Liveries disappearing

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I've created a series of F1 replica liveries on Minis in the past few days but earlier today, all of the liveries were reduced to just the base paint with all decals removed, custom and basic shapes.

Has anyone else experienced the same thing and is it possible to recover these liveries?


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Just to add, these were created on GT7 and were not imported from GTSport. I know importing can create a number of issues on its own!
I read that if the decals you used were deleted this would happen. I was under the impression this was fixed in 1.07. Maybe check the known issues page.
In this case maybe I won't rely on preuploaded decals and will just do them myself. Unless it's GT7 itself deleting decals and not individual people.
This is happening again for suits and helmets. After update 1.40 most of all my drafts were gone... Like literay 2 very very old drafts of helmets but all the remaining 30+ disappeared. And all the suits are gone... I finished some stuff yesterday and today in the morning all the new stuff disappeared again... just the same old **** I just mentioned remained (2 very old helmets).... Not sure what the hell PD did... if they would let us edit our stuff after we save them to My Items that would solve this I want back my dozens of hours I spent designing stuff...