How do YOU drift with the DFP?

Discussion in 'GT4 Drifting' started by GT Drift Whor3, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Nice resurrection to a year+ old thread.

    Anyways, I DON'T use the controller. But I only drift one car: A modded Evo MR with my tune.
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    At least he didn't make another thread about it.
  3. Felliph3


    I set the upshift on the shifter to be the handbrake. I use both of my hands and i put then in 3 and 9 o clock positions with the fingers NOT tucked in. That makes it smoother. When drifting i let it go on its on or give it a push and then i let go of strenght in my hands till i have to steer straight again.

    I upshift on the paddle and downshift on the shifter. The handbrake is on the upshift function of the shifter which makes it easier to use if i must bc looking for the o button when the wheel is spinning is hard!
  4. Tulok


    I have all default settings, I usually have one hand on the shifter, one on the wheel, until the actual drifitn ghappens, then i quickly shoift, and am on the wheel with both. I found a little trick with left foot braking, but i dot use it often, so its one foot, one hand, one hand.
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    i will use both hands on wheel right foot only and use a kind-of heel toe teqhnique to inatate drift as well with feint... sorry about my spelling i just cant think of how to spell those words
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    Go to your browser preferences and change it to "check my spelling as I type," it will underline words that are spelled wrong.
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    Holy Moly.. I dont have a DFP, but I'll tell you guys this.. I played Outrun SP2 in the arcade one day.., Automatic, no clutch no knob.

    to drift, it's the typical brake, steer, gas thing.

    Wow If someone records me playing that game, you'll see a fool. both feet are on a pedal, i jam the brake then i gas, and steer then immeditely countersteer to keep the drift gonig (with one hand, not two, i look like a fool at this point).

    When all that happens, my entire body is pretty much lifted off the seat.. I'm twisting and tilting this way and the other way..:dunce:
    Too hyped when i drift with a wheel

    Offtopic to GT4,yes but that should give you a clue to how i would approach drifting with a wheel :sly:
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    bump from the past.

    i use both hands on the wheel, shift with my pinky and right ring finger on the shifter.. i quite often down**** with the left paddle just before a faint/drift entry. both feet on the pedals.
    sometimes wheen fast steering is needed i use one hand the throw the wheel in the what ever direction is needed and then catch with both hands.

    i chopped up an old dual shock controller and put a hand brake (why call it an e brake? if you use it in an emergency then you are going to have an emergency lol) next to the seat i sit in while playing. so my left hand sometimes goes for the 'e-brake' while steering with the right hand. i did this for drifting as in race mode i never use the hand brake at all and when drifting it's not possible to find the circle button on the wheel while mid drift.