PlayStation 5's New "DualSense" Controller Revealed


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United Kingdom
Nice design, can't help but feel like it's going to age poorly though! Not sure how I feel about the mic either - I'm hoping voice chat will be an opt in thing rather than on by default because having to mute everyone to hide their chewing, coughing, sniffing, squeaking and so on will get tiresome.

The haptic stuff sounds awesome though, I was looking at trying to procure the same haptic transducer/circular touchpad for work reasons and in doing so found what I'm pretty sure is the next gen haptic transducer in these, the Alps Haptic Reactor Quadra:

Sadly enough for me, though, you can't buy them anywhere.
Don’t see a headphone jack. Bummer. Use it all the time on the DS4.

Pretty sure is below the joysticks, like the DS4... And, as usual, Sony unveils something, *Not all* "Xbox players" come out with torches and pitch forks defending the Xbox controller... This looks more like a Scuf controller than anything else (although with not too many buttons and with the L3 in it's normal position)... Still, I love they went with a dual tone instead of usual black!! Can't wait to see the real thing!! ♥

Only bad thing is the ghost-designed buttons, will be hard to see sometimes

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From the pictures, it looks like it would be a little awkward to hold and not all the comfortable. I mean, I'm sure it is since Sony probably put a ton of money into ergonomics, but first impressions make me think it'd be uncomfortable.

The haptic thing is pretty cool though and good on Sony for going with USB-C instead of some proprietary thing.
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Not a huge fan of the color scheme - I think that's what's making it look so awkward at first glance. But I am interested in the new features. Haptic feedback is very intriguing and I dunno, the built-in mic might be useful.
Could have been worse...



Honestley that one's kind of grown on me over the years. It reminds me of a simpler time when designers though futuristic meant "bulbous silver things"

like the Audi from I, Robot.


Anyways, Back to the actual controller presented here. I think it's quite a sleek and attractive design. The features it packs are really quite nice as well. The create button seems interesting, but will probably end up just being something that only livestreamers get any use out of.


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It kind of loses that traditional "DualShock" look in favor of a more modern look, which might not be a bad thing if it's comfortable to use. I guess that's why the name may have been dropped. It does look grippier, if that's even a word.

The "Options" and "Share/Create" buttons in my opinion are in a better position that the DS4.

Not sure of the reason the light bar was moved to either side of the touch pad.

Built-in microphone might be good if ambient noises and noises from the controller itself are limited in some capacity.

USB-C seems like a better option than USB micro as the connecting ends on the micro part of the cable were just too fragile. We'll see if USB-C fixes this issue for me.

Speaking of USB, I hope there's more that 2 on the PS5 (4 is bare minimum in my opinion).

The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are what I'm most interested in. Hopefully, this won't interfere with battery life too much.

Curious as to what that is directly below the PS button, and above what looks like a headphone jack/microphone. My guess is a mute button for the microphone.

I would like to see it from all angles.
I like it, it's still similar layout and features, but something fresh which is nice. It looks wider with longer sharper grips. Happy about usb-c and longer batt life, was hoping to hear about some back buttons though and was really hoping for a return to analog buttons all around just to really round out the features. Especially for racers, @sturk0167 would have appreciated some more throttle control, Im sure, plus being able to modulate circle or x for ebraking would have been sweet!
Looks good though!

*I theorise the new light bars will be sensed by a sensor on the new psvr helmet itself....just a thought.

*4 is the bare minimum usb wise, agreed.
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Built in mic is a good idea, as long as there's a mute feature.

I am really uncomfortable with a built in mic myself. As long as there is an option on the operating side of the PS5 to have the mic always disabled until you turn it back on, then that is fine.
I think it looks really good. It has a nice clean look to it.

I just hope that the L2 & R2 buttons have better build quality. It's annoying that i have went through 2 DS4's because the little rubber pad under the R2 button keeps failing. Meanwhile my original DS3 is now 11 or 12 years old and is still going strong.
Me: Does it come in Black? :D I’ll see how this goes, I hated the DS4 on launch felt too large for my little hands as does this one. But after some short time the DS4 became my fav controller. So hopefully the DS5 feels great in my tiny pudgy hands. I here the DS4 is compatible with the PS5 anyways so at least we can use both if needed. The new haptics should be interesting to feel.


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Pretty much all fine by me. I'm happiest with the adaptive triggers; that should be interesting to try. I hope they don't feel as weak and cheap as the XBone triggers when the feedback is not active, or whatever's up with that (?). In my experiences with XBones, I didn't feel like the feedback made up for the poor feel of the triggers.

I wish they'd allow us to toggle the function of the "Create" button to a regular button, or put it somewhere more out of the way, like on the Switch. I still sometimes take accidental screenshots, expecting a "select" button out of habit. And I think I'm with @Lukanyon -- I'm not sure the touchpad has justified the amount of surface area it occupies, unless more devs make better use of it.

Battery life is whatever, because the thing will spend 99% of its life plugged into the console while playing -- with that said, USB-C is great, because I ought to be able to switch to wired communication without risk of the interruptions I get with the micro-USB cord on the DS4. It works great with the Switch Pro Controller and its USB-C cord.