GT7 July Update Prediction

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Let’s get this started with some actual legitimate predictions and not just some bitching.

This update marks 6 months since we’ve gotten a new track. That is the longest gap since before GTS (not counting between the last update of GTS and the launch of GT7 of course). Even including layouts, it’s still the longest gap during active development in quite some time. It’s fair to say we are due a new track. In addition, given this is likely the last update prior to the release of the movie, I suspect any promotional tie-in material will be released during this update. Taken together, I strongly believe this month will bring Hungaroring to the game.

Certainly this will come with at least three cars, likely two Japanese and a European based on analysis @Famine did in last month’s update list. PD would be wise to use those car choices to continue to catapult GT in the spotlight following the update, and what better way to do that than to finally add one of the all-time most request cars, the Lexus LFA.

I don’t have any opinions other than that. We’ll probably get a few more events, maybe another extra menu and bonus menu, and some scapes at Hungaroring.
Corolla is essentially a certainty. Track is probably likely at this point.

I hope it's a dirt rally track. A 6 month wait for a track for it to be a rally track will rustle so many peoples jimmies. The popcorn eating would be insurmountable.
As the Hagerty's price adjustments scheduled for June (mentioned in the March update notes) didn't happen, they'll happen in July.

In addition to the track drought mentioned by @TrafficEmpire, it's been 2 update cycles/months since a new Menu Book was added, and 5 more (with January being skipped to make it 6 months) between that and the previous new Menu Book.
My expectations-

Track- anything

5 cars-


More random races with questionable payouts.

2 menus

2 scapes

13 real car paints

Random QL change no one expected

Now for the hope list-

Reworked custom race menu for more tweaking.

Song skip

Something for Natural Aspiration cars from Italy 700pp and higher to do.

Something to be done about invites. (I have all the cars, but I feel the frustration of those waiting on an invite)
Yeah, given how much time it has passed since we've got a new track, I suspect this month has to go be it. The track in question I can't tell, maybe Hungaroring because of the GT movie, or Red Rock Valley because of the datamine... But one track we are at least due at this point.

As for cars, given we've got 2 updates in a row with 3 cars, I think this time they'll follow their own algorythm (lol, is there any?) and now add 4 or 5 cars. One of which is probably going to be the GR Corolla (nice addition I may add) and the other 3-4 complete unknowns. Maybe one of the missing VGTs that were announced a few months back.

Meat Content aside (cars and tracks)... The thing this game desperately needs is still not going to have it... At this point, I suspect it's going to be until the week after they announce GT8 that we'll get Endurance Races, more Mission Menus and Championship races for all car classes/categories in the game.
Oh, and the AI from custom races to be fixed as well...

We will definitely have more random piss-boring races with crap chase the rabbit AI (no pepper races) and of course, the traditional low-payout. Abour 4 or 5 of these, if they don't add Menu Books, which it's been a while since we've had these. Only Extra Menus, and yeah, again, I predict we'll get at least 1 more, since these Extra Menus are basically being designed for you to collect all the cars in the game.

More scapes, 100% guarantee at this point, and probably some random bug fixes that most of us don't even know about it.
Atleast 1 legendary car please be GT-ONE

Toyota GR Corolla

A few more engine swaps probably

Probably 4 or 5 cars this time around

Atleast 2 events to go with whatever the new cars are but no high paying events like Sardegna 800PP or Le Mans 700PP.

Gr.2 or 850PP events <--- Just a random guess since they randomly added Music Rally events :cool:

^These are my 'safe' expectations, the latest DLC surprised me with the Valkyrie as that was completely unexpected so hopefully we receive something just as amazing next update. such as the CLK-GTR strassenversion
There'll probably be some kind of tie-in content/event for the film, which has a mid July debut.

So, a new racing suit and/or livery. Possibly a new time limited event.
There'll probably be some kind of tie-in content/event for the film, which has a mid July debut.

So, a new racing suit and/or livery. Possibly a new time limited event.
New set of Music Rally featuring the score from the movie.
Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition '23 (already confirmed)
Tesla Model 3 Pikes Peak '21 (also already confirmed)
Honda Prelude Si VTEC '91 (that off the radar 90s Japanese pleasant surprise)

Sportsland SUGO (One of the most important Japanese tracks still not in the series)
Apricot Hill Raceway (Very likely to be the next original track to come back)
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  • 3 new cars, one vintage '70 car with high price (8.000 000 - 10.000 000) at Hagerty, next '21 GT3 car and some modern hatchback car
  • 3 new events
  • 2 new scapes
  • 2 new Café menu books

Still no new track or layout.
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2p/slit screen improvements

I had a few more things but they were pretty negative and I've decided for me that I don't need more negativity in/for gt7 :D
If my wild prediction of more music rally tracks could come true, hopefully you're the lucky one this time.
4 cars
Toyota gr corolla pretty likely for july update
Mitsubishi lancer evolution lx
Lexus lfa
BMW m5 e60

If a new track is added, i think it could be motogi

4-5 new events
5 engine swaps
2 extra menus
Going to go vague with my car predictions this month after totally missing last time, but I'm thinking:

  • The GR Corolla, for the reasons everyone has already said.
  • A Gr.3 car, because PD like adding them (5 post-launch cars are in the class) and it makes sense for BoP reasons that they wait until after the conclusion of the official season to add any they completed in the last couple of months.
  • Something for the Legends dealership, because only 1 (the XJ220) of the last 10 recently added cars have gone in there, and that seems low given PD's affinity for classics.

I do think there'll be a track this month but I won't even try to pretend I have any idea what it would be.

EDIT: These are all the tracks I think have at least some tenuous logic to be next. Note that I don't buy the test Red Rock datamine entry as anything other than that, testing:

  • Sebring - IMSA link, have been posts from people saying they saw PD scan it
  • Sugo/Motegi - Super Formula link
  • Hungaroring - Movie link, but would they have enough time to get this developed given when they were filming?
  • Autumn Ring - the 4 fictional tracks added since GT Sport have been remakes of originals from GT1. Autumn Ring is the last one of that set remaining that isn't either a) redundant Test Course, or b) a dev time-intensive city track
  • Apricot Hill - from the pre-launch teaser lines, though this gets more and more tenuous a link the further out we go
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  • GR Corolla
  • SEMA Civic EG
  • Evo IX, wishful thinking, as usual, but we did once get different facelifts of Silvia S14 separated only by one update, so why not
  • Some completely random car nobody expects, maybe it will be spanish

Definitely a new track this month, would actually be surprised this time if there's none
And maybe a new set of missions
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