum. Also leaving for Florida Friday, so you wont see from me the next week either, might be able to fit some stat charts in though

    Let's get on with the laps. The Fairlady felt powerful, but less agile in the corners. The Prowler, I think, is the better feeling car of the two. For feel the Chrysler wins.

    Lap times:
    Prowler: 1:47.001
    Fairlady: 1:47.536
    Gap: +0.535

    So the Chrysler wins the laps around Brands Hatch.

    On to the speed trap:

    The Prowler crossed the speed trap at 250km/h, it took 59.375 seconds. The Prowler has just about 0 wheelspin, so it gets off the line cleaner.

    The Fairlady does the speed trap in 57.347 seconds, at 267 km/h. Poor launch, lots of wheelspin.

    The Fairlady wins the speed trap.

    The Prowler, in my opinion has the better colours. It has some nice metallic looking hues. The Fairlady has quite a lot of shades to choose from, but I'm not really a fan of those.

    The Prowler wins for paint chips.

    The prowler has a more interesting exhaust note than the Fairlady, which is quite and kind of boring.

    The Prowler wins for sounds.

    Design is purely subjective, so I think in this regard I'll give it to the Prowler again. Not often do you see open-wheel production cars driving around town. I also like the smoothness of the back, the dashboard and the cute little optional trunk thing. The Z, even in premium form is quite bloated and drab compared to rivals like the RX-7, Supra etc. The interior is also quite bland in the premium version too.

    The Prowler wins for design.

    For customization, the Z has changeable wheels, but the Prowler does look pretty cool with a body-painted wing attached.

    The Fairlady wins for customization.

    Both are even for tuning.

    9 Final Thoughts.jpg

    In the end, the Prowler seems to be the all-around more enjoyable car to drive around. It's also more consistent and easier to use for TT'ing, so, this week's winner is...


    And the verdict is...
    Richard Hammond's Fiat Barchetta.

    See you in a week!

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  13. ThrasherDBS


    United States
    Right then, so in my initial testing before made the suggestion to Cowboy, the Prowler squeaked by a little faster than the Nissan. However, in the three courses I've tested this on, the Nissan came out on top.

    Witchcraft I tell you, witchcraft!

    Brands Hatch Time Trial:
    Fairlady Z - 1:47.251
    Prowler - 1:48.053

    Rotenboden Trial:
    Fairlady Z - 1:56.425
    Prowler - 1:56.862

    SSR5 Trial:
    Fairlady Z - 1:41.923
    Prowler - 1:43.225

    The Z was very reserved, and I really liked the Prowler's playful nature, but evidently I'm better with the Nissan than the Prowler. Which contrasts with the results that a lot of the other participants in the online time trial, in which the Prowler came out faster.

    Maybe I'm not as good as a driver as I thought I was. I can see that the Prowler was a better car for the other people and I like the Prowler's playfulness as well. However, the Z was technically the faster car in my testing.

    Well, screw it. My testing was obviously flawed. The Prowler gets my vote.
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  14. Draggon


    I'm over a second quicker in the Prowler. I found it a lot more fun, too, more balanced and has a lighter feel to it. I vote for the Plymouth Rock.
  15. Ryk


    Fairlady Z Roadster (Z33) vs Chrysler Prowler fairlady.jpg prowler.jpg

    Blind choice...
    If you asked me now, which of these two would you like as a Gift Car - the Fairlady.

    It looks like the Prowler will have the edge on track, close on power but much lighter - But could I actually drive such a "LOOK AT THE STATE OF ME!" car? The Prowler is a Marmite car (A yeast infection you put on toast here in England - and it has a taste that you either really like, or totally hate.)
    You can see it trying to evoke the old Hot Rod feel of the 50's by making the most out of a 1930's car and sprucing it up. I said in the last duel the Camaro SS had a look of a Steam Iron... Forget that, this Prowler looks much more like a steam iron. The modern day safety requirements really detracts, and spoils the overall look of the car. If you could take them off then the car would be striking with bold look but alas it is stuck with them. The back of the car is quite good, and the overt safety bumpers seem to blend here better but the last thing you want to say about anything is,
    "But she is better looking from the back."

    The Styling of the Prowler is also extremely 50's Hotrod American - so could well polarise people who like it as they grew up near one, Gramps used to have one and such like. Maybe you were a fan of Battlestar Galactica in the 2000's and the car reminds you of the fuselage of a Cylon Raider Starfighter?


    Wow so I really don't like the Prowler for looks, what about the Fairlady? I like the hard top so how do the lines of the Topless Z car hold up? Pretty well, As usual with a soft top the back end tends to bloat a bit due to all the (Meat Pies and Beer?) Gubbins to store the roof away. The Prowler got away from this by letting you purchase a trailer which had the same styling as the hot rod car... Quite clever really

    Back end.
    Both have very sporty twin tail pipes the Fairlady has a pair of low mounted chrome tip pipes, Not quite subtle but it does have a hint of hidden power beneath the soft top. The Prowler has extended pipes with a final baffle on the end - From a casual glance it looks every inch the hot rod it is trying to emulate, Subtle it isn't.

    So from first look I have to admit I'm not a fan of the Prowler.(You'd never guess!) However... I have good memories of it being a capable car for it's PP score- Mostly due to the light(-ish) weight of the vehicle. The Nissan? I can't recall using it much - And there is the rub, The Prowler is a memorable car - It is the elephant in the room. You are drawn to some sort of opinion about them, while the Fairlady is relegated to being a Plain Eliza in comparison.


    Round 1 - Price
    Fairlady - 36,000
    Prowler - 47,430
    The Prowler is almost 50% more expensive than the Datsun. Will it be 50% better in other areas?

    Fairlady (10) - Prowler (8)

    Round 2 - Tyres
    Fairlady - Comfort Soft
    Prowler - Comfort Soft
    Bonus points for both cars having normalish tyres.

    Fairlady 10 (20) -Prowler 10 (18)

    Round 3 - Paint Chips
    Fairlady - 7 Chips
    Prowler - 5 Chips
    The Nissan has more but the Plymouth... I mean Chrysler, has cluster of warm "Hey the sun is out!" range of colours - Which limits your choice even more.

    Fairlady 10(30) - Prowler 9 (27)

    Round 4 - Handling
    Fairlady - Pretty nice, Felt very even and planted in corners and the brakes felt nice.
    Prowler - Not that bad - a bit heavy but the back end would slip a bit if you gave it a bit of force.
    Both cars were quite good fun to chuck about predictable - neither was great in slow corners, but they were okay on the brakes, The Nissan felt a bit more solid and trustworthy through the corners.

    Fairlady 10(40) - Prowler 9(36)

    Round 5 - Horn
    Fairlady - Comedy Horn
    Prowler - Comedy Horn​
    Both have horns you may be ashamed to actually use - Neither gave its car added machismo. Let that V6 do the talking?

    Fairlady 9(49) - Prowler 9(45)

    Round 6 - Engine Note
    Fairlady - Beefy thick V6
    Prowler - Slightly wheedier in comparison and had a "computer" feel to it.

    Fairlady 10(59) - Prowler 9(54)

    Round 7 - Track Test Event : Sportsland SUGO (3 laps only!)
    Fairlady - 1m50.611
    Prowler - 1m51.768

    Sort of even in most places but the powah of the Z Car let it stretch a lead - The Basketball team gear ratios you find in the Prowler leave you in 1st gear all the way to 67mph and you only need 3rd at 92mph. The Fairlady indulges the driver to row the car about in comparison (Manually changing gear - the fun bit.)

    Fairlady 10(69) - Prowler 9(63)

    Round 8 - Dashing Good Looks
    Fairlady - Basic underwhelming looks Simple plain pudgy lines
    Prowler - Mix of the Past Glamour and Modern day Safety welded together like it is a missing mutant from the X-Men.
    Neither of these cars look great and Open top cars tend to be for people who want people to look at them...

    Fairlady 8(77) - Prowler 5(68)

    Round 9 - Speed
    Fairlady - 132mph (Start Line speed trap at SUGO)
    Prowler - 128mph (Start Line speed trap SUGO)

    More of a practical Speed test than usual, both came into SUGO's finalcorner at the same speed and were flat right to the line. Maybe the Gears of the Prowler hurt it?

    Fairlady 10(87) - Prowler 9(77)

    Round 10 - The only question that matters: Does it come in Dark Green Paint?

    Fairlady - No
    Prowler - No

    Wow! A double knock down in the final round. But both fighters are saved by the bell. They are dragged back to their corners, Looking in pretty bad shape - but they looked pretty beat up and mauled before the fight started anyhow. The judges have handed in their scorecards... A very easy choice. If only the Prowler sounded better, went faster, didn't cost as much, didn't have Grandma's original gearbox and didn't look so terrible...

    Winner - Nissan Fairlady Roadster 350Z
  16. MOPARbarrett5

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    I vote Prowler because 'Murica. Also, it looks cooler than the Nissan as well.
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  17. Cowboy

    Cowboy Premium

    United States
    The Prowler. Quite the name, right? The Prowler was introduced in 1997 by Plymouth, and taken over by Chrysler in 2001. Looks are retro as that's what it was aiming for. On the track, the 246 HP is nice and the cornering isn't that bad, though it could be improved. The FR layout and uneven weight distribution give this some initial understeer, but then it turns fine mid corner. The major downside is that the car has 4 gears, but I assume that was to resemble the cars of older time periods. Not very many people talk about this car, and I'm not sure why.

    The 350Z/Fairlady. It's the top down version we have this time, but not too many people woild care because it's pretty much the same as the other Z33s. The Fairlady is naturally a good car, with good cornering that you'd expect from a tuner car. This time it was meh. It acted like it was a heavy car to handle, which it kind of was. Again though, in mid-corner it turned fine after the initial understeer. This car I think is better on longer curves since it seemed to flow right through them. In then end though, I like the car that nobody drives tht is a competitor, so I vote for.....

    The Prowler

    Both cars were tested at Brands Hatch, no aids except ABS: 1.

    Prowler: 1:44.591
    Fairlady: 1:47.235

    And the votes:

    Prowler: 5
    Fairlady: 4

    And the winner by a slim margin is.....

    The '02 Prowler!!!

    Congratulations to @Draggon for getting the winning time of 1:41.217 in the Prowler and the winning time of 1:42.382 in the Fairlady! This week, the lesser known car triumphed, but not by much. Stop by tomorrow for the next duel of the week, and if you have suggestions for future duels, start a conversation with me!​
  18. Neddo


    Chevelle is not happy...
  19. Cowboy

    Cowboy Premium

    United States
    This week I chose two cars that are widely liked by a lot of people. These two have big V10s as well as looks. So this week's duel is.....

    The 2009 Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro


    The 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4!!!

    Two 4WDs, two mid engines, lots of power should be a good one as always. This week's time trial takes place at Rome Circuit, a place where speed and stability are key to success. Let me know what you think and cast your vote, so let the battle begin.​
  20. GT_Alex74


    Anyway let's stop this here and focus on the new duel. First of all I have to say I'm heavily biased as I hate Audi in general and deemed it loser before actually seeing its opponent (although the R8 may be the only modern days Audi I tolerate).

    My lap times on Trial Mountain for both cars on comfort softs :

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 01:34,510
    Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro 01:34,831
    Audi R8 4.2 FSI R Tronic 01:35,109

    Note that the V8 version of the R8 is barely slower than the V10 one, and that's because the V10 is terribly unbalanced compared to the V8. Honestly, the 4.2 V8 version is perfectly balanced, extremely easy to drive and provides very high cornering speeds. If the V10 one had this ride quality, it would have been the clear winner here. Sadly, it's not, and it feels like a pale copy of the Italian bull, which despite being a bit tail happy, remains more manageable in my opinion. On the Lambo, you feel you can master it and use this for better exits. On the V10 R8, it just feels like tenths of second lost. The difference is subtle, but that's how I felt. Note : the Chrome Line version feels closer to the V8, but brings in a bit of understeer, and is only a tenth faster.

    So winner : Lamborghini.
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  21. LM7325


    I enjoy this thread. Makes me want to upgrade my pc and phone so I can join in the fun!
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  22. MisterWaffles

    MisterWaffles Premium

    Since I don't have GT6 to help test this week, then I'll uses stat charts instead.

    GT6 Duel of the Week, Diet Edition:
    "V10 divided by V3 is V3.3333333333... Illuminat-V confirmed!"

    Stolen gameplay picture: credit to original photographer Dragtimes or something.


    Reviewing both cars using prior experience and the stat charts...

    The Audi, and Lamborghini both use the same engine as you probably already know. The Audi is more civilized and can be a daily driver. But this is Gran Turismo we're talking about, the game we all buy to escape our daily drivers. Both cars were also succeeded by models that almost lived up to the originals, but aren't as appealing to me.

    Personally I prefer the sound and design on the R8 better and I like the coloured side inserts not changing colour for a host of customization. But the drive in the Lamborghini is what makes it better than the R8. The aero kits, even in GT5 were still better. I know this because obviously I've driven both in-game (who hasn't) and I've tested both on a hill climb track on Eifel too against the 458, which they all failed to catch the Fezza, but the Lamborghini place higher than the Audi

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    So after thinking hard about this, looks like I'm team LAMBO this week!

    My picture:


    And the verdict is:

    Find a worthy opponent to the 458!!!
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  23. SlipZtrEm

    SlipZtrEm Staff Emeritus


    This thread is clear.

  24. ThrasherDBS


    United States

    Thanks Slip!

    Anyway, it looks like a pretty good duel this week. Two cars that share the same V10, but I'm wondering who is going to come out on top. I'm more of a Lamborghini guy, but who knows, the Audi may surprise me.
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  25. Marc30599


    Umm well they both are v10 with all wheel drive.... I'll give it a go either today or tomorrow
  26. Cowboy

    Cowboy Premium

    United States
  27. Draggon


    So far my preference is for the Audi. Lap times at Circuito di Roma were about a half second slower for the Lambo, but geez, I had to work hard to get there.

    It's not just in stock form though. I found both cars tough to tune to my liking until I found a R8 tune by someone here that actually was a GT5 tune, but ended up working extremely well in GT6. I have found no tunes at all for the Lambo that I like nor even tolerate. :indiff:
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  28. Ryk


    Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 vs Audi R8 FSi quattro
    Pretty similar cars - mid engined all wheel drive supercars. Share a lot of genetics, Audi owns Quattro GmbH, the company that makes the R8 in Neckarsulm in Germany (Just down the river Neckar from Stuttgart, home of Porsche and Mercedes and the old Solitude race track.) and Audi also owns Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A - those crazy guys that build the Gallardo in Santa'Agata , Italy. The R8's Engine heavily based on the version in the LP560-4 Lamborghini - which is in turn a warmed up version of the 5.2L V10 that started life in the front of the big Audi S8.

    In the Phantom Black with Lava Grey Side scoop corner, fighting from Neckasulm in Germany the naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V10 powered all wheel drive super car ... the R8 5.2 FSi quattro.

    Audi R8 FSi quattro
    5204cc V10
    517bhp - 54.1 torques
    1620kg 46:54
    100/200 natural downforce
    203 Max Speed (Rev Limited)8700 revs in 6th gear)

    And introducing... In the recently resprayed Verde Ithaca corner from Santa'Agata in Italy the naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V10 powered all wheel drive supercar ... the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.
    5204cc V10
    552bhp - 55.1 torques
    1410kg 44:56
    0/0 Natural Downforce
    200 Max Speed (Rev Limited 9000 revs in 6th gear)

    Round 1 - Price
    R8 5.2 FSi quattro - 199,400kazulas (£108,090)
    Gallardo LP560-4- 253,300 kazulas (£157,718 - It was in January 2012 anyhow.)
    The Gallardo is over 25% more expensive than the Audi.

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro (10) - Gallardo LP560-4 (8)​

    Round 2 - Tyres
    R8 5.2 FSi quattro - Sports Hard
    Gallardo LP560-4- Sports Hard
    Considering both cars should be dancing in the 200mph region a set of durable semi slicks could be a wise choice.

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro 10(20) - Gallardo LP560-4 10(18)​

    Round 3 - Paint Chips
    R8 5.2 FSi quattro - 9 chips
    Gallardo LP560-4 - 3 Chips
    The Audi has 9 Paint chips with the side panel a secondary colour - You can have a single colour car in BrilliantRot if you consider a bright red car being subtle.
    (I chose...Phantom Black with Lava Grey Side scoop) - If you do plan to respray your car - the side scoop panel and the seats will remain as you bought them.
    The Lamborghini disappoints with just 3 paint chips... Black White or Yellow... Hope you like white leather interior as that is all you get.

    The Audi has more chips but they are pretty boring in places, the stand out is the secondary colour you get on the airscoop side panel - You don't get many Exciting colours, But this is a German car efficient engineering holds sway. Despite the Lamborghini being almost Italian (cough) The High ups at Audi didn't get the "Red ones go faster" memo from Lamboghini so you can only get it in Black White or Yellow... The bright side is you can resplay the car yourself - adding even more to the price.
    Does the Brilliantrot Audi retain its side scoop colours if you paint it white? - You betcha!

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro 10(30) - Gallardo LP560-4 8(26)​

    Round 4 - Speed
    R8 5.2 FSi quattro 203mph
    Gallardo LP560-4 - 200mph

    Ran at Route X - The Audi seemed to have better guts to get to 200mph faster, and could punch over it. The Lambo seemed to struggle and felt like it was slower than the Audi when you got the gearbox onto that final cog - But I had just discovered that the Audi had natural downforce, so I was expecting the "clean" Lambo to have less drag and therefore go faster. As usual I was wrong!

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro 10(40) - Gallardo LP560-4 9(35)​

    Round 5 - Engine Note
    R8 5.2 FSi quattro - V10 5.2...odd firing. Now you don't hear many of those!
    Gallardo LP560-4 - V10 5.2... oh well maybe you do.

    Both are okay, the quattro has a deeper baritone wail to it, the Lambo has a more distinctive "Beer can" (Jamaican for Bacon) resonance. I am not a big fan of V10's but these two are too close for me to really prefer one over the other.

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro 10(50) - Gallardo LP560-4 10(45)​

    Round 6 - Track Test Event : Willow Springs
    R8 5.2 FSi quattro - 1m22.866 (12m03.214)
    32 litre asked for on a lap 4 pit stop. (I let it gulp down 40 litres or whatever wishy washy octane petrol they have in California)
    The car was entertaining to drive, the weight at the back placed a huge lateral load on the rear tyres, Pressure that Sports Hards couldn't live with. I had planned to run a none stop race, but the Audi destroyed its rear tyres at an alarming rate. Brakes felt pretty weak but when they do lock, it is those over worked rears that give up first - making the car rather nasty at speed until you get used to it.

    Gallardo LP560-4 - 1m22.386 (11m55.669)
    Pit stop on lap 4 asked for 30 litres gave it 40 - Planned to drive none stop eh? Obviously I forgot about the heavy drinking habits these cars both have... If I wanted to squeeze 20 miles out of a full tank I would have to a bit more than just "lift and coast" - The Gallardo was a firebrand, As it was lighter I obviously preferred to drive it, The Gallardo's lack of Audi's "Magic Grip" made the high speed corners rate a smidge higher on the "buttock clench-o-meter" but the all wheel drive stuff kind of helps you out by giving a bit of work for the front tyres.

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro 8(58) - Gallardo LP560-4 10(55)​

    Round 7 - Tyre Degredation

    Both cars come with the same grade of Sport Hard black rubber boots but which car treats its tyres with respect.

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro - Eats its tyres like a giant mutant lizard.
    Gallardo LP560-4 - It isn't exactly light but the car does keep the tyres more or less intact and doesn't slap themabout into every corner like the Audi.

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro 9(67) - Gallardo 10(65)​

    Round 8 - Dashing Good Looks - Obviously you pick the Italian designed car...

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro - Walter de Silva - the guy that gave Audi that iconic big single frame front grille - He also designed the Lamborghini Egoista - The Audi R8? Considering it has big side scoops and a large straked vents front and rear. It doesn't have a clown car bolt on Spoiler, Lots of Fairy Lights (I think this car is all LED Fairy lights - I like the look of the car even if its headlamps that reminds me of the Town Centre illuminations.

    Gallardo LP560-4 - Name a Famous Peruvian? (Not Paddington Bear!) Luc Donckerwolke maybe? He took the Lamborghini Cala design of Giugiaro, and transformed it into the Baby Lambo we have been testing. The second generation Gallardo, the LP560-4 has a smidge of Reventon and overall looks a bit more savage than the first generation. I like this one as well! Even if it has headlamps that remind me of a GT-R.

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro 10(77) - Gallardo LP560-4 10(75)​

    Round 9 - Handling
    R8 5.2 FSi quattro - Weight is the issue here. The car felt great - Much more of a Mid Engine car than a 4 wheel drive understeer-u horror show. The All wheel drive does soften things up on corner exits but the turn in bit can be very wayward proper corner - It does have some natural aero which does help the car out... but nowhere near enough.
    Gallardo LP560-4 - After the quattro, the Lambo felt a bit more eager and racy. It isn't perfect but who wants a car without character?

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro 9(86) - Gallardo LP560-4 10(85)​

    Round 10 - Second race test -

    Let's go to chopped up Ostereichring near Zeltweg just past Spielburg in Styria home of Arnold Schwartzenegger. The Red Bull Ring. - Formerly known as the A1 Ring.

    This could be the splitter. If the quattro can hold its own it can take the fight on points. If the Lamborghini can dominate on the track again then it is a car worth paying that bit extra for.
    As Ken Watanabe once said, "Let them fight."

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro - 1m40.557
    Gallardo LP560-4 - 1m38.088
    Winner - If you compare telemetry traces the Lamborghini just pulls away out of corners - the Car may not have the ultimate top speed of the quattro, but it has the edge on track every day of the week. Could it be the oodles of Brake Horse it has or the lack of apple strudel keeping it light on its feet? The quattro may have natural Aero but that can't compete with the Powah and "Added lightness" of the Gallardo.

    R8 5.2 FSi quattro 8(94) - Gallardo LP560-4 10(95)

    So the Winner - Peru's own Lamborghini Gallardo 560-4

    So Walter de Silva verses Luc Donckerwolke - but what would happen if these two worked together... Have a look at the one off "new" Lamborghini Muira these two knocked up one afternoon...
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  29. NOS systems

    NOS systems (Banned)

    hmmmmm... I like the R8 the best
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  30. ThrasherDBS


    United States
    So same heart, same drivetrain, but which of the two is faster?

    Rome Trial:
    R8 - 1:14.692
    Gallardo - 1:13.304

    Rotenboden Trial:
    R8 - 1:41.631
    Gallardo: 1:41.474

    SSR5 Trial:
    R8 - 1:32.003
    Gallardo: 1:30.729

    The R8 is too tail-happy and washes out in corners a bit too much. That's not to say the Gallardo doesn't, but not to the extent that the R8 does. The Gallardo feels more direct, both in handling and in delivery of power.

    The Gallardo is the clear winner.
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