I need a setup for Ferrari 458 Italia

Discussion in 'GT5 Tuning Forum' started by xchristox, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. xchristox


    I'm struggling with heavy understeer, and no matter what I try it keeps understeering like crazy. Can somebody give me some tips how to balance the car better in corners?
  2. maybe adjust your driving style, the thing is a sweetheart as purchased.
  3. Lighten it and put soft racing tires?
  4. exocet87


    The understeer in the 458 took me by surprise. I reckon the F430 is soo much quicker, wish I spent all my money on the scuderia instead.
  5. xchristox


    it's fully tuned.... but it became worse! The stock is way better I don't understand where it went wrong
  6. NeCrOmAnCeR_GT


    wow.. in my opinion, that beast is awesome from stock to tuned.. I've used it to win GT series and got myself a veyron..

    i prefer using medium racing tires.. i find soft a bit difficult to manage on micro adjustments.. don't upgrade chassis reinforcement.. i don't upgrade adjustable suspension and transmission..
  7. Prolly too much power. I'd stay away from engine/turbo upgrades, maybe MINOR HP boosts, and just focus on Lighten and Suspension work.
  8. chimuel

    United States Richmond, VA

    Try my setup:

    Fully Upgraded with Aero kit

    Layout: Front Value/Rear Value

    Aero: 10/40 (10 is fixed for the front)

    Transmission: Set at 242mph (Adjust per track as well but this is my general setting)

    Height: -10/-13
    Springs: 6/5
    Dampers (Ext): 6/5
    Dampers (Com): 6/5
    Anti-Roll: 4/4
    Camber: 2.4/2.0
    Toe: -.09/-.03

    Brakes: 5/6

    Layout: Initial Torque/Acceleration Sensitivity/Braking Sensitivity
    LSD: 7/30/5

    1st: 3.417
    2nd: 2.264
    3rd: 1.640
    4th: 1.238
    5th: 0.973
    6th: 0.796
    7th: 0.678
    Fin: 5.143
    Top: 242mph

    TCS 1
    Skid Recovery Off
    ASM Off
    ABS 1

    Tyres: Works best with Racing Softs
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  9. DrStrangelove41


    Fantastic tune! I've been trying to perfect mine, and this really helped out.
  10. xchristox


    thanks I'll give this a go today :)
  11. chimuel,

    did you install the chassis reinforcement? i'll try your setup too tonight, but i'm also getting crazy understeer. i installed the chassis reinforcement, and am almost regretting it now.
  12. chimuel

    United States Richmond, VA

    Yes, I've installed chassis reinforcement.
  13. chimuel

    United States Richmond, VA

    Glad to hear that! I used the same basic setup I had for my F430 in Prologue, just tweaked a little bit

    Let me know how it goes for you.
  14. cj10


    Chimuel: What did you buy for that set up such as exhaust, ecu etc...
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  15. chimuel

    United States Richmond, VA

    Stage 3 WR
    Window Weight
    CF Hood
    Chassis Reinforcement
    ECU Tuning
    Stage 3 Engine
    Sports Intake Manifold
    Racing Filter
    Sports Exhaust
    Catalytic Converter
    Titanium Racing Exhaust
    FC Transmission
    Twin Plate Clutch
    Semi-Racing Flywheel
    Adjustable LSD
    FC Suspension

    Tires depending on race
    Racing Soft
    Sports Hard
    Sports Soft
  16. Tayaya

    PSN:Densha Otaku

    Really I think the OP may just be going into some corners too hot. I haven't had any issues with my 458 even after tuning it to nearly 700bhp (I plan to keep making it faster but as-is it already eats SuperGT cars for lunch, and I still have stage 2 and 3 weight and engine upgrades to perform).

    Race tires (medium for me) help a LOT... no way is that thing competitive at the professional tier on sport tires.
  17. LJ


    It's all about the tyres in this game, doesn't matter what you do with the rest of the car
  18. Rotary Junkie

    United States Canton, MI

    Except it does... I run sports softs out of habit (street legal and all that) and not even my 700hp Gallardo really needs full slicks.
  19. Does it still corner as well with those engine upgrades?
  20. I noticed a bug with the Italia when I purchased Racing Medium Tyres at the tuning shop.
    After I clicked the 'yes' to install now i went to the Extreme MR Challenge and wondered why it was under steering.
    The Racing Medium tyres dont get 'installed' and you'll notice them sitting pretty in your parts list.
    The only way I could get the Racing Medium tyres on the car was to go to "practice" and select the Tyre set before going to the practice track.
    After that my unmodified Italia with Racing Medium tyres had a great battle with two Zonda's at Deep Forest in the MR Extreme Challenge. Its actually a great little car. :) Hope that helps.
  21. GTarded


    That tune worked great for mine. I have racing mediums and could tell the improvement. Even though I guess I could just be assuming it was the tune and I still had the same tires? Either way awesome tune. It's just about perfect now. Awesome car to drive. Thanks!

    Oh and I didn't ever get the chassis upgrade or the aero stuff. Just don't want to put a bench on the back of my beautiful 458 and the front aero is too expensive for me not to be able to adjust it.
  22. chimuel

    United States Richmond, VA

    With my tuning, yes. I haven't tried it with sock suspension.
  23. Great tune thanks, works great with everything installed. even works ok with no wings just gotta be more cautious with the accelerator.

    Got a question tho if i wanted a stock looking italia, no wings, aero, or carbon hood, and wanted to preserve the stock handling how far could i upgrade? lighten mods for the body? some minor hp upgrades?
  24. GTarded


    His tune with maxed out mods is better than stock handling. I think because I didn't do the Chassis reinforcement that my car is right in the middle of oversteer and understeer, and probably leaning closer to the oversteer side now. And that's exactly how I like it.

    Although I am running everything off except abs 1, so it's easy to get a little oversteer.
  25. Yea i run with no tcs or asm or any thing but abs 1 and ran the car maxed out with no aeros for a bit but needed to get the wings for the gt world champ thing for the venyron, else then road racers were just too good in the turns and the italia too squirley in the turns to not mess up, car killed that event with wings. but gonna buy a 2nd italia to keep the body cherry and try to keep the handling stock.

    Did buy an slr and did body reduction 1 and added the crankshaft, flywheel etc and the intake.exhaust stuff and the car seems to handle just fine, might use the slr for a test case before i buy an another italia and mess it up trying to drop the weight and up the hp but keep the stock suspension.
  26. r0ca


    Thank you sir, thanks to these settings i managed to get a win in the like wind event, around daytona :D
  27. chimuel

    United States Richmond, VA

    I forgot to mention that the Aeros and wing were optional but recommended for some of the races (like when going against SuperGT cars). Also, I wanted this particular 458 to stand out from the standard 458 that I have in my garage. If you wanted to preserve the stock handling I would not add more than 50-70HP. It's really difficult for a car to keep its original properties when you start modifying its weight and horsepower.

    You're welcome, I hope you enjoy that setup in other races.
  28. Ok thanks any suggestions on how many body weight reductions i could try like maybe 1? or would 2 be ok for a slightly modded italia, was thinking hp wise just intake, air filter, cranks, flywheels, and stuff to increase "gear" shift and acceleration, honestly the italia has like a gen 2 clutch and gearbox already kinds silly you can buy an add-on for gear shift and etc lol. Figured any actual engine modding i would not do at all since you would not see that done on in italia anyway short of some high priced custom mod house job.
  29. So is the 458 better than the Scuderia tuned? Dont know which to buy
  30. Well with his tune up an etc it is a unholy beast, don't have any iteration of the F430 since i always hated the way that car looked tho even the normal f430 was a great drive handling wise.

    Will pick one up at some point but went with the Italia since i like the way it looks, heck the front end reminds me of a shark, vs the f430 that always looked like some bizarre bug to me.

    Added to that the italia has more hp and more torque. And according to top gear's Jeremy Clarkson the Italia is the best car ferrari has made in a long time, tho he also said it lacks soul.
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