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GTPlanet vs. Wham! 2015

Can you believe it? The first GTPlanet vs Wham competition was five years ago. Last year's competition received more than ten times the number of posts in RouWa's original thread in 2010 and it ended up winning thread of the year in the annual GTPlanet Awards!

General Rules and Guidelines​
  • Survive 2015 (i.e. 23:59.59 in your time zone) without listening to Last Christmas by Wham!
  • Post in this thread before December 1 to show your interest in being a 'participating member'.
  • Only the original song performed by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley counts. Remixes such as Whamnam Style or covers like the ones by Taylor Swift or Glee do not.
  • Hearing any part of the song counts as a whamming. If you are unsure of the song's origin, keep listening to find out if it's a Wham! version or a cover/remix.
  • GIFs, still images or muted video do not count.
  • When you hear the music, consider yourself whammed, out of the competition and on the Whammed User Log.
  • The Whammed User Log (WUL) is the younger, festive version of the BUL. It tells us when and how a member got Whammed. If you get whammed, post here and tag myself (@Daniel) so I get a notification and can promptly update it.
  • Do not post any links to the song in this thread without sufficient warning. This place is a safe haven.
  • If (when) you get Whammed, you may change your avatar to show your elimination from the competition. @Jimlaad43 has created a PSD template, if you want to add your name and when you were Whammed, found here. I also have a .psd file below. Note that this is optional; you are not required to change your avatar.
  • While the rest of the site is free reign, keep in mind the site's rules regarding misleading (next bullet point)
  • You will not knowingly post any material that is false, misleading, or inaccurate.
  • If you play the link in the OP with any intention outside of refreshing your memory (i.e.playing it over Skype or PSN), you will be whammed if you hear it.
Some tips to avoid the song:

  • Do not trust anyone.
  • Avoid shopping at department stores, clothing stores, supermarkets - anything that may have a radio playing.
  • If you must step outside, consider bringing noise-isolating earphones and play loud music on them to avoid any other songs.
  • Do not trust anyone.
  • Have your computer defaulted to 'mute' and make sure that your volume is off while opening any links.
  • Do not talk to any other GTPers using Skype, Facebook, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. We are all evil and cannot be trusted, especially @Jordon.
If you haven't yet head the song, just click on the video below to watch it before avoiding it until next year.
Good luck everyone. You'll need it.

GTPvW! 2010
GTPvW! 2011
GTPvW! 2012
GTPvW! 2013
GTPvW! 2014

I've also created a 'wham stamp' that you can affix to your current avatar as shown below.
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Whammed User Log:
The date is in a day/month format using NZDT (UTC+13).
  • 01/11 - @haitch40 and @Smurfybug - Two members have been found whammed by an unknown assailant shouting "ak-mook" repeatedly.
  • 01/11 - @Dennisch - Possibly one of the quickest unintentional whams to date. I'm not mad... just disappointed.
  • 02/11 - @GTRacer22 and @Arixant - The song in the OP is meant to refresh your memory. Listening to it with the intention of whamming someone means listening to it. ;)
  • 02/11 - @NotThePrez - The mysterious, deadly bacteria known as whamylococcus cocleus is showing present in several patients. So far no cure has been found.
  • 02/11 - @Wiegert - Suffered from a.. er... walk-by whamming?
  • 04/11 - @Grandea GTR - Cunningly whammed by brother @Kamata GTR who changed the GT6 menu music to play Last Christmas.
  • 10/11 - @Pezzarinho17 - After going in hiding for several days, George and Andrew silently hid in the shadows, waiting to wham their next target...
  • 13/11 - @Bo - Get Whammed from your phone! Call 1800-WHAM-ME that's 1800-WHAM-ME!
  • 13/11 - @Kamata GTR - Messed with the wrong brother...
  • 15/11 - @fortbo - Telling people that you hate Last Christmas will almost always guarantee someone playing Last Christmas.
  • 15/11 - @curtis 1-8-7 and @Chameleon9000 - Fell for a seemingly innocent GT Sport trailer. Seemingly innocent.
  • 16/11 - @CTznOfTime - "Let's play Christmas radio!" "Whoops!"
  • 16/11 - @Formidable - No longer formidable, succumbing to an Unexpected George video.
  • 16/11 - @AOS- - "Late night, come home. Work sucks, George Michael knows."
  • 17/11 - @JASON_ROCKS1998 - All-you-can-eat Wham!
  • 19/11 - @Stiggy - What a DiRT-y wham from @ProjectWHaT.
  • 20/11 - @Luke - Alcohol is the only solution to Wham!
  • 21/11 - @ASSCVCCS - Heard an ensemble version of Last Christmas backed by the very song itself.
  • 22/11 - @GranTurismo916 and @DcrRaikkonen - Oh deer oh deer oh deer. @Whitetail.
  • 22/11 - @Turbotwin01 - Chronic radio switching Whams more and more people each year. Spend only $5 a month and you can help solve this.
  • 22/11 - @MUSC4EVER - This is why you don't watch The X-Factor.
  • 22/11 - @RedDragon - Wham, cheese and pepperoni pizza.
  • 22/11 - @Daniel - I heard the song. I thought it was Taylor. It wasn't Taylor.
  • 24/11 - @Northstar - Thank you for listening to Radio Wham!
  • 25/11 - @E28 - Getting Whammed is the perfect way of telling someone to get Spotify Premium.
  • 25/11 - @Terronium-12 - Egged.
  • 26/11 - @adamp93 - Last Christmas, I gave you a 24 month plan, but the very next day you saw a better one on Carphone Warehouse.
  • 26/11 - @Custom878 - Coming to the slow realisation that you're listening to Wham is worse than listening to the song itself.
  • 26/11 - @titleguy1 - Drowning in Wham!
  • 27/11 - @Clark - Lemon'd!
  • 30/11 - @ECGadget's Dad - Honorary Wham'd member.
  • 01/12 - @Monatsende - The first Christmas song for Monatsende is also his worst.
  • 01/12 - @C_R5_575TLR - Out for the count!
  • 02/12 - @GT5Power's Dad - Took one for the team. Twice.
  • 03/12 - @Beeblebrox237 - Currently seething in anger.
  • 03/12 - @AudiMan2011 - More like Radio Moray Filth, amiright?
  • 04/12 - @dylanlikes88 - Proof that My Little Pony is an evil organisation set on controlling the world. We are so sorry for doubting you, White & Nerdy!
  • 04/12 - @Angel - Suffering from a bad case of Whammonia.
  • 05/12 - @Nico_Ble99 - Christmas adverts come in pairs. Just when you think it's over, they strike!
  • 05/12 - @Yauma9 - Looking on the brighter side of getting /whammed. Go out there and get 'em, Yauma!
  • 06/12 - @DK - Maybe the best way of avoid Wham is to remove one's ears?
  • 06/12 - @MrWaflz55 - Whammed on a 70s radio station playing an 80s song.
  • 07/12 - @bluemoon_19 - Muting radio ads - how futile.
  • 07/12 - @wvmgmidget - @Jordan secretly set up a fully functional corporation in order to wham Midget. I wonder what else he has in store for the rest of GTPlanet?
  • 07/12 - @Naveek Darkroom - May the odds never be in your favour.
  • 08/12 - @Robin. - When life gives you Lemon... run.
  • 09/12 - @Situation1994 - Ich war whammen.
  • 09/12 - @The Stig Farmer - Welcome to Podcast Wham!
  • 09/12 - @Man of Mister - Muting saves lives.
  • 10/12 - @TenEightyOne - Whammed in Sainburys. Don't they do online shopping?
  • 10/12 - @Anthony - Didn't you say nobody plays Wham in Quebec? ;)
  • 10/12 - @Shaun - Drive by Whamming.
  • 11/12 - @Mrs. Famine - The first rule of Wham is that you do not talk about Wham.
  • 13/12 - @Korza - Whammed with The Office finale. My only reaction.
  • 13/12 - @NP - You enjoyed the song? You disgust me.
  • 13/12 - @GTracer98 - There is no potato. Only Wham.
  • 13/12 - @TripleA5 - If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail.
  • 14/12 - @Vitocorp - ♪ Hello, it's me (George) ♫
  • 14/12 - @Jet Badger - You... started enjoying the song? Heathen.
  • 15/12 - @Flex0r - Jumping out of a 90mph car seems the preferred option.
  • 16/12 - @Snorevette - "I'll have a cheeseburger with a side of Wham!"
  • 16/12 - @nascarfan1400 - Taken out by @GranTurismo916.
  • 16/12 - @DQuaN - The king may have been the one driving the car, but it was the queen controlling the radio.
  • 17/12 - @DCybertron - Getting whammed is one of the many reasons people have odontophobia.
  • 18/12 - @smuffyatfcp - Quadra-whammed!
  • 18/12 - @Mike458 - Trouble in (Burnout) Paradise thanks to @RedDragon.
  • 19/12 - @FoolKiller - Out with Sinatra, in with George Michael.
  • 19/12 - @Spacegoat - Turned on Rage to listen to music. Turned on rage after hearing music.
  • 20/12 - @ECGadget - Brotherly betrayal; ECG will be joining his father in the Wham zone.
  • 20/12 - @Kurei - Dealt a bad hand at work with Wham. At least you got bagels.
  • 20/12 - @AnthonyD1993 - More brotherly betrayal.
  • 21/12 - @Turtle - Bah humbug indeed.
  • 22/12 - @Clayton Hardy and @amaterasu - Taken down by the evil @KuniKino****a.
  • 22/12 - @AJHG1000 - Another drive-by Whamming. Watch the roads, everyone!
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Might as well give this a go, I don't recall ever hearing this song in public. Hopefully that doesn't change this year :lol:.


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A day earlier than last year, keeping us on our toes :D
In of course


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Third time lucky? Here's hoping.

hsv is in.


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Didn't play in 2014, so I shall return for this year looking for redemption.
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When I say I'm Ready a bit of me dies inside... :lol:

Curse you Wham for gifting the world such a thing!


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A handy little tip for those who watch the show.

Avoid the QI Christmas special with David Tenant in it. That got me last year...
I'm in for a second year. Tons of fun last year, and easily one of the best reasons to be on GTPlanet for. :lol:


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The Christmas CD adverts are a big danger... they usually open with Wham and come without warning... I'll have to watch the TV on mute till the new year :lol:
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