proper setup for Spoon Civic Type R..,

Discussion in 'GT4 Tuning' started by =drifting24/7=, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. nd 4 holden spd

    nd 4 holden spd (Banned)

    Once I get time I shall likely drive it just to see if that "heaviness" is gone.
  2. Skygrasper550

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    finally, here is my setup..,

    Spoon Civic Type R
    (266 hp)(144 ft/lb)

    Parts to buy:

    NA Stage 2
    Port Polish
    Engine Balancing
    Racing Brakes
    Brake Controller
    FC Transmission
    TR Clutch
    RC Flywheel
    FC LSD
    FC Suspension
    S3 Tires (default)
    Oil Change

    Parts Settings:

    4 / 9

    Spring Rate : 9.5 / 9.0
    Ride Height : 100 / 110
    Shock Bound : 3 / 4
    Shock Rebound : 6 / 7
    Camber : 2.5 / 1.3
    Toe : -1 / -2
    Stabilizer : 2 / 4


    first set to default, max out final drive, set autoset then each gear ratio:

    Autoset : 1
    1st : 3.889
    2nd : 2.882
    3rd : 2.320
    4th : 1.911
    5th : 1.622
    6th : 1.407
    Final : 4.000

    *thanks to nd 4 holden spd for the tranny trick.., :)

    Initial : 20
    Accel : 55
    Decel : 10

    Weight : 40
    F/R Balance : -15

    Driving Aids
    all 0 / off

    NOTE: this is still an experimental setup.., i know it can be still made better, but for now have fun with this setup.., :)
  3. nd 4 holden spd

    nd 4 holden spd (Banned)

    No worries mate, I'll get right on that for you..........well, not right now- it's late at night- as soon as I can :sly:

    PS- Psst, D24/7, you forgot to put in the part in tranny trick where you max the final drive. The explaination should go something like: Transmission trick, first reset default, then max out final drive, then set auto to 1. From there modify final ratio and then each individual gear.

    Edit: THE REVIEW*cue evil music, mwuhahahaha*
    I switched the ol' GT4 on now anyway, when the thought occured that I may not even get to play it tomorrow anyway. First I will start by saying that this car seems very well thought out- it's clear right from the parts bought down to every little settings applied you've put a lot of time and effort into this machine. I'm impressed to say the least with your dedication. Now, first I honour your not buying the RC Exhaust, it doesn't need any more power and it actually sounds like a car now :dopey: The brake balance is well suited and gives the car fairly adequate turn-in. The gearing has had everything possible done to stop wheelspin, and while it will never stop in this car, thanks to gearing and a very well thought out weight balance (not too much weight, and a good- slightly forward positioning without going so far as to cause understeer) wheelspin is quite controllable. The suspension works, as does the diff to help the car pull up and get around corners and get going again without too many issues (for a Spoon Civic anyway :sly: ) Your tune has helped propel the car to under 2'10 at GVS, I achieved a time of 2'09.341 after just a few laps. The car still has some nose push at high speed sweepers especially, but also at some low speed exit corners. I don't know if that can be rectified but it's worth a shot. I think the front camber can also afford to be reduced to 2.0 or less even- as low as 1.6 probably. This will help those front tyres to claw and grip at the road and help pull the car around corners while obtaining better all round traction. It's an FF after all.
  4. Skygrasper550

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    oh yeah, i forgot about that.., sorry, my bad..,

    thank you very much for the nice review.., now, i will explain why i put in weight balance: i had to adjust it such that the Spoon's front end will push down on the road while not increasing the understeer anymore and so not to affect the car's acceleration, just like what you said.., i tested it on Citta 'di Aria (as usual), and as i was testing it i had to determine how much weight the ballast has to have, and in where i should place it.., after a few T&E (Trial & Error) adjustments, i think i finally got it right - simply put, the ballast now simulates another person sitting in the passenger's seat :sly::D

    i'm still having problems with the suspension though, i'll take your advice..,

    want to know how long i have been tuning and perfecting this car?? 2 months.., and i won't stop there.., :D:)

    so, what about it?? is the car good?? or bad?? on a scale of 10, how would you rate it??
  5. nd 4 holden spd

    nd 4 holden spd (Banned)

    I could tell that was what you did with the ballast, very smart. I normally don't rate cars, but just this once, for an FF car, I shall give it a 7/10
    Yes I'm a harsh son of a :sly:
    The tune is really good, if it was just the tune I'd give say a 9/10, but that Spoon Civic will always have issues, you've certainly done your best to rectify those issues. If Touge Tuners gets off the ground I'm not waiting 3 months a piece for each car. :lol:
  6. Skygrasper550

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    you really are a harsh son of a :censored: :lol:
    thanks a lot anyway..,

    duh, why would i do that on all of my cars? :dopey: this is a special one.., i take my time when i tune cars that are hard to tune.., :)

    hmm, maybe i'll just turn Touge Tuners into a division instead.., i too, am beggining to like again cars with circuit-race setups.., if you get what i mean. :sly:
  7. nd 4 holden spd

    nd 4 holden spd (Banned)

    Yes I do get what you mean, you want to drive my Holden Monaro :sly:
    Or one of Aussie Tuner's other cars, did you get that Tigra yet?

    PS- No you don't owe me, so don't worry.
  8. Skygrasper550

    Skygrasper550 Premium

    yes, i do owe you one.., i haven't tested your Tigra yet, because of exams and loads of school work.., well since my hardship has just ended a moment ago, i'll give your Tigra a shot.., :tup:

    (also thinks about improving the Spoon Civic..,)
  9. nd 4 holden spd

    nd 4 holden spd (Banned)

    Don't over-do yourself :sly:
    I'm pretty sure you don't owe me, I got a decent Spoon Civic out of all this.
  10. Skygrasper550

    Skygrasper550 Premium

    next step: no transmission trick. i have set up the tranny a while ago, i don't think it's good enough though.., back to the drawing board!! :D
  11. gtfan007


    ..i love your setup--i give 9.5/10
  12. Skygrasper550

    Skygrasper550 Premium

    thank you very much.., so, how'd it go?? was the car "different" from when it was in stock??
  13. gtfan007


    I know im replying after almost 4 years -.-

    Yes, it was very good back then. Know im just waiting for gt5 and hope you give some tunes for civic spoon type-r.