Menu songs from GT1...anyone know where to get them ?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by GTchampion, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. bur


    Haha, oh man this thread made me search for the lyrics for some of the GT1 songs... and I found the lyrics for "Sweet 16".

    All the time I thought it started: "Can't wait for dawn is all she said, And this is all I can see", while it really is "Get away from me and so she said, You're like a social disease". And instead of "She's my death, She's my death", I heard: "She's not there, She's not there..."

    I thought the song was about a girl staying with some guy over night wanting to leave before dawn. After she left the guy sobs: "she's not there, she's not there..." Not quite what that song's really about. :sly:
  2. oh i cant belive this!!! ive been searching for GT1 menu musics for YEARS! sometimes i put GT1 in my console just to listen to the music :dopey: thank you very much man:tup:
  3. colton19911


    For the racing songs, you could also try I found 3 of them there: Ash - Lose Control, Garbage - As Heaven Is Wide and Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go .
  4. This is amazing - GT1 music is the best!!!
  5. Pupik

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    United States HSV

    Sim Mode Menu! No other GT song hypes me up like that one, for some reason. Sweet! :)

    It's gotta be FTO LM at!
  6. Sick downloading now! This is awsome :D
  7. Z32


  8. Carey Hart


    omg!! thanxs SOOO much!! I love the music from GT1, its so classic!

    use this link link removed by mod
  9. Rogue Ssv


    Link broken :banghead:
  10. Carey Hart


    By the way. I dont now about other contries but in Sweden its NOT illegal to make backup copies or download something that you already own. And I guess that most people in this forum has bought GT1 so here is a torrent link I made with some of the GT1 songs, including the intro..

    Link removed by mod
  11. Thiele

    PSN:GTP_Thiele (PSP only)

    i use PsxMC to rip the music off the disc

    i can't remember if the manufacturers songs worked with gt1 but i got the opening credits and the arcade music and i got every misic track off my spyro 1 disc

    just put your cd in the computer and open it up and click open and analyze cd-rom but it might take a while.
  12. Carey Hart


    Thanks, just wondering if you know any utility that can convert ps2 movies and music?
  13. Thiele

    PSN:GTP_Thiele (PSP only)

    sorry i dont know of any ps2 yet but hopefully that one should help some people. i'll search now

    edit: have to go to bed search tomorrow
  14. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    That my be so in Sweden, but this board is not based in Sweden. Posting links to copyrighted material is against GTP's Acceptable Use Policy.
  15. TMM

    England Nottingham, England

    Just when you thought it was safe... 'Jaws' music playing in my head...
  16. Wow..Such a response for those tracks!
    Glad you liked them.

    Jason Page
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  17. Thiele

    PSN:GTP_Thiele (PSP only)

    hey guys, i've managed to rip some music and videos off my gt1 disc using psxmc, if anyone's interested feel free to PM me as it's against GTPlanet's policy, although i don't think i got the menu songs i've got the intro video and the ending movie and about 10 music tracks squeezed into 4 17min songs so if anyone's interested i've got the zip files ready for you

    that Jason Page link doesn't work for me:indiff:


    edit: stuff that the files are too big to upload to the internet
  18. Thiele

    PSN:GTP_Thiele (PSP only)

    well, the only solution left is to record the music with my mp3 player, and anyone whose interested can PM me

    although the mp3 player will be extremely poor quality, it'll make for a small file size and easy to download:D

    i'll do it now

  19. Just a bit of background info if anyone cares...

    I have all of the tracks - all at the original quality.
    (actually - probably even higher quality as they are the original WAV's at 44.1KHz, rather than any ADPCM kinda format)

    Unfortunately I lost a lot of the original samples that I used to create the tracks when my old Mac blew up about 6 years ago :(

    Most of the tracks were made using a Korg Prophecy (most of the lead sounds) , Korg M1 (the cymbal crash!), Yamaha 1080 and a Kurzweil K2000 (along with a SampleCell sample sound card in a Mac)..All sequenced with Cubase....and a load of sample cd's for all of the drums and guitars.

    There's about 45 minutes of audio....And it was written in 2 weeks. I was writing 2 tracks a day on average (one in the morning, one in the afternoon)

    I was just told that there was a race game from Japan that needed new music which would suite the European market. So had no idea what the game was like - or how successful it would be.

    A bunch of the tracks are MIDI / sample based ("Chip" music). This was required for any audio where the CD was being used to stream video. They're a pain to write.
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  20. the files are gone!!!!!! !!!!!
  21. PSX MC is in japanese!!! lol can I use my GT1 disc and get it with that?
  22. daan

    Scotland Scotland

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  23. ok i found the site that has all the downloads, for everything, GT1..

    Link removed by mod
  24. Jim Prower


    All the Japanese music for GT2, 3, & 4, too...and a hell of a lot of other games....
  25. Thiele

    PSN:GTP_Thiele (PSP only)

    yes! thank you so much!

    there was a link before but it was removed and i couldn't refind the site with google

    i better bookmark it before it gets removed so it doesn't get lost again
  26. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    Every single one of those links was a link to the same site containing the same copyrighted music.

    As a result of that, this thread is now dead.
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