GT7 October Update Prediction

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  • At most, 3 or more cars (With at least one displeasing someone)
  • New events added to World Circuits
  • More extra menus (for your "Consumption")
  • More scapes (Gotta make anger somebody)
  • More car designers and Characters (because GT as we all know is a strong, story driven RPG that just has cars)
  • More swaps (Gotta keep those questionable cursed builds going)
  • More "Fixed various text localisation issues"

Ok @Famine, lets see that schedule. You know the drill.
Another price adjusting from Hagerty probably.
Except they promised that won't happen before January 2024. Of course, they've blown the last 2 scheduled ones to the late (this one was supposed to happen back in June).
Not open for further replies.