Igor Fraga to Make Formula 3 Debut This Weekend

Sort of.
He already raced in regional formula, had great results but run out of money
Then went on gt and got noticed again, great to see gt logos prominent on his car.
Seems that along with his natural talent, hard work and more than a little help from uncle Kaz he’s on his way to where he belongs.
The field is super competitive so that's a pretty good climb for a short-ish race. He also beat his team mates, looking forward to the reverse grid race.
First goal achieved: to stay ahead of teammates. And look that Stanek started at 10 on the grid. ;)
Bad luck in quali, I’m sure he’ll get the opportunity to show his stuff in the rest of the season, maybe even tomorrow.
Currently P15 in Race 2. safety car out with only a few laps left. Still ahead of his team mates.

edit: Finished near the back, he dropped like 10 places in one lap.
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I think he finished 21st, last time I saw him on the timing screens anyway.

No doubt he'll do better next week, is there an F3 race next week?
Igor did quite well climbing the field in Race 1, and absolutely plummeted in Race 2... Meanwhile his TRS teammate Lawson gets P6 in Race 1 and wins Race 2. I LOVE F3 this year, looking like a brilliant championship
From Igor 's post in facebook. With google translator.

He was very excited to come back as tracks, but the final week was not easy ... A series of electrical problems, which occurred 3 of the 4 times, which went to a track this weekend made my debut in the category difficult.
My best performance in the race 1. Starting at the last (P30), for not being able to make a classification, make a recovery test where you finish in P16.
Unfortunately, race 2 again had problems where the engine stopped a few times when I lost several positions. On the last lap, when he was already passing through the last sector, the engine stopped completely and crossed the finish line at P25.
I would like to thank my sponsors and everyone for their support and so many messages of support!
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The best place this weekend for the Charouz Team was 15th place by David Schumacher.

I know it's not a top team, but I expected better results. But I hope the team will find a good way for the next weekend. :)
I was rooting for him, apparently not good enough. I hope they can find and fix the issue before the weekend and he's having a better weekend at our in-laws and then in my home country in 2 weeks.

His results clearly show that he has a good pace and has a chance for decent results if the car is willing to play ball, too.
Wondered when this article would appear!

Can understand his disappointment after the first races but it seems car gremlins aside Igor could have had a very good result on his debut in F3, hopefully this weekend will be better results!
Watched F3 races for the first time.
Something like Moto3, (too) many action even for somebody who is loving attractive racing.

Great first race, but things went wrong in second.
I think his team car isn't competitive with upper company.
It was clear already in first race where p15 was just too quick.

TV director and commentators could saw his big climb in race 1 and give us some feed.

Truth, it was hot at the front, but anyway, you have rookie doing some great things...