GTP_WRS'ers and their setups

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    Yeah and they are almost as expensive :D
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    Playseat + PS VR + PS Move + all 4 ps's up and running + Failing at cable management

    So after the last post i tore down my whole setup and planned it from scratch since i wanted all 4 ps's to run with the push of a button. in the end i got there but found out that cable management isn't my strong suit. And although the cabinet under the desk isnt ideal it works for now. however than i got the brilliant idea to buy an ps vr. which made the cable nightmare even worse. So for now this how im going to run. although im probably going to build a new cabinet and some sort of gutter for the cables. Next real upgrade will probably be better screen solution however chossing that is difficult since i also want to do graphic work on it and a good gaming screen isn't necesarilly a good design screen and vice versa.
    IMG_9221.JPG IMG_9224.jpg IMG_9223.jpg

    Also had a stroll through my previous posts in here and i'm stil suprised about all the types of different rigs i drove. comming to think of it i should make an video about it really :p

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    Playseat + PS VR + PS Move + all 4 ps's up and running + Failing at cable management
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