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I don’t expect much from yearly licensed series. Honestly don’t really need much aside from updated rosters and bikes. I think the last one I actually finished might have been 19. All the 2X ones I haven’t liked the handling model which is strange cause I thought the SBK 22 game was great (aside from the not having a decent 1st person view).

But what burns me about the MotoGP series is they keep rehashing the same stuff while not FIXing the main problem. What good is having career ,“AI” penalties or riding characteristics if you can’t actually race them? The AI is not aware of you so they are pretty much just a time trial bonus marker. If they’d fix the AI I’d be more inclined to put more time into the series again. I think from 20 to 23 I might have done a total of 2hrs cause the games weren’t fun. I play the F1 games and at least the AI is aware of you and react.

It’s the same with all the additional features control wise they keep adding. What is the point of adding all those functions when there isn’t a controller that will let you use them?.

This time around and I really mean it lol, I’ll pass. Not a huge fan of the bikes in MotoGP anyway these days so no real urgency or desire to play them in a game. So unless I read that they physics and AI have been improved then I’ll pass

To be honest I think my all time favorite MotoGP game was 08. Thought it had the best balance of sim and arcade in terms of handling and the AI wasn’t the worst
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The THQ games on the Xbox were the best of all for me. Absolutely great fun. They had this feel that was totally different from anything I’ve ever experienced in a racing game, this sense of speed and danger because the tracks felt so narrow and it was so easy to crash. They were arcadey I guess, but I’ve never experienced that kind of thrill from a motorbike game before or since. Last one I think was 06 on the Xbox360.
Funny I absolutely hated all the THQ MotoGP games, even when they had them between 09-12. But then again I hated their MX vs ATV games as well lol. Still not sure why but it was just something about the way they looked and felt.

I actually forgot about GP500 which was an awesome game as well. Wished they’d had had the chance to get going with the title. GP500 and the first 3 SBK (09-2001) on PC were to me the best bike games made. Tourist Trophy to me is still tops as well. While SBK 08 and MotoGP 08 still rank the best that Milestone has done since they got back into bike games. Ride 4/5 are up there as well.

I still don’t get why it seems like Milestone has two different engines for their games. I mean to me all the CoD games feel the same regardless of which team did the release. You can jump in any of them and have that familiar feeling. But with MotoGP and Ride they are night and day in terms of quality. It has nothing to do with “prototype” vs “production” bikes. Anyway now I want to go give GP500 a spin lol
Been watching "preview build" videos of MotoGP 24 on YouTube and the game looks very promising. I mean, if you are not looking forward to the yearly release of this game than it probably doesn't interest you... but I like getting the "roster" update like the Madden or FIFA fans do.

It looks like the bike "pick up" on acceleration is gone, which is a welcome change, glad they did away with that. Also, from the videos I've watched the new adaptive Ai seems to adjust to your skill level. From what I've watched it looks to work really well - as does the new stewarding system. Kinda disappointed that there isn't a "historical" something back in the game... but I fear that feature may not return... anyway, looking forward to this one.
The lack of historical content is gutting again considering they've always done that so well. How could they?! It still upsets me! Especially considering they actually went to town on it in MotoGP22 and included a full historical season which actually worked brilliantly. Then did away with it!
On 24, I think on balance it's good if they've made the bikes more straightforward to handle, although I did get the hang of it in 22 eventually and - by the end, quite appreciate the feeling of mid-corner control you have needing to use both brakes independently. So I hope its not too dumbed back. Better AI though can never be a bad thing.
I guess it depends on what you mean by "AI" Every year they talk bout better AI in all of their games. but its the same thing. Adapting to the players pace isn't AI. Having an AI that is actually aware is different and that's my problem when I talk bad AI. I could give a damn about AI behavior between AI riders and them making mistakes or whatever. You watch them race and react to each other. But then are on rails when it comes to how they interact with you. If that is the case then for me it's like why bother with a career or race? Might as well just do time trials and "race" against my ghost.

All these reviewers/content creators, I don't know what game they play cause its never what goes to market
Yeah, I totally agree with you 100%... and I don't think any game will ever get to where it needs to be like when racing other "human beings", but have watched several videos (on this one) where the Ai does make mistakes while "around" the player and it's nice to see. See them going wide trying to push to keep you behind them, or even crashing. The new stewarding system looks to punish more than just the Human player now, as well. The Ai are now getting warnings and long lap penalties for occurrences and not just the human player. That was one of my frustrations with '22 & '23, was that only the human player would get track limits warnings even though the Ai rider in front of you rides on the green for 5 laps in a row at the same corner...

I know it won't be perfect, but I'm just hoping for "improved", you know?
So, picked up MotoGP 24 on Thursday (because I'm a sheep and a huge bike fan) and ran some time-trials on it...

EDIT: If you not a fan of this game, in general, then you can probably just skip this post altogether.

If you're continuing to read hopefully you won't feel it a waste of time...
This isn't necessarily a review but just some thoughts on the 'new' game. From what I've experienced so far, just a few TT's on the big bikes and the start of the career (first two races in Moto3), has been positive and welcome changes to the game.

Completely gone is the bike pick-up on throttle. Little disappointed with this as it could have been tweaked a bit to make it more 'realistic', but has been removed altogether. I know a LOT of people didn't like this feature from '23 but it did have a place in the game - it was just WAAYY too pronounced, especially in a game.

The graphics are basically a carry-over from MotoGP 23, which is 'okay' I guess, but I would've like to have seen an overhaul of the engine to take advantage of the "Next-Gen" hardware that is quickly becoming NOT next-gen... I mean, they are still doing last gen console games. Hmm?!??! The visuals aren't bad, in any way shape or form, they are actually quite good - just nothing stunning over last years game as it looked great...

I will say that I think they upgraded, or re-did, the sounds of the bikes. For example, the Moto3 bikes don't sound like a bee buzzing, they actcally sound like a motorcycle. The Aprilla and the Ducati sound different now as well, where in '23 they sounded the same. Maybe I'm just hearing them differently and they actually aren't different, but I would swear that they aren't the same - whereas last year's game I felt like they were the same sound file... Overall though I think they have improved the sounds.

The new adaptive Ai is what I've been impressed with so far though... I usually struggle with the game to find "my" setting for the Ai strength... in MotoGP 2018 to prob 2021 I ran the Ai on 80-90%... on '22 I think I was at 75%, but on '23 I was constantly changing it as I would do great at one track and the next get my ass kicked. On '24 I put the game on Pro (no assists, no rewind, etc. etc...) and did the "Adaptive Ai" and after only a couple of 'career' races the game has adjusted to my pace and ability pretty well. So far so good.

The other + I do want to mention is the fact that the 'other' riders get penalties. Warnings and Long Lap Penalties... they also aren't on a "track" like games used to be. There could two riders in front of you 'battling" and going into the corner one of them gets pushed wide from contact - from the other rider... they don't just form up into a train and make laps - very welcome change.

Now, again, if you are not into getting the updated "roster" and "livery" for the bikes then you could probably skip this one - but as I mentioned earlier in this post, this is my Madden or FIFA - I definitely getting it if only for the updated teams and bike liveries. Plus, in this game the riders will move around after a season in career mode.

Anyway, overall it's worth the $50 I spent on it as it's a game I'll play enough to get my $$ out of it...
Just though I would post up a quick thought on it.

And again, if you aren't a fan of this game to begin with, I would probably not recommend it.
Yeah I've got it, it's good. A genuine improvement and quite hard to fault as a straight up simulation of this year's MotoGP. Say what you like about Milestone but they do it pretty well by now. I just wish there was more around that - classic bikes, all the stuff they used to have. It always seems quite 'no frills' and the extra content used to really elevate it as a package. With this year's being much more user-friendly in terms of the physics, I wish it had the other stuff still because it would be easier to enjoy now.
Yeah I've got it, it's good. A genuine improvement and quite hard to fault as a straight up simulation of this year's MotoGP. Say what you like about Milestone but they do it pretty well by now. I just wish there was more around that - classic bikes, all the stuff they used to have. It always seems quite 'no frills' and the extra content used to really elevate it as a package. With this year's being much more user-friendly in terms of the physics, I wish it had the other stuff still because it would be easier to enjoy now.
Agree with you 100% - I would love to have the Historical stuff, or even the '09 season thing they did, in this years game.

I do think also that if you are using the Adaptive Ai feature for the' 'difficulty' setting, you should run as many of the sessions as you can, ie., do all the practice sessions instead of skipping them. Even if you just do 5 or 6 laps and then move on, I think it is better to run in every session to give the Ai a chance to get to your speed and adjust a bit. If you jump straight into a race, or just straight into Q1, and especially at a track let's say you're really quick at - I think the Ai will struggle.

I'm not too shabby at Malaysia and just going to the race the Ai were pretty slow (even though I'd done some races in career mode), so I re-started and ran the practice sessions (and not the whole 35 minutes or whatever... just did 6-7 laps in each one, about 15 minutes or so...) and the Ai were much quicker for the race. May be a one-off thing, or it may just be that that's how the Ai adjust - is by your lap/sector times... not sure. That seemed to work though.

Anyhoo, I too am pretty impressed with the game. Again, nothing earth shattering, and if you're not a fan of the previous iterations then this one probably won't tickle your fancy either, but enough of an improvement over '22 &'23 for me to be quite happy with it.
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