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Welcome to the Legit Tuning Garage. I tune for competitiveness in online races. Tunes are made with a DS3, ABS 1, and Sport Soft tires.

I am looking for help with with the garage, both with tuners and test drivers. If you aren't very good at tuning and want to learn and be part of the process, or are just good at testing tunes and giving feedback, I could really use your help. Let me know below if you would like to join the team.

If you try a tune and would like it to be adjusted for race tires just let me know. Scroll down for tune photos and descriptions. the links take you to the tune page. Have fun and good racing guys !

Tunes are divided by performance points and grouped by track tunes, by request, and archives/pre 1.09.

ImToLegitToQuit - I love racing online and winning often is icing on the cake. I owe a lot to @praiano63. I would take his cars in GT5 and GT6 and deconstruct them to figure how they were so good and the steps he took to get there. That is how I learned the basics of tuning and started developing my own cars from there. I have a lot of success online with my cars and hopefully you do too. * laps are around nurburgring GP/F *

-------------------------------------------------- track tunes - 1.18 ready --------------------------------------------------
600pp Lamborghini Gallardo 1:55.5
600pp Lamborghini Murcielago SV 1:56.3
600pp GTI Supersport Vision GT 1:57.1
550pp McLaren MP4 1:59.0
550pp Ferrari F430 Scuderia 1:59.8
550pp Ford GT 05' 2:00.1
550pp Audi R8 4.2 2:00.4

500pp Honda NSX Type R '02 2:03.4
500pp Shelby Series One 2:04.0
500pp Mazda Rx-8 2:04.0

450pp Lotus Elise 2:09.0
450pp Ferrari Dino 2:10.0
450pp MG TF160 2:10.9

-------------------------------------------------- By request/for fun - 1.18+ --------------------------------------------------
500pp BMW M4 Coupe'
500pp RUF BTR 86'
450pp Renaultsport Clio

--------------------------------------------- archives/pre 1.09/need updating --------------------------------------------------
600pp R8 Chromline 1:56.8 *in updating process*

550pp GT40 MK1 2:01.6
550pp LFA '10 2:02..2

500pp Integra TypeR DC5 '04 2:09.0
500pp Nissan 370 Z

450pp Spoon Civic 2:11.1 *in updating process*
450pp Sprinter Trueno *work in progress*
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This car was built on sport soft tires. I did some LSD work, to make it a bit easier on corner exit. The transmission setting keep the RPM's up so you are always in the power band. Despite usually keeping setups as soft as possible, I made this one a bit stiffer than usual to stop the weight from moving around so much, but I made sure to keep a bit of the lift off oversteer from the factory setup that makes this car really dig in when going around a corner. This setup feels even better if you use the 15th anniv. car and you have 5 extra HP.

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I spent a lot of time with this car on either side of the knife edge of stability and oversteer. I eventually found a nice middle ground that beat my best 1.08 car. I ended up with a 1:56.3xx around the ring GP/F and I know there is 1:55's in this car with a better driver. It trail brakes very well and can be coerced into a slide with some Scandinavian tom foolery:)

Note: You can add the carbon hood and adjust power as needed if you want. i only excluded it for cosmetic reasons.

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This R8 will behave very differently depending on your driving style. If you stick to the driving line it has tons of grip coming out of a turn. With over 700hp and this corner exit grip it is great for passing while going onto a straight or even getting the inside line in a chicane. It can also be used to make a ken block style video. it's a fairly soft setup and eats up bumps and curbs like a Cadillac, because of this you can throw the weight around a bit and get into some big drifts. when you use both of these techniques together, this car is really fast.

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This was my very first tune from scratch in GT6 and was fast but not very smooth, After doing the Murc SV i came back to this and made an LFA 2.0. This is a great beginner car that can be kept on the track easily and still stay near the front of the pack. it handles curbs better than the Nurburg LFA. It's important to get 3rd and 4th correct in the transmission because it's a very specific setup to make you use 2nd gear the least amount possible. This way you can stay in 3rd in all but the slowest curves and not lose traction on corner exit.

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***** In the game this car is the Fairlady Z (Z34) '08 *****If there ever were a car for beginners, this is it. It is ridiculously stable at all speeds and very forgiving of mistakes. It's a fairly stiff setup so you still want to avoid curbs and track bumpers. It is not very competitive for online racing, but it is a great car for people new to GT6 or wanting to move to FR cars from FF or AWD.

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This car was built on sport soft tires. The LSD is really working overtime in this car but it handles very well and is fast in the corners and on the straights. The only time I loose online in this car is to another one of these cars. It's a loose setup for a FF so it even does well in the sweepers. It's a little bit too loose for some peoples taste. if that's the case for you just raise the rear toe from -.10 to -.08 and test it. If it's still too loose for you then just keep adjusting it back towards 0 until you are comfortable with it.

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this is by request, a FF 500pp car. It has a great power to weight ratio and maintains grip really well despite 383hp going to the front wheels. i think it looks good too in matte dark grey and a carbon hood. :)


thanks to the mid range turbo it has enough torque to handle mid range RPM without the LSD kicking in, that way there's not a lot of understeer coming out of a corner because you don't have to be doing 9K RPM to have any power. It does not compete well in the 500pp range because it is just too much HP going to the front wheels but it was by request. I will eventually get a lower PP version out that should be competitive.

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This car makes me so frustrated. It is very competitive first of all. it runs the same time as the pre 1.09 car at 2:00.5 around my test track. thanks to whatever they did in 1.09 it has 2 less HP and 2 more TQ than the 1.08 car.

This car feels so good though, it feels like it should be coming in much faster. my F430 is the unbeatable 550pp street car but this is a very close second and does much better if you go down to tires with less grip.

This car does exactly what you want it to, exactly when you want it to and never fights back. I haven't raced online in a while because of all the stupid lobbies but I actually had fun while testing this setup on every track i took it to.

Please leave me some feedback if you use this tune. I love hearing from you guys good or bad :)

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I've made this car much more stable than the factory car. It will still get sideways if driven poorly so it takes a bit of care. When driven correctly it will effortlessly 4 wheel drift and beautifully rotate around any corner, small or large. the LSD settings allow you to get on the gas pretty early with out fear of spinning out. I've had lots of success in this car including beating the other Dino's.

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This car has now been updated for 1.09. I was able to get it very driveable and pretty fast. It runs the exact same lap time around my test track as the 1.08 car. it's super balanced and rotates well. despite a better power to weight it's still not as fast as the MR NSX since the physics changes of 1.09. it's still super competitive though and fun to drive.

It is a pretty stiff setup so you want to leave enough room to brake properly to avoid plowing through a corner. It can still trail brake fairly well and doesn't need much finesse to be fast.

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1.09 updates are starting to roll in ! i'm starting with the fastest car for each pp range. so for 600pp it is onw the murc SV, still the R8 4.2 for 550pp, and still the dino for 450pp. the rx8 is really giving me trouble so it might be the NSX making a comeback for fastest 500pp. coming soon.
Just tried the Dino and it's great, I think it's better than what I had before.
Thanks man. I appreciate feed back. Good or bad. It's still not perfect but I'm focusing on updating the test of the cars. I'll most likely update it when I have time to really sink my teeth in.

I built this car because I could not get my 1.09 RX-8 up to the 1.08 lap times. This Shelby runs a 2:04.0 around the test track which is only a couple of tenths off of my NSX which is my fastest 500pp car for most tracks.

This Shelby is super super stable and super easy to drive. you will think you are racing softs when going around corners and mashing the throttle coming out of one. It has average brakes despite the upgrade so don't try to late brake it because you will end up in the grass. I hope you enjoy it and please leave me a review, good or bad, I like any feedback.

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You're really doing a fantastic job, I raced and won all day long in your Ferrari 430. Excellent tune superfast superstable excellent braking. I'm really looking forward to more tunes from you.
You're really doing a fantastic job, I raced and won all day long in your Ferrari 430. Excellent tune superfast superstable excellent braking. I'm really looking forward to more tunes from you.
Thanks man. I always like to hear from people that drive my cars. I got a 600pp gallardo that is being a pain but it's really fast. It'll be ready soon. Also a 500 pp lotus and some others. See you around.

i've always been unhappy with this car so I finally revisited it and ended up with strikingly similar springs but different dampers and diff settings. it's faster and more forgiving now. it also ran a very fast 1:55.5 but will easily average what used to be it's hot lap at 1:56 flat.

It is fast. Very fast at big tracks like Spa. It takes a bit of figuring out to get it to behave but learn it/tame it and you will be rewarded. You can't late brake it so don't try, you will be disappointed lol. In fact, brake early until you start to learn the limits of it. It beat the other 600pp cars when it ran a 1:56.0 at my test track but it blew away the other cars at Spa and Big Willow where there's more room for acceleration. It has a bit of a learning curve but if you learn it I promise you you will be beating just about every other street car out there.

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