GT6 Duel of the Week #70: The Grand Finale (well, not really)

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    Y'all could've given me some credit for causing that quote to happen. :p

    I kid, I kid.
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  2. Ryk


    Okay so a sequel for the NSXLM vs the Renault 350Z Trophey.

    Previously I chose the Hondacura over the Nissenault as it was just better in every aspect. That was only 2 months ago... way back when Irish driver Nick O'Rosberg was dominating in the Formula One ... How things can change in 8 weeks. (This is typed after the Azerbajdzanskaja Grand Prix of Europe ... in Asia... just 300 miles away from downtown Tehran.)

    Right This Megane needs to do much better in the rematch -

    For thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world, this is the MAIN EVENT.
    Fighting out of the Crimson Starmist corner - The Challenger with a head to head record of one fight, No wins and one loss. A French fighter with a core of Japanese mid engined V6 power.
    The Megane Trophey Cup Car.

    Fighting out of the Brilliant Yellow corner - An American fighter with a core of a Japanese mid engined V6 power. The Title Holder, with a head to head record of one fight and one win. The Reigning Undisputed
    The Acura NSX LM.

    ***Round 1*** Power ***

    Megane - 359bhp
    NSXLM - 373bhp

    Megane - 9 - NSXLM - 10

    ***Round 2*** Weight***

    The Race car dressed up as a road car is lighter than the road car turned into a race car,

    Megane - 955kg
    NSXLM - 1045kg

    Megane - 10(19) - NSXLM - 9 (19)​

    ***Round 3*** Price ***

    Too late I've already bought these two, so a shared round

    Megane - 10(29) - NSXLM - 10 (29)

    ***Round 4*** Cool Name ***

    Megane - Girls name for a Girls car...
    Ennessecksellemm - Utter gibberish or some secret cultist ritual to appeaser the slumbering God Cthulhu?? A Quick drive to Ry'leh

    The Megane evokes images of the old tarmac Rally car but the NSX was a practical supercar. I haveto edge the name to the Hondacura

    Megane - 9(38) - NSXLM - 10 (39)

    ***Round 5*** Heart Racing Racecar Good Looks. ***

    How do I feel about these two now? Happy with my paint chip colours, the TVR Spec Crimson Starmist hides the decals and logos on the Megane. The shape is one that grew on me. First look didn't win my heart,way too boxy and chunky looking. But it is trying to evoke a look of the econobox. But with a couple of spoonfuls of full fat track attack... it still looks like a munter.

    The Brilliant Yellow on the NSX complements the Dunlop tyres. The big CASTROL logo on the back quarter has a bit of Plymouth Superbird. The Basic shape of the NSX is one I prefer, low wide sleek. The Megane isn't that and the racing accessories make it look wonky looking.

    Megane - 9(47) - NSXLM - 10 (49)

    ***Round 6*** Top Speed At Route X - ***

    The NSX has a very simple 5 speed gearbox, naturally aspirated. It reaches its red line in fifth gear quite easily but it doesn't have the pep to bounce off the rev limiter if you are in clean air and on the flat.
    The Megane has an extra gear and it didn't get too close to either the red line or the ultimate rev limiter. Simple test and on paper and with a heavy foot, the Megane has the upper hand over the older NSX.
    The Megane was 168mph at the base of the incline then dropped 8mph down to 160 by the time it crested the hill at the 5 kilometre mark - I also put in the time it took to drive the first 5 clicks of the track. The NSXLM wasn't as fast, but it didn't run out of puff going up the incline. (* English phrase from the era of Steam engines - when a locomotive would run out of power when the heat of the boiler didn't provide enough steam pressure.)

    Megane - 168 - 160 - 71.6 seconds (5km)
    NSXLM -- 163 - 159 - 72.6 seconds (5km)

    Megane - 10(57) - NSXLM - 9 (58)​

    ***Round 7*** Engine note ***

    The NSX has a crunchy buzz. The Megane has a deeper note.
    To be fair I don't mind either of them. Shared round.

    Megane - 10(67) - NSXLM - 10 (68)

    ***Round 8*** Track Test At Route X - Total time***

    Megane - 6m54.0 Total time
    NSXLM -- 7m03.1 Total time

    Well the car that was 5mph (That is 8kmph to my former friends in Europe.) was some how 9 whole seconds faster over the entire lap. (Just a cheap way to give the Megane some points? We can see through you Ryk!)

    Megane - 10(77) - NSXLM - 9 (77)​

    ***Round 9*** Track Test ***

    Good fun the Megane felt much easier to drive. The NSX had alot of aspects that required the driver to (Very quickly!) dip into his bag of talent - The car was prone to locking the fronts into a brake zone, and also power oversteer on the exit mid corner? I tended to have to fight sudden over rotation in a corner... It felt like the front was folding on me more than the actual effect which was I was asking too much form the rear of the car - May sound like bad stuff but I live for a car that is a bit of a bad girl. Every fast/hard corner you negotiate feels like a win... because this NSX is a car that will try to playfully spin you off into an Armco barrier.

    The Megane felt more rigid and was more forgiving under heavy braking into a corner, but if you did get a wobble into the cars suspension it would skip about over the place - As I try to drive inside the white lines this isn't a terrible thing, but if you have a habit of driving outside of the track limits then perhaps this car isn't for you. The Megane also felt like it ran out of puff on the uphill sections of the track.

    Which to pick?
    Gah I am stumped the NSX was faster on track I can only see it mushing the Meganes face so deep in the sand some will spurt out of its exhaust pipes. The NSX would be my pick off the bat, and I did give the French Nissan a good try to sway me, but it didn't have anything that made me prefer it over the American Honda other than maybe a 6 speed gearbox. They both have interesting fun habits on track and I could drive either of them all day. But I would get more out of the NSXLM.

    Ryk still picks the Acura NSXLM

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  3. Draggon


    Much thanks to @Cowboy for starting and maintaining duel of the week. I've had a lot of fun since I joined earlier this year and found some great ( and close ) competition with you guys. I'm honored to have received the "fastest member" award.:tup: Looking forward to this next weeks duel!
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    Alright! So the Mégane was once again a nice car to drive. Has low enough horsepower to make for a safer experience for the movie racers, yet is fun enough for the veterans. Another nice thing is that there is a base model version so that you can color this one however you'd like.

    Then it's on to the NSX. This one was slightly more squirrelly, but still had decent performance. This one eas pretty close o the performance from the Mégane, so there isnt much for me to say about it. I do remember however giving my vote for the NSX, probably becauee of its heritage, but this time I'm voting for the slightly better driver.....

    The Mégane

    Both cars tested at Nürburgring 24hr variant, no aids except ABS: 1, RH tires:

    NSX: 8:59.217
    Mégane: 8:54.381

    And the votes:

    NSX: 2
    Mégane: 1

    And the winner is.....

    The '91 NSX LM Race Car!!!

    Congrats to @pretend racer for getting a winning time of 8:54.849 in the NSX and to @Cowboy for getting the winning time of 8:54.381 in the Mégane. Here's to another year of dueling!​
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    For the start of a new year, I thought I would do a battle that has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. Some people suggested this one also, so this week's duel is.....

    The 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6)


    The 2008 SRT Viper SRT10 ACR!!!

    Two American powerhouses, two rear wheel drives, and plenty of burnouts in the mix. This weeks trial will be at Big Willow, so let the battke begin!​
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  6. MidFieldMaven


    United States
    SRT Viper SRT10 ACR '08
    606 hp / 6,000 rpm
    561 ft-lb / 5,000 rpm
    1,552 kg (3,422 lbs)
    580 pp

    Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) '09
    639 hp / 6,500 rpm
    604 ft-lb / 4,000 rpm
    1,508 kg (3,325 lbs)
    573 pp

    There is no replacement for displacement, as they say, but in stock form, the Viper is at a disadvantage in power and weight, thanks to Chevrolet opting for a supercharger. Not only is the Vette more powerful and lighter, it's also longer, wider, and taller.

    49/51 weight distribution f/r
    2.35 kg/hp
    176.2 inches long
    75.9 inches wide
    49.0 inches tall

    50/50 weight distribution f/r
    2.56 kg/hp
    175.6 inches long
    75.2 inches wide
    47.6 inches tall

    At Mid-Field, on Comfort Soft tires, ABS-1, Traction Control-0, manual transmission:

    Maximum speed on track:

    170 mph - Corvette
    166 mph - Viper

    Minimum speed through Turn 1:

    72 mph - Viper
    69 mph - Corvette

    The Viper corners on rails. The Corvette is rather scary on Comfort tires. I'll always choose a Viper over a Corvette because it's more original. V10 baby. Sad to see the Viper being discontinued. Maybe it'll come back someday like the NSX did.

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  7. CrazyJohn


    I'm new to this, hello everyone.


    Two American cars, both FR, over 600HP and 1,500kg. So, lets see which is "better".


    Corvette: 648PS -> 680PS @ 6.500rpm after oil change / 1.508KG
    Weight distribution - 49 : 51
    Torque: 859Nm @ 4.000rpm
    Viper: 615PS -> 646PS @ 6.000rpm after oil change / 1.552KG
    Naturally Aspired
    Weight distribution - 50 : 50
    Torque: 798Nm @ 5.000rpm

    The ZR1 has more power, less weight, more torque but worse weight distribution than the Viper.

    ZR1: 20PTS
    Viper: 18PTS


    Corvette: 7 colours (yellow, red, orange, blue, silver, grey, black)
    2 aero kits, flat floor, 5 wings + remove stock + stock + a special one
    Custom rims: yes | Inch up: Standard
    Custom meters: yes
    Viper: 5 colours (red/black, lack, blue/black, violet/black, orange/black)
    no aero kits, flat floor, 5 wings + remove stock + stock + a special one
    Custom rims: yes | Inch up: Standard, +1
    Custom meters: no

    ZR1: 40PTS
    Viper: 37PTS

    The Corvette was faster around Willow, by a little bit. Hit a 1:20.9xx.
    The car is a bit oversteery during the turn and on its exit. Turns 3-4 were hard to maintain without losing traction, but, on the straights, it dominated. Top speed was 258kph.
    What is bad about this car is, it doesn't steer well during decelerating. The brakes are on the same level as the Viper, but steering while decelerating was very hard to do, especially on that final corner thing. I ended up being on the sand twice on 5 laps, when on the Viper, I did not touch the sand on the final turn.
    Well, I enjoyed driving it more than the Viper, and the sound. Oh, the sound. Loud and clear.

    It was faster, but be aware: it is more oversteery and trickier to control due to the amount of torque.

    Corner exits are a problem with using the ZR1. However, careful throttle control will help.
    The Viper was slower, however, by only 2 tenths. 1:21.1xx exactly when the trial end.
    It felt very understeery, on the other hand (at least for me). Brakes were slightly better, but the turning was worse than the Corvette's (NOTE: I do not like understeery cars, I'm more an oversteer guy).
    Anyway, Turn 2 was massacre. Just, massacre. Kept an inside line at 160kph (100mph), tried accelerating on corner exit, and ended on the sand. Half the times I passed turn 2, I missed the tarmac.
    I could not hear the engine and had to stuck at hood view (with the bright sun literally 'killing' my eyes, on 1AM EEST) to hear the car, so I could upshift or downshift.


    It is not oversteery, but it turns harder than the Corvette, at least for me. Thank god the Viper doesn't lose traction.

    That apex was hit a billion times. With the Viper, however, I can use all track length available more easily.

    ZR1: 56PTS
    Viper: 50PTS

    Corvette for me.

  8. Cowboy

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    United States
    Always nice to see a new face here. Great first review :cheers:
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  9. Draggon


    Welcome to the club @CrazyJohn, some nice times you laid down at Willow. :tup:
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  10. Ryk


    Never really noticed how samey these two are looking at them from the front. Nice Pictures @CrazyJohn
  11. CrazyJohn


    Thanks for the good comments :tup:
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  12. pretend racer

    pretend racer

    Holy understeer batman! The viper is a quick car and does everything fairly well, except turn! Brakes are great, nice grunt from the engine - although quiet in cockpit mode it's easy to hit the limiter, but why doesn't it turn? It took a bit of practise to be able to get the Viper pointed the way I wanted it to go. Overall, I found it pretty frustrating to drive but I will give it credit, it's quick if you can drive it the way it needs to be driven.

    The first few laps in the vette had me going 4x4ing for totally different reasons. The brakes were the first thing I noticed about the car, and they don't have as much power as the viper. The corner entry understeer combined with throttle powered corner exit oversteer make for a tricky but smile inducing car to drive. This one takes more skill to drive fast because you have to keep it balanced otherwise it will lose time from sliding quite easily. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to match my practise time in the TT, I just couldn't put in a mistake free lap with the Vette.

    If this was real life I'd buy the Viper, upgrade the suspension and pocket the $ difference. The Vioer looks like a race car but drives like a 'safe' FF American car, whereas, the vette looks like a road car but drives like a race car. Is it worth it to pay an extra $85000 (game credits) to buy the vette? IRL, no. But in GT6 $ grows on trees so the price difference means nothing.

    I'm tempted to flip a coin to see which car I should vote for...

    Arrgggh! In the end I vote for the Viper, it's got the looks, price, and speed.
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  13. MOPARbarrett5

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    United States
    The Corvette seems to be a fine car, but the Viper is awesome! It has superb sound, speed and style, not to mention it is really fun to drive!
  14. Draggon


    Sheesh, you guys in the 20's, I've got some work to do!
  15. ThrasherDBS


    United States
    So, missed out on the last duel for a variety of reasons.
    -Had some things I had to iron out with family
    -Went to Colorado to see the Pikes Peak Hill Climb
    -It's a duel we've done before, so, I don't imagine my vote would change

    Anyway, new duel, blue devil versus red Viper. The Corvette and the Viper have always been pretty close rivals, much like the WRX Impreza and the Lancer Evolution. In this duel, we have the ultimate high performance versions of both vehicles, ready to duke it out. Well over 1200 horsepower are about to clash!

    Willow Springs Trial:
    ZR1 - 1:23.203
    ACR - 1:23.570

    Rotenboden Trial:
    ZR1 - 1:43.498
    ACR - 1:45.192

    SSR5 Trial:
    ZR1 - 1:31.649
    ACR - 1:31.324

    It looks like the Corvette took the win this time around, but likely by its higher power and lower weight compared to the Viper. The Corvette had some understeer that put me in the sand a good number of times on Willow Springs, but the Viper was far better mannered. Unfortunately, this is a case where nice cars finish last, as it's the Corvette's power on the straights that gave it the edge, and thus earns my vote.

    The Viper is still a good racing car that more than deserves a drive.
  16. Draggon


    I think that the Vette actually handles better but is limited by it's lack of overall grip. While the Viper is limited too, with SH tires and no LSD, within the limitations of the duel, it's a better car. While I got to a bit of a wall with the Viper at 1:21 I felt with more practice and learning that big sweeping right hander, I could get into the 20's. The Vette is so loose ( for me anyway ) that I felt like I was at my absolute limit with another 1:21 something.

    My vote: Viper!
  17. CrazyJohn


    I find it impossible for me to get a 1:20 in the Viper. Maybe it doesn't suit my driving style. :irked:
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  18. Ryk


    Have I been testing the wrong Viper...
  19. MOPARbarrett5

    MOPARbarrett5 Premium

    United States
    I was able to improve my time in the Viper to 1:19.912, so it is a really close battle for the top lap time.
  20. Obelisk

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    Obelisk's DOTW review
    Corvette C6 ZR1 vs Viper SRT10 ACR

    Well, here we are. I'm going to review two of the top American cars money can buy, the beefy C6 ZR1 and the track-focused Viper ACR. Let's look at this in different categories, and the winner of each category gets a point.

    Initial Price (Viper (1) - Vette (0))
    The Viper ACR goes for $100,000, while the ZR1 goes for a frightening $184,000. This point goes to the Viper.

    Color choices (Viper (1) - Vette (1))
    The Viper has five paint colors available, and all start with "Viper". Gee, ya think they were made just for the Viper...Oh, wait.
    The Corvette has seven paint colors available, but three are shades of black and gray. Regardless, more choices.
    This point goes to the Corvette.

    Customization (Viper (1) - Vette (2))
    The Corvette has more customization options, period. This point goes to the Corvette.

    Acceleration and top speed (Viper (1) - Vette (3))
    Viper: 400m @ 11.3 s/128 MPH, 1000m @ 20.1s/168 MPH, top speed 222 MPH
    Vette: 400m @10.9s/131 MPH , 1000m @ 19.6s/173 MPH, top speed 232 MPH
    Point goes to the Corvette.

    Exhaust note (Viper (1) - Vette (4))
    The 'Vette sounds gnarly, while the Viper isn't as noisy. Point to the Vette

    One Lap Trial - Midfield Raceway (Viper (1) - Vette (5))
    Viper: 1:15.354
    Vette: 1:15.025
    The Corvette was surprisingly quicker.

    Personal Choice (Viper (1) - Vette(6))
    I didn't much like the way the Viper drove stock, and felt the Corvette was far easier to pick up and push harder. I choose the Vette here.

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  21. CrazyJohn


    Looks like Sudden Death is possible. Let's see. :cool:
  22. GT_Alex74


    Here are my times :

    Trial Mountain (comfort softs, ABS 1)

    Corvette ZR1 (C6) >>> 1:34.064
    Viper SRT10 ACR >>> 1:34.149

    Big Willow club TT (sports hard, ABS 1)

    Corvette ZR1 (C6) >>> 1:19.928
    Viper SRT10 ACR >>> 1:34.948 (although it was not registered since I got disconnected from the lobby right before the session end)

    Custom track (comfort softs, ABS 1, oil change)

    Corvette ZR1 (C6) >>> 7:08.579
    Viper SRT10 ACR >>> 7:13.890

    Those two cars both have their strenghts and weaknesses compared to each other. Viper got impressive traction, braking, high speed stability and consistency; Corvette has better acceleration, better low speed turn in and front grip and no accel understeer at high speed. They're quite different to drive, but a pretty good match nonetheless.

    The Viper is clearly easier to keep on the road at first, and beginners or average driver will most likely favor it because of its consistency. It suffers from understeer on turn in at low / very low speeds (I quickly went to the e-brake for hairpins), but the brakes, probably helped by the aero package, help to get some weight transfer over the front some medium speeds corners approached from higher speeds are not a problem. High speed corners on my tight custom course were sometimes a problem though, there's so much traction you can't break the rear loose on those, and you'll get some understeer if you keep max throttle. On Big Willow though, it felt much more at ease.

    The Corvette feels pretty dangerous at the beginning : not that much due to the fact it is more lively, but mainly because the brakes seems a bit weak in comparison, especially since you're coming towards corners with a bit more speed as well. But it's not a car you really want to trash around, seeking for those last few percents. Hold back, take it easy and drive it a bit on the safe side and it will reward you. I went of course a lot during my Big Willow practice, but once I relaxed, I got the hold of it pretty quickly. On my custom track, it felt easier to make a good run with it than with the Viper because of that. The Viper has to be driven a bit more aggressively, and on such a narrow road it's pretty suicidal.

    My vote goes to the Corvette, I simply enjoy it a bit more, and it suits me better I think.
  23. Ryk


    Viper vs. Vette

    I am writing this very late, so lets get ready to rumble... with my usual bad puns and wonky logic.

    *** Round 1 *** If looks could kill ***

    The Corvette is the older model, with classic shapes from the 50's and 60's - I myself like the 70's one. Some people forget that the Corvette was part of one of the most memorable openings in Movie History. The Corvette then seemed to lose the curves and shape a couple of decades then things picked up recently with a more sharp edge styling but this ZR1 wasn't quite there.
    starwars corvette.png
    (A 1977 Corvette - Film star good looks)

    The Viper was an instant classic when it was live born but the ACR version took on the concept styling for the new millennium, And ... well it just seems a step backwards.
    (A 2005 Viper Mk2 - Yesterday)

    Styling highlights...
    Savage louvred engine cover. (Viper)
    Dinky sunroof for the LS9's engine manifold. (Corvette)
    Four chrome tipped exhaust pipes (Corvette)
    Side mounted Exhausts.(Viper)
    Suble flip up spoiler (Corvette)
    Huge full width rear wing... Round to the Corvette

    I think there are better versions of each car, But to me this Vipers shape isn't as great as usual. Yet the Corvette seems a bit plain, even if it has 5 logos saying Supercharged on the exterior...
    The Viper is more clown car - 'Look at me! with the drivers line racing stripe and the big wing little winglets on the front corners.'
    The Corvette is almost in disguise with a simple front splitter on an otherwise restrained styled car. (It does have a couple of GM badges on it though, nobody's perfect.)

    *** Round 2 *** Cool name ***

    One is a combination of two Latin words, Vivo and Pario "To Live" and "To Give Birth"... To describe the most dangerous snake in England... The Adder which is part of the Viper Family... England is a pretty safe corner of the world in terms of wild/dangerous animals - so the Viper is extra scary.

    The other comes from France, through Holland via Rome and the Latin for... (you will like this.) "Basket" Corbis which was used to describe a small boat.

    I guess the Viper has a cooler name. A grumpy snake or a baby boat named after a wicker container?

    Viper takes the round

    *** Round 3 *** Tracks of my tears ***
    8 laps at sun kissed Willow Springs.

    (11m45) Ayyceearr

    Revs felt choked at the top end, never really seemed to zing and the gear ratio felt a smidge too long in 5th.
    Handling was a bit - delayed
    Engine Note was underwhelming

    (11m42) Zedarrwun
    Much more violent car the engine felt eager with lashings of power oversteer through corners. Gearbox was more punchy maybe tall at high speeds but not as much of a step off the sweet spot as the Viper. Brakes felt a notchworse than the Viper. And the car was not happy in high speed stuff that needed any steering - Often I thought a Sleek Skjold class Royal Norwegian Naval Corvette would have more high speed turning prowess.
    (Norway's idea of a Corvette, understeering yesterday.)

    Which is best?
    If you can control yourself the Corvette seemed to have more lap potential, but you can burn a lap very quickly in a huge cloud of tyre smoke through any corner.

    I liked the engine in the Corvette. It was rasping along but then it sort of spat on down changes that oddly reminded me of an American spitting out chewing tobacco.


    The Corvette. It reminded me of Blaine from film Predator, with its nasty spitting downchange habits. And even the name reminded me of the iconic B Movie Actor who was in the classic so bad it is good film Samurai Cop ; the late Robert Z'Dar.

    Usually I would pick the Viper, but this time the Dodge wasn't as good as previous versions and the Corvette just had oodles of character about it, and it was fast too, and made a mess of its tyres while I was hooning about... what was the other car?
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  24. Neddo


    Viper because plum crazy
  25. Cowboy

    Cowboy Premium

    United States
    My review's gonna be late because I don't have much time at the moment to type it out.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  26. Cowboy

    Cowboy Premium

    United States
    So the Viper. A hellfire track car with a big wing and a massive 8.4 liter engine from Chrysler. Interesting combination. Same can't be said about performance though. Sure, it has plenty of power, but it doesn't like to turn, a common sight among most American cars. It does cost less, at 100k, and sounds better in my opinion, but it's just kind of disappointing in stock form.

    Then you have the Corvette. Another firebreathing behemoth that produces more horsepower, yet costs $80,000 more than the Viper. However, on the track this on drove a little better. As stated in previous posts, this one deals slower speed corners better, yet is able to lose control a little easier than the Viper. It's a tough choice between the two, but in the end there can be only one, so I choose...

    The Corvette

    Both cars tested on Big Willow, sports hard tires, no aids except ABS 1:

    Viper: 1:21.927
    Corvette: 1:21.382

    And the votes:

    Viper: 5
    Corvette: 6

    And the winner by a slim margin is.....

    The '09 Corvette ZR1!!!

    Congrats to @GT_Alex74 for setting a winning time of 1:19.948 in the Viper and for setting a winning time of 1:19.928 in the Corvette!​
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  27. Cowboy

    Cowboy Premium

    United States
    This week I have chose cars from the golden era of cars: classics. These two have a place in every car guys heart, and I would assume they'd want these in their garage too. This week's duel is.....

    Ferrari-Dino-246-GT-7.jpg The 1971 Ferrari Dino 246 GT


    The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28!!!

    I know, another Chevrolet. Trust me, next duel will not have one, if you really care about that. This week's trial will be at Laguna Seca, so without further ado, let the battle begin! Oh and by the way, happy Independence Day!​
  28. CrazyJohn


    Another USA car, another USA track I hate. :boggled:
  29. Draggon


    What a unique match up. :tup: This should be fun. The Camaro is pretty good for what it is.
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  30. FishHunters


    United States
    Great job guys! Very enjoyable read. A good portion of the cars I like won!
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