Remembering GTPlanet Member Steve Travis, a.k.a. "FoolKiller"


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For someone I never personally met, he was someone I thought and spoke of often. A great guy who will truly be missed.

My thoughts are with his family.

RIP Steve


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Copy/paste from the Premium section, with some additions:

Is it weird that I'm more shaken by a "stranger" on the internets death than I was by my brother's? Shows just how influential and awesome Steve was.

Thoughts are with his family.

The outpouring of admiration that everyone had for Steve is fantastic to see. The links @Jordan provided with Steve's "most liked" and "longest" posts have brought back a lot of memories, some from a decade ago, and it's been great to read through those again.

You will be sorely missed, Steve.


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I am standing in line at the funeral home right now; I've been here for an hour and am barely halfway!

I have been to a lot of funeral services, but I've never seen anything quite like this. The first 15 minutes of the line are even outside, in a freezing cold rain. What an incredible testament to the impact Steve had on so many people. :eek:
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I hardly knew him, but what I did know of him, he seemed like a genuinely great guy. I hadn't even known about his health issues until after his passing. I'll definetlt be trying to make some life changes in light of his passing.

Even when times looke bleak, he still seemed to find a way to keep his spirits up. He really is the embodiment of this site; that GTPlanet isn't just an online forum, but the community is a family.

Godspeed, @FoolKiller. Thank you for being a part of the GTPlanet family.


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I am standing in line at the funeral home right now; I've been here for an hour and am barely halfway!

I have been to a lot of funeral services, but I've never seen anything quite like this. The first 15 minutes of the line are even outside, in a freezing cold rain. What an incredible testament to the impact Steve had on so many people. :eek:
Clearly a testament to the kind of person Steve was.

A lot of people are gonna miss him. Myself included.

RIP @FoolKiller


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Don't think I had much direct interaction with the man, but when we did post in the same thread, there was no mistaking that Foolkiller avatar. One of those guys that seems to be ingrained almost into the coding of this forum.

Rest in Peace Steve, sorry I never got to know you better.
My condolences to his family and loved ones.
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Very sorry to hear this news. My love and condolences to his family and friends.
I'm touched to read his GT Planet tribute - it goes to show how once the dust setttles on any debate we've all had on one thing or another, we're all part of the same family.
Always remembered, rest in peace.


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I can't really think of anything to say..maybe it's the surprise of this. I'm never a fan of goodbyes and I never will be because I feel it signifies the end of something. But the only thing that I can think of to say at this very moment is:

Goodbye, @FoolKiller. May you rest easy now.
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I barely even met the guy, sorry to say...but a dying veteran, hurts everyone's hearts.

Hope heaven's your place now, Steve. My regards to his family too.


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I know it's not deeply profound, enlightening, or anything like that, but this one interaction with Steve always stuck in my head (from a Premo section thread):

@FoolKiller - I get this urge most times I read your posts, but I just thought I'd toss it out there now: you're an awesome dad 👍


But thanks for saying it.

Without fail, he could see the light in things, even with the deck stacked against him. On his attitude alone, I can't think of many people you'd be better off having in your corner, no matter what life were to throw at you.

Reading this thread is just a small sampling of all the lives Steve touched. He will be missed.
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After hearing tidbits about the Premium forum thread documenting one of our member's battle with heart disease, but not knowing who, I was happy to see that it seemed like a battle the member not publicly mentioned was winning the fight. I'm really surprised to see that it was FoolKiller, such a household name here.

He was definitely part of the furniture. Never once thought negatively of him, as would most people. Strongly opinionated and had a strong impact on everyone he interacted with it seems. GTPlanet won't be the same without him. Offering my condolences to his family. Rest in Peace, FK.
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I never really had any interaction with him, even reading any of his posts but having read even just a few since the news has got me feeling like a true friend was lost. I didn't know about health problems until his thread was put up for voting in the thread of the year from the premium section and now I wish i was a bit more active because he would have been a great person to know. More of you knew him much more closely so there's a lot more you'd be able to express but I think it's safe to say a true friend, a stalwart of our forums even, has been lost. This was barely even hello and now it's goodbye, rest easy good sir.


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I am standing in line at the funeral home right now; I've been here for an hour and am barely halfway!

I have been to a lot of funeral services, but I've never seen anything quite like this. The first 15 minutes of the line are even outside, in a freezing cold rain. What an incredible testament to the impact Steve had on so many people. :eek:

I know I don't speak only for myself when I say "thank you", @Jordan for representing our community. It's a very brave and noble thing you're doing. I'm sure many of us would have liked to have been there to pay our respects in person but it just isn't possible.


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It was truly a tragic turn I certainly didn't see coming. I never thought we'd lose him.

He made those of us who came in contact with him better. I'm really convinced of that. Really hate losing a good one like him, especially so early. Rest in peace my friend.
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I have a little more to get out, I read through his premium health update thread and just broke down until I remembered this prayer I have in my wallet.

A Prayer for You

Today I said a prayer
To help you through the day.
I asked the Father for wisdom
To send upon your way.

I asked Him to guide you
In all you attempt to do
To give you His confidence
And strength to help you through.

I prayed for understanding
So you could walk in love
I asked the Father to give you
His blesssing from above.

I asked him to send you help
In whatever lies ahead
He told me Jesus is there
To carry your burdens instead.

May this prayer I prayed for you
Be comforting you today
To let you know my friend
You are thought of in everyway.

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." - Philippians 1:3

You will be sorely, sorely missed Steve. May you rest in peace.
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Steve's struggle for a heart pushed me into finally signing myself up as a donor. He's also one of the members who made me realize that drinking a bottle of Coke a day isn't the brightest thing. I loved how he talked about his government job. His recipes. His relentless passion for the Heart organization.

What I will miss the most is, no matter what happened to him is that he was always positive about life.

And for what's it's worth, my eyes get wet again just typing this. That's the impact and legacy Foolkiller has left behind.
This, this and this.

When I signed as a donor, I was remembering reading about Steve's health and knowing that I could literally be a life-saver to somebody else that won't be left searching for organs (seriously, sign up) is comforting.

I'm fairly certain he had a positive impact on my diet too, had awesome salt-less recipes and reading about his certain health issues is probably what impacted me on cutting a lot of unhealthy junk (mostly coke and stuff) from my diet.

I know for fact that I'm not the only person who Steve has positively impacted, and I didn't even have that much interaction with him! I don't think anybody had a bad word to say about him and I'll miss him.

"Sure, everyone dies alone. But if you mean something to someone, if you help someone, or love someone. If even a single person remembers you, then maybe, you never really die at all."
You will be remembered, RIP Steve.


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I don't really visit GTP anymore, but I used to be a regular a couple of years ago and I saw Jordan's post on Facebook. Steve always seemed like a down to earth guy, and he will be missed by a lot of people. Thoughts are with his family. RIP Steve.


Although we were never close, I did interact with Steve a few times and followed his story and read his posts attentively.

Knowing his struggle and then looking at the way he dealt with it became an inspiration for me and should be an example for every human being. Frankly speaking, I don't think there is anyone I admire more in this whole community than him.

The fact that we have roughly the same age and that I also have a little daughter makes this particularly touching for me.

My thoughts are with his family. In particular, his little daughter, towards whom he showed infinite love - even through an internet forum - and was obviously very proud of.

Goodbye, FoolKiller. You will be missed.
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As I said on my wall when I heard the news, it made me pretty sad. The guy was nice, informative, and seemed to be well with it even going through what he had to. I will miss him a ton, cause as I said he was one of those people I looked up to, and wished I could be as well spoken and insightful to others as he was. I think what really got me the hardest and caused me to break down a bit over this, was he was a father of a little girl. And one that seemed to really love her father (of course), but just above and beyond.

And as I look at my two little girls, I have to be grateful that I can be there for them every day and hope that I continue to be a great person in their lives. Just as he was to his daughter and others. I sadly wont ever get to meet Foolkiller (Steve) in real life, but his impact was massive, and it will be hard to not miss him going forward. I'm glad he no longer has to go through the great struggle he did, and I wish the best for his family. I wish I could say something more but it's hard so Rest in Peace.
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It's always sad to hear about a fellow GTP'er like this. I've seen his posts around here and they were very helpful, hopefully they can help other people as well. Prayers to his family from me. Rest in peace Steve. You'll be missed.