New video of GT5!

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Okay – this is strange.

As of 12:58 P.M. “Video removed by user” ?!?

I JUST watched it and when I went to watch it again – it’s gone.

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where can i see the video? there i something new about wrc?

Well it says it was taken down by the user, so he may be putting the higher quality one up in its place.

But other people ripped the video so it'll be back up in no time.
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Oh that's sucks I was about to watch it and suddenly it got deleted. Damn you User! :lol:. Everyone seems excited on this little video, care to show some semi clear screen shot? Someone?


Just seen it. Nothing to get over-excited about ;)
I just hope this is not the trailer they intend to show at TGS as there's not really new stuff inside (beside the wind tunnel, although I think this is just cosmetic and we won't get access to a real windtunnel in the game)
This is very interesting. It's from the official Gran Turismo site:

Official Gran Turismo Site
Notice of English version site closure Sep 17, 2009

The English version of "" you are currently viewing will be closed as of September 21st.

Until now we have been translating top articles from the Japanese "" site in to English separately, but hereafter we will be unifying our site with the websites for all world locales, so that you will be able to gain the newest information from any region.

Thank you for your continued viewing of From September 21, please use the site for the region where you reside.

In addition, the following pages will also be closed.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Online Race Troubleshooting
*The page will be closed for all languages

*Most of the content will be carried over to the new sites.

Please note that all member registrations made through the English version site will be automatically canceled when the site is closed. All registered personal information will be deleted at that time.

GT5P online is being closed? Could this mean the full GT5 is close? ;)
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erm, i cant seem to be able to watch that new video, on youtube its has been removed, and i cant find it anywhere else?

And wow, 161 Users viewing this thread 👍

EDIT: ok saw the trailer and we need a better quality!! but still EPIC trailer/ending video!!

And that R10 TDI in the wind tunnel, if we seriously get to tune the aerodynamics like this, then GT5 IS the new benchmark for Sim Racing!

please no

Which circuit is it? I captured from IGN review of GT PSP. Do you think will it be in gt5?
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This is very interesting. It's from the official Gran Turismo site:

GT5P online is being closed? Could this mean the full GT5 is close? ;)

No, GT5P online won't be close. It seems it's just the page that people go to for troubleshootings when online.

Other than that, they must be preparing to give a hoard of new news on TGS to share with the world!