Remembering GTPlanet Member Steve Travis, a.k.a. "FoolKiller"

Even though it's been a few days it still hits me hard, even had a few friends who didnt know him listed to me vent. Myself and Steve were never super close, but ever since he found me; seeked me out, and added me on social media, I knew he was different. It's amazing what that can do to a person. No matter how grim things were he always sought the good in others.

Steve was an amazing gift to the world, an amazing person who was always selfless and there for me even when I was ignorant or better yet arrogant. He's found peace and he deserves all of it. He was an amazing man and person and irreplaceable. It was news I had never hoped to hear. It deeply botherw me that he is gone. I miss and love you Steve. May you rest in peace brother. We love you.
I only had a little interaction with FoolKiller in the food thread.

I didn't always agree with him politically, but I would never engage him in any of the political threads even if I disagreed with him, because he was so knowledgeable.

What surprises me, is the amount of emotion his passing brought on me, and from what I've been reading, to so many people here.

I find it heart wrenching to go back through the food thread, and see the pictures of him and his daughter.

RIP FoolKiller
What surprises me, is the amount of emotion his passing brought on me, and from what I've been reading, to so many people here.

He was very sincere and shared a lot of his life and thoughts with us so we knew him quite intimately, or at least that's how I felt. He'd hardly ever post crap, like some of us do, especially myself after a few beers, and his posts were genuinely well thought out and a pleasure to read. I had to tell him several times how much enjoyment I got from his posts because they really made great reading.

Knowing his struggle and how much he went through, coming so close yet having the rug pulled out from underneath, I think it came as a surprise and shock to most of us.
Nothing short of depressing.

While that is truly understandable try not let it be that way.

Steve played the cards he was dealt, sure it wasn't the best hand one could have but that's the way it was.
He made the most of life he could and it's his wife Stacey and Daughter Tova that he loved and lived for. Thing is I know even in the limited time he spent with Tova I know he would have and will continue to be and huge influence on her.

Life is cruel at times and while I'm not a religious man I do take solace in the fact that sometimes sadly it's the good ones that are taken way too soon from us.

RIP Steve.
Damn... That's a shame. I really hate to see this, but at least now he can rest easy.

Rest in Peace, FoolKiller.
If anyone enjoyed the company of FoolKiller, it was me. I remember in earlier times covering college football and college basketball, I would ask him for his thoughts on his Wildcats. Even in topics outside of college basketball, he was a respectful guy who never really held a grudge against anyone. So I was especially sad to learn of his passing. I have the utmost respect for him and still do.

My condolences go out to all whom have known and loved FoolKiller.
So shocked and sad to see Steve go. While I didn't know him personally outside of GTPlanet and PSN I will miss him and his posts.

My thoughts are with his family.

R.I.P Steve aka Foolkiller
Wow this is a shock. I didn't always agree with some of his views, but he was still one of my favourite members here. One of the smartest persons I've ever met on the internet. The world lost a great human being.

I feel so sorry for his family and I hope they'll be able to cope with this incredible loss.

May he rest in peace.
So sad that FoolKiller has left us, and that at such a young age. For years he has been able to make me reconsider my stances on so many subjects. You will be missed Steve, by so many. My condolences to your family and friends. :(
Steve had a big effect on the forums here & it's easy to see why so many members are saying they're as saddened by his passing as they would be by losing somebody close to them.
GTP won't be the same without him.

My pink tutu avatar is there as a tribute to him in a way that remembers his efforts for charity after he showed us the photo of him wearing one just over a year ago.
I remember reading the bionic thread in awe, how was this guy so open and matter-of-fact about something quite frankly terrifying?! To that end, I appreciate his inspiration and example to all.

Needless to say, it's gutting that things have gone this way for Steve / FoolKiller and his family and friends. My thoughts with them also.

May he rest in peace.
Oh god this is horrible news. Steve was one of the mainstays of GTPlanet for me and will never be forgotten.

RIP Steve
A big loss to the forum. Not only did I appreciate his postings in general and when I, a non-American, asked or posted about American topics but also it was so lovely the way he talked about his daughter. She is definitely on the right path.

Donated. Your name and contributions here won't be forgotten, FoolKiller.
I heard about this through Duke's post on Facebook. When I first read it, I inly saw Steve's real name, which I never knew, and my eye skipped over his GTP name, so it was several hours before I realised that Duke was talking about a member of the GTP family. I too enjoyed discussing matters at hand with him. He was a skilled writer.

Many condolences to Steve's family. May he rest in peace.
RIP Foolkiller
Condolences to his family....

We all know some topics where he was passionate about, I may remember him by his cooking skills, and what he was able to achieve in foods being so restricted by ingredients...

We will miss his avatar poping up next to a clever written post
Sad to see someone left this world. Hope he did well in the afterlife.

A knowledgeable and thoughtful person on forums, mainly in opinions subforums.