People won't have to wait till 2017 for a new GT

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    Tried that with no luck, sadly. Anyway back to topic. Don't mind me.
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    How does proving something about one arbitrary sales figure as it relates to financial profit do anything about the validity of a completely different arbitrary sales figure as it relates to market penetration?

    Or do you still not grasp the problem with your original argument wasn't the numbers you used but simply the fact that you didn't justify why you used them?
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    I seriously wonder why you think I'm unaware of the distinction.
    Yeah, December. Next year.
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    Sorry, I don't follow. Saying that a racing dev that made two milli0o00on sales and being ecstatic about it is true. Yes, that's an arbitrary figure, yes it's a supposical reaction based on how dreadful racing game sales are on average, and on how many racing developers have croaked or nearly did over the years. Giving an illustration based on the state of affairs in the racing game world and the tenuous situation developers find themselves in, ref SIMBIN, shouldn't be a deal. Oh, except here, and oh because TenD said it. You and Slip having a snit about this is being too outrage by half.

    But listen, if I'm wrong and there is a right answer, I'd love to hear it. I can be schooled. But some here, I have to wonder.

    Let's not be so pessimist. ;) Although I do agree with you. As I posted previously, I want GT7 ASAP. But having said that, I want to see a lot of things in this next Gran Turismo which take it to a higher orbit. I've said many of them a number of times. Race cars and tracks from several leagues and enough of them to flesh out a racing field without duplicates, weather and time transition on all or most tracks including night racing, competitive bot A.I., decent damage, solid online system, Race Mod or the equivalent in customizations which you discussed, a solid relatively powerful Livery Editor which also allows us to make decals, Course Maker (III) which could allow us to build locations remotely similar to PD's own custom tracks, Event Maker - including the ability to define an entire racing league and season complete with championships and points rules, a separate Career Mode which is a reflection of real life in some way or at least GT Academy... yeah, I'm a dreamer, and I dream big. :D Dreams this big take some work.

    Anything else is gravy for me. And I've said a few times that much of this is in the GT DNA already. The only thing PD would be newbs at is giving us a good livery painter and a fairly lifelike damage build, including all the grapical details. But as with all things GT, we'll just have to see.

    As an aside, I'm really curious just what is the deal the staff here are alluding to as to GT6 development issues. Supposedly it's something of some momentousness, and I've been pondering for a while that it's not directly tied to GT7, but I could be wrong. I'd love to be wrong, and that GT7 will be out in less than a year.
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    I'm simply tired of GT6. With the graphics capabilities that Project Cars and Drive Club displays, it makes it difficult to get excited about racing on GT6...
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    Kazunori Yamauchi looks so optimistic about it, but saying that the game will have everything promised will not cause any hype or help since Kaz messed with GT5/GT6, created tons of promises and a majority of them was not accomplished, he still has to prove his claims.
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    It may be. It may not be. That is the part you seem to be stuck on. It is a completely arbitrary number, that in no way would take into account the sales goal of a game (unless you're going to try to argue that something like AC has the same sales goals as something like GT). If I said "every company is ecstatic when they sell 1,000 copies of their game, popping champagne and taking the day off work to celebrate", it'd be equally as factual.

    A lack of a solid, correct answer does not make your particular guess correct by default.

    It's neither faux, nor outrage.

    How exactly does any of this prove that racing developers have a set goal of 2 million in sales before they celebrate, again?

    Oh yeah, this. It stops.

    Why am I supposed to make a case for a new arbitrary number you've decided upon? You still haven't provided anything to back up 2 million being some all-important threshold. You tossed a number out of your own choosing, and that was it.

    Again: A lack of a solid, correct answer does not make your particular guess correct by default.

    If it's exactly as you've stated it, why have I yet to see any proof that 2 million sales is a definite number all racing game developers aim for?

    Except you said it applies to any and all.

    I'd be seriously surprised if PD would be happy with a sales figure of only ~2 million, FWIW.


    A what? Use actual words.

    As ever: A lack of a solid, correct answer does not make your particular guess correct by default.
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    Project CARS, F1 2015, and DriveClub, is enough to keep me busy until PD Releases GT7, My PS3 has been down since March, and I don't even really miss it.:lol:
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    Slip, I'm sorry but I really don't get your point. I have made a statement which anywhere else in the universe to anyone else, on a net board or at a party would have sparked a discussion about the state of racing game development and an exchange of views of how much a game has to sell to keep groups like SIMBIN from going mouse up. Whether crowdfunding racing games for anyone but the Big Three (PD, T10, EA gruppe) is the new norm a la Project CARS. I'm not even sure a million sales would be enough to keep a developer afloat, or have you forgotten that 5 million plus sales of LA Noire wasn't enough to save Team Bondi from demolition? But no, you have to argue and harangue for whatever reason. I suppose if I'd said that most American families would be happy with $250 grand a year, you'd find that outrageous too. Though I do have to wonder with all the "truisms" posted here about Gran Turismo with nada for reference, you decided to hammer this issue. So, whatever, I've had my moment of infamy. Go ahead and tell us what the truth is on this matter.

    Just to get this thread back on something resembling a rail, I'm with all the people who think GT7 is coming sooner than later. I'm not sure how many think that most of Polyphony are working madly on GT7 - versus those who think they're lazy worthless clods - but this is where my money is. I really would rather see the new Course Maker on PS4 because it would put anything PD can accomplish in GT6 to shame. Hey, it is coming for GT6, I'm looking forward to playing with it, but I'd be much happier to see GT7 arrive two months earlier.

    Some others either jokingly or seriously are stating that GT7 still won't make holidays 2016. If that happened, I'd be content with that too, because it would mean that Kaz wouldn't want another outcry from the nets that GT7 arrived unfinished. If PD put in many of the goodies I want to see - dare I hope, all - this will require a fair bit of work. But it would be the most epic racing game ever, and I'm hoping that eventually GT does end up at such a level of inclusion that, if you can do it in the real world, you can do it in Gran Turismo.
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    Yea I'm confident about a pre-holiday 2016 release too. But I said this before, in this age of forum and comment trolling what's the point in saying ANYTHING before hand?.. you're up against a storm of know-it-all's no matter what you say. I'm actually really surprised that large list of job openings on PD's JP site hasn't sparked "hype" and made it onto the News Page. That's by far the best thing we could ask for.. not for initial GT7 release but for GT7 Spec II and beyond.

    I do think though that maintaining and adding to GT6 is still a very good stream of revenue for PD/SONY. There are litterally 1000's of PS3's still being sold every week around the world, a Spec II GT6 and online servers staying up until 2017 would be a very healthy thing IMO.
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    Well I hope its out by 2017! Just have to switch between AC and pCARS on my computer and GT6 on my PS3 until GT7 is out. I love the GT Series but I also love AC and pCARS.
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    LA Noire had a massive development budget, was using new facial tech which didn't catch on in the gaming industry as others found better ways to do the same work, and 5 million+ sales wasn't enough to cover what was spent. It had also gone through other various developmental setbacks in the process.

    Now for GT6, that hasn't sold 5 million copies RTD and that in and of itself is a failure for PD as every other retail released GT console game PD has sold has exceeded 5 million copies in a much shorter timeframe compared to GT6.
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    OK, enough with the arguments/disagreements. :ouch:
    If KAZ does not deliver a game that will .... Blow OUR MINDS and fulfill most Expectations, He will ReTire!
    That's IT! Either GT7 will be a GrEaT GaMe, or no more Pholypony!
    A little bird told me so. :boggled:
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    With minimum news, I'm starting to loose hope that GT7 will meet our expectations.
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    Way too damn high.
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    Based on what other companies have achieved in their racing games I'd say our expectations are just right.
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    Because there's been nothing to report publicly yet.
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    Looking at here after more than one year later.
    Remember when he said that we won't wait until 2017? Yea...:indiff:

    Well nothin' to see here really.
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    I love this one...
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    Amusingly, all most people expect from them at this point is to release the game, and even that may be too high.
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