Next Forza Motorsport Game Revealed, Apparently Isn't Called Forza Motorsport 8

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  1. YoungRhombus


    As far as today's trailer goes I'm quite conflicted on how I feel about everything. On one hand I'm happy that this title is receiving the development time it deserves. On the other hand, what they showed today was underwhelming and really didn't have much to note in it (maybe other than the custom liveries that could point to a team creation campaign).

    I'm not too concerned right now about what we've seen since the game is "still in early development." It will be interesting to see things unfold as we get closer to release. One thing that does have to be improved on is the lighting. Turn 10 now has ray-tracing at their disposal and they really need to go all-out with their lighting systems. Unfortunately this trailer did not demonstrate the improvement I think all of us were expecting or at least hoping for.

    If there does end up being a team creation campaign, I am 100% all for it. F1 2020's "My Team" mode is really good, albeit a bit limited. With Forza's livery editor and car list it would be a match made in heaven. With a mode like that alongside a separate mode that has an events list a la FM4, I'd be all set.
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  2. AlanH49


    ‘In-engine’ trailers are no better than CGI trailers. Rendering engines are so good these days. You can deliver pretty much everything you want. Especially when you don’t need to hit any real-time targets.
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  3. Baliwa

    Baliwa Premium

    Since I never play any FM series (I only play FH3) did that fake sponsor on race car new or old thing in FM?
  4. beyond72


    I've never played the very first game, but I think it's new.

    While I appreciate the amazing replicas some people take the time to produce, I wouldn't miss the non racing ones during single player!
    I can't see them dropping that element of the game, hopefully they just give us more options for what we want to use or see.
  5. WanganDream


    I hope they never forget the spirit of grassroots and FM1-FM4 era.
    That's all.
  6. Castrol96


    United Kingdom
    The Ray-tracing already looks a whole lot better then GT7, maybe it's the hardware advantage or PD haven't fully optimized it yet.

    GT7 you can hardly tell the Ray-tracing difference if you look close enough like car reflections.
  7. Chubbymudkip


    United States
    I might go against the grain here and say I hope they don't go the motorsport direction. I always felt that forza always did the best job of tapping into the car enthusiast block of racing gamers rather than motorsport enthusiast block (First to a modern livery editor, first to many cult-classics cars and manufacturers, first to many enthusiast modifications, etc.). People who wanted to build and collect a reflection of their personal tastes in the modification scene but also wanted a little more than brake-to-drift (like modern need for speed) when actually driving. Going the motorsport route is only selling off what I believe to be their silent majority in an attempt to enter a ridiculously saturated sim-racing sub-genre, and for what? To sell more Fanatecs?
  8. o000o


    The thing is Turn 10 constantly delivers, unlike Polyphonhy. The latter obviously are all buzz speaks, but the former rarely fails, they usually deliver, Forza doesn't have many fans or be crowned without a good reason.

    Well, the trailer showing only a few, it's understandable to be disappointed, don't understand why people are bashing though.

    PD is always inferior compared to Turn 10 in any areas. So this is expected.
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  9. Eunos_Cosmo

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    United States
    I don't think we have an adequate comparison yet. In-engine is a lot different than in-game and as others have noticed, the light-bounces seem limited to 1 surface.

    Just curious, what dramatic difference are you hoping for with ray tracing if not things like car reflections? The faked out GI and screen-space reflections / clever cube maps have become pretty convincing in most instances...the difference with RT will probably be subtle in the context of a racing game. Environmental reflections will be a little more accurate, RT GI will provide a little more convincing lighting (but mostly in darker areas), real time reflections will exist, artifacting will be reduced. It's not going to be a huge leap (again, in a racing game) akin to SD vs HD resolution.
  10. ravaline


    Here is my 2 cents that seems logical to me.
    From what I saw with both ps and xbox conferences, this is not the time for next gen yet. Most true next gen games wont be released untill 2021+ ( forza, gt7, fables....) . All the games that are playable at launch are xbox one and ps4 games that were promoted as next gen games so that people buy the consoles. I'm kinda disappointed so I'm off the hype train and see y'all in christmas 2021 .
    In the meantime I will enjoy the true driving game: Big Rigs :sly:
  11. EleSigma


    If anything I hope they ditch the show cars we saw pile up the car list in past games like the hot wheels, stretch limo, and atomic bubbletop and put in more motorsport and even road cars. I even don't mind SUVS and trucks if they at least have off road courses for them.
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  12. CHEN255


    New Zealand
    Same here. A next gen console purchase isn't even on my radar for at least 1-2 years after release. I'm not even sure which one I'll be getting. I own a PS4 Pro but am leaning towards a Series X next.
  13. JoshMead


    Everyone's talking about shadows, ray tracing, bloom and whatnot. Meanwhile, I just hope they've binned the 2D trees for good.
  14. Frank McGank

    Frank McGank

    There’s no reason they can’t do both. They could literally keep every single car from FM5-7 and FH2-4’s rosters, and still go down the dedicated ‘serious motorsport’ path. All they’d need to do is focus on what content they add in the FUTURE, rather than deleting the past. There’s nothing stopping them from allowing fuel and tyre strategies on every car we can drive, nothing preventing proper implementation of weather and time. Having the option to buy a mid 90s Civic or a Ford Raptor isn’t going to make the GT3 racing any less authentic if you choose to specifically race in the GT3 category. It’s called ‘race/championship restrictions’, and Polyphony could figure it out way back in 1997 with the very first GT.

    Most of the SUVs aren’t even really off roaders. Things like the X5M and the Trackhawk Grand Cherokee would snap in half at the first sight of a dusty trail. They’re designed for road use only, specifically to be as competent around corners as possible for something their size and weight. Saying “if it’s an SUV, it’s for off road use” is about as uneducated as saying American cars can’t be good around corners.
  15. Nielsen


    The creative direction showcased here looks like a next-generation take on FM7, and that's honestly alarming when the main message for now is to reboot the best elements of the franchise. FM7 missed the mark in several ways compared to its predecessors, so a spiritual continuation of FM7 aesthetics doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

    Turn 10 has had so much time to prepare something that would captivate the audience, but instead it's more of the same like never before. Underwhelming reveal.
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  16. MisterWaffles

    MisterWaffles Premium

    People really need to calm the frig down when it comes to gameplay and which game looks better or not. GT7's trailer was clearly showcasing an early alpha build and the game just looked like GT Sport with better reflections and lighting. Now of course it was early alpha so you need to take everything shown there with a massive pile of salt. Additionally, I didn't see a lick of actual gameplay in this Forza trailer, so it's far to early to tell what this game is going to look like during actual gameplay. I remember Forza 7 pulled the same stunt with the wet pit lane at the Nurburgring looking really pretty with people running around all over the place and pit crews, but the actual game looked nothing like that "in-engine footage". So again, take this Forza trailer with an equally massive pile of salt as the GT7 trailer.

    Also, please stop doing these unnecessary reboots and calling your games by the original one's title? What's the game after this going to be called? Forza 2?
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  17. CHEN255


    New Zealand
    I am hoping for large grids and pit stops.
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  18. SimTourist


    All I wanna say is I told you. The game is in early development as said by Phil Spencer himself. I'm personally glad that T10 is given a long dev cycle and is not being held back by Xbox One. At least 4 years, maybe even 5 will finally allow them to revamp all the underlying engine parts that have remained unchanged since Forza Motorposport 2, the graphics engine, the physics, sound, replays, multiplayer, single player, all the car and track models carried over from OG Xbox. I'm just happy as a long time fan that this won't be another iterative, stale and safe release. Chris Esaki seems to have grand ideas of where to take the franchise next and it's about time some fresh ideas are brought to the table. Same goes for Playground, after FH4 they have exhausted the current formula and will get enough time to come in with new concepts. In the meantime we'll have Codemasters and Polyphony to keep us occupied.
  19. Franske


    Not sure however if GT7 will be released on the XBox. And not sure if GT7 will be out before the next FM.
  20. JTB10000


    United States
    I wish both this game and GT7 the best during their development. Looking forward to more details for both!
  21. dirtydog


    United Kingdom
    Forza 7 was worse, they actually lied and called the pitstop scenes 'in-game footage'.

    Turn 10 have proven that you cannot trust anything they say at face value.

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  22. seco46


    It's a in-engine trailer so...
  23. strela


    I like what some are suggesting. That Motorsport could become game as a service. Because let's be honest. No matter what circuit racers do look more and more similar on the same system. I would almost prefer a single Motorsport title for series X that got the support of FH4 or GTS for many years than multiple titles that look the same.
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  24. RazorSharkz


    I wonder if that would keep them from having to relicense vehicles as it updates. If it does then I like the games as a service approach.
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  25. SnakeOfBacon


    They aren't seriously dropping the number, are they? Why do that? Why!? For 16 years they've built up a perfectly sensible naming system, against so many other franchises adding colons or removing numbers entirely, Trackmania was bad enough, but calling FM8 just FM would be like the next Final Fantasy only being called Final Fantasy, unless, as was posted while I was writing this, this is the final Forza to be updated forever, which I didn't think we were ready for but OK, maybe.
  26. SimTourist


    You can't trust any trailer or footage these days, not from any developer or publisher. Until you have the game in your house running on your console all the videos may as well be Pixar movies that have nothing to do with the game. Things change quickly, more and more games have things cut or downgraded even a few months from release, don't trust anything. Double check and triple check and have a critical mindset. The scenes in this trailer will look very different come release date or won't be in the game at all, keep that in mind. On the off chance it ends up in the game you'll be pleasantly surprised, if not well you didn't expect it anyway. This is my outlook these days, until I have it at home it's all ********, smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand.
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  27. ArR29


    But this is a pre rendered trailer though. Just look at Halo Infinite in engine trailer compared to the actual gameplay. I'm not saying FM wont look good but these type of trailers don't usually representative of the final product.
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  28. TheOE



    There are rumours that the new FM trailer should have been shown at April 13th, looking at this image it might possibly have been the intended date for the teaser.
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  29. JoaoSilva


    Also the GT-R in Forza has no mirrors, for some reason.
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  30. LuxUltime


    Cheers :cheers: :gtpflag:
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