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  1. Litchi

    France France, UTC+2


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    Belgian GT


    .: GTRA RSeat Round 3 | Spa-Francorchamps | Same Class | Mini-Enduro :.

    1+35 laps

    February, friday 17th
    pal conference
    [​IMG] *.*.*.* connect time: 20.00 gmt | 12.00 pst | 15.00 est *.*.*.* [​IMG]
    [​IMG] *.*.*.* green flag: 20.30 gmt | 12.30 pst | 15.30 est *.*.*.* [​IMG]

    GT500 ROOM: 1472 6118 3658 4760 6932
    Room Host: Litchi
    Stewards: Litchi, Rees, tony, Biffy

    GT300 ROOM: 1472 6118 3701 4254 0592
    Room Host: Paginas
    Stewards: Paginas, GV27, Cicua, Andil, twist

    February, saturday 18th
    ntsc conference
    [​IMG] *.*.*.* connect time: 18.30 pst | 21.30 est (sunday 02.30 gmt) *.*.*.* [​IMG]
    [​IMG] *.*.*.* green flag: 19.00 pst | 22.00 est (sunday 03.00 gmt) *.*.*.* [​IMG]

    color code: pal conference | ntsc conference
    follow wsgtc on: facebook | twitter

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Current Ballast, click here.


    .: Drivers Briefing :.

    You must follow the car specs and regulations pictured below! Not following specs will result in an immediate disqualification.

    Your car must be fully broken in before each race. Not following this rule will result in an immediate disqualification.

    You are NOT ALLOWED to go in the settings page between feature & sprint race.

    While inside the race lobby, do not use the 'chat' feature while stewards are sending out instructions for pre-race checks. If you have questions, go ask them now! Otherwise, read the op. We will be using a special pre-race qualifying that is listed below - read it! Thank you for your patience!

    car specs and regulations (all cars at max downforce for gt300!)
    gt500 regs - open pp tuning.

    GT300 / GT500 checklist

    this is the order that you (steward) have to follow to proceed of the "checks" before a race in an official wsgtc room.

    weight checks

    Current Ballast, click here.

    • 1240kg -->> NEPALII
    • 1220kg -->> GTP_CSL / El_Aliens69
    • 1200kg -->> MoIeman
    • 1170kg -->> GTP_Cicua / GV27- / maxking39 / BORTECH
    • 1150kg -->> FAK_EV1L / GTP_MONSTAR
    • 1140kg -->> GTP_L_Hamilton / iforcev8
    • 1130kg -->> tony1311 / GTF_Apollo
    • 1120kg -->> RFLXWidowmaker / GTP_OVERHEATING
    • 1110kg -->> OK8_

    hp checks

    • 315hp -->> apex mr-s / celica
    • 325hp -->> asparadrink's
    • 335hp -->> garaiya's / subaru's
    • 355hp -->> lexus

    pp checks

    • 525pp -->> GTP_Cicua
    • 526pp -->> NEPALII
    • 529pp -->> MoIeman
    • 530pp -->> asparadrink's
    • 531pp -->> apex mr-s / garaiya '08
    • 536pp -->> iforcev8
    • 538pp -->> garaiya '03
    • 539pp -->> celica
    • 544pp -->> GTP_CSL / El_Aliens69
    • 545pp -->> subaru '08
    • 546pp -->> GTP_OVERHEATING
    • 548pp -->> subaru '03 / GV27-
    • 549pp -->> lexus
    • 591pp -->> BORTECH
    • 593pp -->> GTP_MONSTAR
    • 594pp -->> tony1311 / GTF_Apollo / maxking39
    • 595pp -->> GTP_L_Hamilton
    • 596pp -->> yms supra / xanavi / calsonic / yellowhat gtr / RFLXWidowmaker
    • 597pp -->> motul / takata / arta / raybrig / stealth nsx
    • 598pp -->> denso / petronas
    • 600pp -->> bandai
    • 601pp -->> eneos
    • 603pp -->> castrol
    • 604pp -->> FAK_EV1L
    • 607pp -->> Z

    In association with PURE Racing Evolution ©
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  2. Litchi

    France France, UTC+2


    .: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps | Belgian GT | Specifics :.



    qualification rules for Spa-Francorchamps will be usual. You have 2 laps to submit your superlap.

    Sorry, Super GT Series doesn't exist at Spa so I found a highlights from the FIA GT 2010, hope you like it.

    Tyre Regulations

    • All qualifying will be run using Racing Hard tyre's
    • In every race ALL cars will can use of 1 set of Racing Medium tyre's. This also applies to the sprint races.
    • The use of the Racing Medium tyre's is optional.
    • During each sprint race, there will be a "Pit Window". This is where all cars must pit.
    • The Pit Window for each sprint race will announced in the race specific thread (here) in the week prior to the race.
    • If you damage your car and wish to pit, you may, however you can still only use 1 set of Racing Medium tyre's per race. you will also still have to pit in the window.
    • Failure to pit during the window in the sprint race or using more than 1 set of Racing Medium tyre's will result in an immediate disqualification.

    important note:

    • Make sure to stay on track at ALL times with at least 2 wheels touching white line / Red / White curb.
    • Eau Rouge, Pouhon, Blanchimont and Bus Stop are easy to misjudge. If you for some reason misjudge any corner, make sure to act in line with the GTP's OLR. Failing to do so will result in a penalty.
    • Pit Entry: Prior the pit entrance, there's a tight right/left s turn. When going in to the pits, make sure to stay close to the grass on your right side for optimal angle in to the pit lane. It's narrow and sorrounded by concrete. So it can be a disaster to catch a slide. Make sure to take it easy.
    • Pit Exit: The pit exit is short and tight. Going out from the pits with full throttle will cause your car to spin. You can cross the white line when exiting the pits, but as always you need to make sure that you do not interfere with oncomming traffic. If you do interfere, you're subject for recieving a penalty. Same goes for a car on track that cuts the white line and interfere with a car that are about to enter the track.
    • Track bounderies: Always stay inside the white line/red and white rumble strip with at least 2 wheels all the time.
      Pouhon and Blanchimont are tricky, and going wide here gains you quite some time. Make sure to do your absolute best to stay inside the track limits. Failing to do so repetedly will result in a penalty.
    • Start: The start Line that we will use is located after T1, under the "TOTAL" sign. So you can all take it easy thru T1 and sort yourself on the straight leading down to Eau Rouge.



    Click here and read!

    You want to report an incident? Click here!

    In association with PURE Racing Evolution ©
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  3. Litchi

    France France, UTC+2

    .: Announcements :.

    Ballast Rules

    The top 4 points scorers from each round in each division will receive a Ballast Penalty
    The Ballast Penalty will be handed out on provisional results
    Time penalties and DQ's will be added afterwards
    If drivers tie for points, the driver which placed highest in the main race will receive the higher ballast amount
    The maximum ballast per car will be 140kg
    Ballast will be removed 20kg at a time for finishes outside the top 4 point scorers
    Both classes will have the same penalty

    1st - 40kg
    2nd - 30kg
    3rd - 20kg
    4th - 10kg

    Formation Lap

    Here is an example of of nice and clean formation lap.

    Class and conference switch

    Everyone may switch conference or class 1 time this season, meaning if you do, you're stuck there for the whole season.
    Car switching is an absolute no, under any and all circumstances. (obviously with a class change, car must be switched, and depending on the field, you may be forced to change cars if you switch conference, but will not be allowed to unless that car is taken.
    Anyone that decides to switch a class/conference during the season, will have to forfeit every point they have acquired throughout the season at the point of change.

    The "1 time change limit" is effective immediately for:

    NEPALII - GT500 -> GT300 - Car: Autobacs ARTA Garaiya '08
    Osr20_L - GT500 -> GT300 - Car: Lexus IS 350
    Litchi - GT300 -> GT500 - Car: Nissan XANAVI GTR '08
    Toyotsupra - GT300 -> GT500 - Car: Lexus Petronas SC 430 '08
    El_Aliens69 - GT500 -> GT300 - Car: Lexus IS 350

    Main Contacts

    Litchi (Will): For all questions about signs up, OP's, sheets, schedule, links issues, penalties...

    twistedfirework (Dave): For all questions about ballast rules and private lounges

    CSLACR (Dom): For all questions about cars specs and penalties

    GV27 (Álex): For all questions about penalties and Stewards job

    Wardez (Edward): For all questions about PURE Sanctioned Orgazisation and penalty rules
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    New thread already?! Wow, that was quick!
  5. Litchi

    France France, UTC+2

  6. Troylee2601

    Germany Toronto, ON

    You are the man Will!!!! :tup: :cheers:
  7. Otsdarva


    Good Luck next week, I'll be heading to Megacon in Orlando on the day of the race.


    1245kg. Is it a kart? Is it a bike? Is it a racecar? NO! It is a boat! :lol:
  9. will-i-am

    United States Vegas

    After spa you might be a land yacht.

    Days and time I'm most available for qualifying:
    Tuesday pst / 10 1130 a / 3-6p / 930p - 12a
    Thursday pst / 1030a - 12p / 930p till NTSC deadline 12 a
    These seem like the time I've been most available

    Won't be able to be on am Thursday.
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  10. Litchi

    France France, UTC+2

    I need

    • pp's for NTSC GT300 with the current ballast.
    • pp's for PAL and NTSC GT500 with current ballast.

    Current ballast is updated and final for the round 3. Link is in the OP.

  11. twistedfirework

    England nottingham

    I will get the gt300 pp's later today. I can't do the 500's as I don't have the cars run in.
  12. will-i-am

    United States Vegas

    I'll see which one I have fully broke in. In the last thread I was asked ( sorry I didn't answer) , but Wardez said had them all and would help as well I believe.
  13. Sqwall


    I want to qualy Tuesday 10-11:30 AM in PST time. Which would be 20 - 21:30 for my timezone UTC+2.
  14. Sqwall


    Room for SPA free practice:

    1472 - 6118 - 3744 - 3752 - 1840
  15. NJ72

    United Kingdom Oxford, UK

    anybody any rough ideas on gt300 qualy times? I'm running low 2:26s at the moment, but just wondered if I'm doing OK or whether I need to buck my ideas up lol.

    I suspect the latter as I don't get on too well at spa normally...
  16. twistedfirework

    England nottingham

    In pre season the 2:24.9 was second on the grid
  17. Litchi

    France France, UTC+2

    Practice and quali are in the private lounges PAL1 PAL2 NTSC1 and NTSC2. Not in public lobbies. thanks
  18. IforceV8


    The lounges need to be set to Spa.The tire temp bug is in full affect.


    Lexus 544
    Sub (03) 546 1120 kg
    Arta (03) 536
  19. twistedfirework

    England nottingham

    I have already set oak-1 and pal-2 to spa. I will be setting the NTSC rooms to spa once I go on my ps3 this evening
  20. NJ72

    United Kingdom Oxford, UK

    Thanks. Still a bit of work to do then lol
  21. GV27

    Spain Barcelona

    Yeehaw!! Get this thing rolling! :tup:
  22. Sqwall


    Sorry for the misunderstanding of the rooms.

    And I need to switch my qualy for Thursday because Tuesday is 14th.. and I would not want to get my wife mad about missing St.Valentine :(
  23. Litchi

    France France, UTC+2

    Don't worry Sqwall, William isn't the only one Steward here so when you'll need one, just post on the thread. I'm pretty sure that you'll have a quick answer ;)
  24. Paginas1

    United Kingdom Kent/England

    right I'm back this week guys. Woooo' looking forward to it
  25. twistedfirework

    England nottingham

    Your car is really good at spa aswell.
    Hope you had a great holiday and didn't get chased by too many lions.
  26. will-i-am

    United States Vegas

    Thanks for the heads up. Yeah anytime is cool, I just put times I'm usually most available. Didn't think about valentines when I wrote that. But my girl will be at work anyways. So I'll probably still be on.
  27. Paginas1

    United Kingdom Kent/England

    ye hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and do well hehe
  28. paulmac2k9

    Scotland Inverness, Scotland

    Yeah Pag, now that im gone I expect you to beat my 2:24.9 from the pre season ;).
  29. Litchi

    France France, UTC+2


    Fastest laps top 3 NTSC GT500 Round 2 Laguna Seca.

    #37 paulmac2k9 PAL GT300 has been disconnected PAL GT300 D2 Round 2 Laguna Seca. Which lap?

    I have the replay but i can't skip the laps (cause didn't participated to the race) and i on't have the time to check it.

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  30. MONSTAR-1


    BORTECH- 1:20:4xx
    MONSTAR- 1:20:8xx

    Not sure who got 3rd. MAXKING or L-HAMILTON.
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