GT6 server boycott: March 1-8

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by grannyshifter, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. I hereby propose a 1 week boycott of all Gran Turismo 6 (GT6) online server activities.

    Starting on March 1st and concluding on March 8th at midnight local time, we the people of GTPlanet (GTP) will have our voices heard.

    As server activity is monitored by both PD and Sony, this is our chance to let it be known our dissatisfaction with: 1) GT6 as an unfinished product; and 2) PD's poor communication with its customers. Edit: More specifically, regarding in-game bugs, missing features, and upcoming content.

    Please keep this thread clean and void of any negativity or hostility toward Kaz and PD, to ensure our message can spread.

    Together, our voices will be heard. We come in peace to remind those at the top, that we, the paying customers, are the ones that truly have the power.

    Please show your support for the cause by liking this post!


    Edit: Don't forget, even logging in just for the bonus counts as "server activity".
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  2. Raitziger

    Finland Espoo

    That would be easy. I have not played GT6 for two weeks :D
  3. mikeymc92

    United States Tucson AZ

    Gave my game away after completing it in less than a week
  4. Intronium

    United States CA

    Down. I'm honestly so sad... every GT game (even 5) has been full of awesome memories and sleeplessness and maybe even contemplating having a sick from school day... but 6 just doesn't have that feel. I played the **** out of it for the first week like every other GT but uh that was it... the game is done. There is veeeeeery low server activity, 60+% of the game is missing, and also we have no idea if we're gonna get what we were promised when we put down $60 for this game.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand PD is probably still working hard and I still like them as a developer and I still like GT. But, they desperately need a wake-up call. We have paid for this game in full, for what was promised. And they need to deliver on that promise if they are truly an honest company.
  5. fluegelmann

    Germany Stade

    i dont dislike the game.the physics feel way better than in gt5 in my opinion.what really s**** is that a. online does not quite work properly to make fun and b. as above mentioned the statements about content,dlc are not only false but also uncommented by pd, which is at least from my pov something unbearable
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  6. wowbaggerBR

    Brazil Curitiba

    The idea of show our feedback to them is good. But, you know, GTP holds a very small portion of the GT6's players, so my guess is that, even if everyone here follow you, they wouldn't even notice it at all.

    As always, mind you.
  7. snoopybg


    The servers are pretty empty as they are. It is mostly guys with gtp in the name there. I'm in although i have not started the game in at least a month.
  8. atiger

    Australia Melbourne

    Haven't turned it on for weeks, and it will take something phenomenal for me to return. Packed up my G27 to sell. I played GT5 online every day. GT6 is the death of the series as far as I'm concerned. People say broken promises killed it for them. That's not really a factor for me as GT5 was like that, and in time PD will release updates slowly.

    What killed GT series for me was the realization that the people running the show are lunatics, yes lunatics. The moon buggy stuff is a bridge to far for me. I can not financially support such tangents away from racing. To me it's the height of arrogance and indulgence. All I care about is decent online racing and consistent physics.
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  9. Quakebass

    Online Now!
    United States Washington

    Wouldn't it be ironic if they released a revolutionary update on the 28th…?
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  11. Johnnypenso

    Online Now!
    Canada Windsor,Ontario

    Good idea but the GT6 servers are already pretty barren to begin with. You might be more effective if you went from room to room and spammed them with your message.
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  12. baldgye


    While I don't consider the game unfinished, the online racing experience is a total mess if glitches and errors.

    If I don't have a race that weekend I'll join in for sure, but I don't want to leave the guys in my championship!
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  13. @Johnnypenso

    True, but this message is also intended for those who log in, only for the bonus.
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  14. I would boycott GTPlanet for a month for incessant complaining, creating useless threads, etc.... :cool:
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  15. edawg456

    United States Belfair,Wa

    Already boycotting. PS3 wont read disks. So until I fix it, I wont be playing.
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  16. Sven4057

    Switzerland Basel

  17. Igano

    Greece Patra, Greece

    Didn't even buy it ;), that would be a proper boycott, since they only care about sales!
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  18. Azure Flare

    Carthage, TN

    Unlike some, I enjoy GT6 even though it is missing a lot of features. And I have league races on the 2nd, so it looks like I won't be a part of this silly "boycott".
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  19. wowbaggerBR

    Brazil Curitiba

    And you are waiting for... :sly:
  20. Kronos1979

    Netherlands Weert

    Come on guys, just like a so called boycott is making them work harder.
    I am 100% certain that they already know how the community thinks about the game and I also feel they are working hard to recover from that. But even if they aren't, a few people not going online for a week will most likely only make things worse... (if they even notice that, as most people will not take part in this boycott, nor do I for that matter).

    A petition is a much better idea in my opinion.
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  21. baldgye


    Just out of curiosity, how many glitches and errors have you or others experienced in your online league?
    I've run into so many it's really souring me on it, just curious if I'm the exception or not lol
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  22. Azure Flare

    Carthage, TN

    Disconnections mostly, one week was pretty bad with it, just the last Sunday was free of problems.

    For a few, the problem was with their connection, not GT6 servers.
  23. fordlaser

    Online Now!
    Australia Adelaide

    I agree with you PletdeKoe boycotting a game will not work.
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  24. Please keep the thread clean.

    If you don't want to participate in the boycott, you are free not too.

    There are many of us that are unhappy with GT6, and this thread is to bring them together to strengthen their voice.

    Please do not detract from this thread if you disagree.
  25. gambleboyen


    I haven't played since the start of feb. It's a dull game, sadly.
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  26. NOSWaster

    United States Eskimo Land

    I'm gonna boycott the game from February 29 to February 31 :sly:

    (I already haven't picked it up in over a month because of school)
  27. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land


    I didn`t bother PD`s GT6 servers once. So, I´m all in. Hahaha.
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  28. Devil240Z

    United States Olympia, Washington

    Then why are you even here?
  29. azidahaka


    I run an endurance serie (look my sig) and the only problem we have is the tire bug, but being the same for all drivers is not a deadly issue. Had like 3 disconnection in the 6 one hour and half races so far and 2 last monday.

    Gt5 was FRIGGING worse, way more disconnections, black screens at start, drivers with invisible cars etc etc...

    Gt6 is already better in all ways, unfinished yet better, sometimes i do not understand all the bad things told about the game... They are overscaring people over issues the are less severe than those of gt5 and reducing people that get the game or play online.

    Like this is a neverending cicle of complains for a game imho is vastly better. People complain about lack of endurance yet do no join enduro races online is just an example.. B spec? I bet 99% of people didn't waste much time on it in gt5 and in any case it will come!

    Online features? Late but will come (as if we needed something over gtplanet lol)

    Seriously gt5 was a REALLY bad game for over one year; i'm the only one that remembers it?

    /rant over

    Good luck on the boycott but i think it's useless.
  30. gambleboyen


    Maybe he's the same as me, gtplanet is the quickest way to find if there has been an update.
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