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    Which forum to use?

    The Gran Turismo 5 section is split into multiple sections and there may sometimes appear to be some crossover between them. Posting in the right section is important as it will attract the right audience and the right attention - and not generate work for the staff tidying it up!

    Gran Turismo 5 - This is a general scope forum. If it's not covered by any of the other forums, this is the forum in which to discuss it.
    GT5 Questions & Answers - This forum covers help with issues in the game not covered by any of the other forums below.
    GT5 VIP Forum - This forum is only for GTPlanet Premium members... Its secrets shall remain its own...
    GT5 Online Competitions - This link takes you to the Online Events forum at GTPlanet. If you wish to find or start a race series or club, this is forum to use.
    GT5 Seasonal Events - This part of the forum deals with everything to do with the Seasonal Events section of Gran Turismo 5. Since the most recent GT Academy competitions have been first entered through Seasonal Events, discussion about the Academy can be found here too.
    GT5 Marketplace - If you are looking for cars, tickets, items or museum cards, or have excess you wish to be rid of, this forum allows you to find users to with whom to exchange these things.
    GT5 Photomode Forums - These forums allow you to view and share photographs taken from within the game. Anything to do with Photomode, including photography competitions, can be found in this area.
    GT5 Tuning Forum - Anything to do with general tuning of your cars is in here. You may find specific settings or help here.
    GT5 Course Maker - All discussion regarding the Course Creator is in this forum. Tips on how to make certain kinds of course are here and also users who have created interesting circuits...
    GT5 Videos - A general forum for all kinds of videos made with Gran Turismo 5.
    GT5 Race Reports - A forum for discussing attempts at certain races. You'll find users' Gran Turismo diaries in here, along with help and suggestions for some more difficult or interesting races.
    GT5 B-Spec Forum - This forum covers everything to do with the B-Spec part of the game.
    GT5 Drag Racing - A more focussed forum for dealing with aspects of drag racing and tuning for drag racing.
    GT5 Drifting Forum - Another single-scope forum for dealing with all aspects of drifting and drift tuning in GT5.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Standard/Premium - what is it and what's the difference?

    Most of the cars in the game are Standard cars. These are largely carryovers from GT4/GTPSP with the odd new-to-the-series car (Jaguar XFR '10) and the occasional earlier relic (Lamborghini Nomad Diablo) added in for good measure. The remaining 200 or so are the Premium cars. They are wholly new, GT5P carryovers or legacy model upgrades.

    The differences are:
    • Full cockpit view on Premiums only; Standards originally had no cockpit, but an update added a basic black-framed cockpit for them (though some open topped cars have more detail)
    • Premiums available at the New dealerships, Standards available at the Used Dealership or Online Collector Dealership. Both are also available as prize cars, but you won't find either in the other dealer.
    • Wheel change originally on Premiums only; This was added to Standards too in a later update
    • Higher specification in-game models for Premiums
    • Functional, switchable windscreen wipers for Premiums
    Otherwise the cars behave the same and can be raced together on the same track at the same time, though you may find Premiums have better headlights during night races.

    Speaking of prize cars...
    Right here. Prize cars can only be won once each.

    The Bugatti Veyron...
    Is a standard car, yes.

    Where can I get ... car?
    If it's on that prize car list, you go win it there. Otherwise is it Premium? New car dealerships. Is it Standard? Used car dealerships (or Online Collector's Dealership).

    Yeah, but where do I get the Red Bull X1 (X2010/X2011)? I want, I want, I want!
    It's on the prize car list above. But, to save the bother of clicking one link:
    • One Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel is awarded when you beat the Red Bull X Challenge, which itself is unlocked at level 30.
    • One Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel is awarded automatically when you reach level 35 in B-Spec.
    • One Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel was awarded automatically in October 2011 to celebrate Sebastian Vettel's Formula One World Championship victory
    • One Red Bull X2010 is awarded when you achieve all silvers in the Red Bull X Challenge
    • One Red Bull X2010 Prototype is awarded when you achieve all golds in the Red Bull X Challenge
    • The Red Bull X2010 is available to buy at Level 40 in the New Dealerships (under "Gran Turismo")
    • The Red Bull X2011 Prototype is available through DLC Race Car Pack and will be gifted directly. It then becomes available to buy at Level 40 in the New Dealerships (under "Gran Turismo")

    Where do I get the Polyphony Formula GT?
    Is it Premium? No. Is it Standard? Yes, so it's in the used car dealership. It doesn't come up very often, but then when was the last time you went to a used car dealer and he had a $5m F1 car on the forecourt?

    There is always a Polyphony Formula GT available in the Online Collector's Dealership too.

    Car list...
    Here, yes (thanks, Fido_le_Muet). This is currently a master car list of names and models with Premium and Standard status. If you need more detail than that, there is a complete list available as an Excel file in this thread.

    PSN Trophies?
    Here, with a guide (and spoilers for the hidden trophies).

    The used cars seem random. Is there a way to get a specific car I want/need?
    The Used Car Dealership isn't random - it's a preset list. However where you start on that list does appear to be randomly generated and it's locked to the console (so all Day 1 UCDs on all accounts on one console will be identical and it will regenerate to a completely different list if you move your gamesave to another console. There are people working on finding this out. Watch this space. Or that one.

    What are "Stealth" and "Chromeline" cars
    These were available as preorder bonuses and special edition bonuses. The Chromeline cars were five cars available in the Signature and Collector editions. The Stealth cars were either available two at a time from various stores for preordering or all six in the Signature editions. A further Chromeline car - the XJ13 - is available to players in the EU for a game on Facebook.

    Course Maker/Photomode
    We have forums for discussing Course Maker and Photomode. The people in there are the experts and reading what they have to say is the ideal way to learn how to get the best out of these features.

    Game days
    These aren't tracked in-game like previous games. You can keep a manual track - every time the game loads a track, a day passes except for Time Trials and Drift Trials in Seasonal Events (A-Spec and B-Spec Challenges in Seasonal Events are normal). Outside the game, your save file will tell you your current game day. Highlighting the save file gives you that data.

    What's the quickest way to get money?
    Discussion thread here (thanks, burti35).

    As things stand, the absolute fastest way is to do a Seasonal Event Time Trial with the 200% login bonus active. This will give you 1 million credits, but can only be done once. However, other Seasonal challenges often give excellent prize money too and can be redone as often as you wish. They do have a limited lifespan, though their replacements are just as good.

    How to unlock Nurburgring for Arcade and Practice Modes?
    In the original version of the game, the various versions of the Ring had to be unlocked for Arcade and Practice modes by participating in the AMG Challenge (Special Events) at Intermediate level. Players must have reached Level 12 in A-Spec mode to be able to access this event. Scoring Bronze awards in all five sections unlocks the Nordschleife circuit (with and without time/weather changes); all Silvers unlocks the 4 hr circuit (Nordschleife and GP/D circuit combined) with no time/weather changes; all Golds unlocks the 24 hr circuit (Nordschleife and GP/F circuit combined) with time and weather changes. There was no other way to unlock these circuits (from here).

    This was amended in an update (v1.05) to have these circuits are unlocked from the start. If you haven't updated yet, the above still applies.

    XP - How much do I need?
    Hither (thanks, hubble618) - and the amount for each level is the same whether you're in A-Spec or B-Spec.

    Which cars can have Racing Modification applied to them?
    17 cars can be 'race modified' in GT Auto, as described in this list here.

    How do I get rare paint chips like Matte and Chrome
    For every 30th car added to your garage, you are awarded a rare paint chip from the Matte (several colours) and Chrome (silver or gold) chips. The award is made randomly - you may get Gold Chrome on car 30, or never.

    Which racing cars are in which categories? Group C, JGTC etc
    Race cars have been broken down into categories in this thread.

    How do I do this race/series?
    Like the Wind
    Historic Cup

    Like the Wind
    Historic Cup
    Formula GT

    Helpful Threads

    Master Car List (Fido_le_muet) - Contains a list of all the cars in the game, originally started before the game's launch to track vehicles seen in pre-release footage; Includes pictures!
    Complete Car Database (Famine) - Contains a downloadable Excel file with power, weight, purchase level requirements, purchase location and drivetrain data.
    Prize Car List (OkeyD) - A list of all of the prize cars from all events in the game.
    Race Modified Cars (joe8) - A list of all the race modifiable cars in GT5.
    Cars from Birthday/Level Tickets (GSD) - Listing all of the available tickets in the game and all cars available from them.
    Master Track List (CyborgGT) - An overall list of all the tracks in the game.
    Track Maps (AMG.) - Maps to all the tracks.
    Trophy Guide (Famine) - A list of all the PSN Trophy requirements and a short guide for how to acquire each.
    The GT5 Matrix (garbuckle) - Listing all the 1st place prize money and XP for all the races in the game, along with money/XP per minute of racing.
    XP Requirements (hubble618) - Showing the XP requirements to advance to each level in A- or B-Spec
    All your DLC questions answered here (Mike Rotch) - All your DLC questions answered. There.
    The GT5 Collectible Gear Reference (ch1potle) - Pictures of all the helmets and suits in GT5.

    Popular Discussion Threads

    Kazunori Yamauchi Tweets - A thread following Kazunori Yamauchi's Twitter feed, and discussion of the sometimes cryptic messages contained within...
    GT5 Used Car Database - A thread dedicating to logging the contents of the entire, massive but preset Used Car Dealership cycle.
    GT5 Car Catalogue - A helpful guide, with downloadable files, for GT5 collectors (Duck)
    GT5 Star In A Reasonably Priced Car - Top Gear's famous feature, only with GTPlanet celebrities (RACECAR)
    Forza 4 vs. GT5 Physics - A discussion of the physics underneath GT5 and how it compares to other similar games (notably Forza Motorsports 4).
    GT5 General Discussion - A general, no-focus topic covering everything to do with GT5.

    As always, be aware of the site's FAQ and Acceptable Use Policy in all things.

    If you have any requests for additions to this thread, please PM me or any other member of staff
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