RIP Midnight Club

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  1. lordalucard


    Was gonna play Midnight club couple of days ago but for some odd reason the disc was cracked?

    RIP Midnight Club
  2. ItsHim

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    That's really grave - just as I was wondering if I should finally pick up MC:LA I stumble across this news.

    Well, time to go to the shops I think.

    Oh, and in case there's anyone left who hasn't played MC3 (remix!) - get off your sorry backs and pop it in into your PS2 - the graphics are stunning and gameplay is very daring from time to time. Top notch game!
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  3. sems4arsenal

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    Really ,If you are serious then I would love to see them :tup:
  4. Prince.M5


    This is sad.. I really enjoyed playing MC3. All I heard was that the MC-LA was a dissapointment.. I really hope it wasn't true since I never have my hands on it yet.

    The first MC I played was the MC2 and it really was a cool game. MC3 is just one of a kind and I really do hope R* San Diego think about this because it really is a great racing game.

    RIP Midnight Club :(
  5. Detroitbb


    Midnight Club 3 was one of my favorite racing games of all time. Obviously it is an arcade racer and can't really be judged against a simulation-style game like Gran Turismo... but it was the best arcade auto racing game (in my humble opinion).

    MC:LA was a bit of a let down - it's as if they just wanted to make a quick buck using Midnight Club's good name and reputation.
  6. TorqueHappenS08


    United States
    Lol....that flying "Tokyo" car on Midnightclub...was insane..i use drive"Fly" that thing around every where in new york...any body remember going through that old factory and up the ramp and shooting onto the other building roof tops? Mc1...had alot of car altercations to...

    The freaking taxi cab with the snow plowel.. Murauder.

    The BUS....running motorist down with it couldnt be stopped.

    The ice cream truck...the mail truck...and so on.
    Nostalgia moment coming up.. in tokyo on the train tracks...on a bike, getting run over by sed train, and sent flying...

    driving up to people in tokyo...hearing them speak japanese...then running them over..

    Jumping as high as you possibly could in the skyline on LA, in the sewer runs.

    Driving into the gas stations...while boosting...

    That chick talking named regina...who became your girl friend, who followed you through the entire game...

    Man MC2 had some great charecters and animations....Like that yakuza dude in the Seiko turbo(Supra with veil side wide body kit)

    That fast ass bike...

    Driving on the stairs in shibuya then that huge jump through the mall.

    Caputre the flag...freezing city turbos(Civic turbos)

    Moving onto MC3...

    Car shows on xbox live....who had the best pearlesent paint job...Run by gangsters.

    Jumping that HUGE ramp in Atlanta in a ME412 and Flying half way across the map.

    bouncing the hydrolics as high as they could go....hopping in glitches and what not...

    Just cruising around in the rotating camera mode.

    Drifting the Whole Atlanta freeway system...

    Driving in the snow on detroit...crashing into everything in sight..

    Driving on the wangan in tokyo...and slamming into traffic..

    Pushing AI into the trains....

    I could go on forever....

    Ah the memories!!!

    I would say RIP...

    But its still got a alittle hope...

    Now i shall pop in MCLA(just got it) and see what's up...Knowing me i'll just cruise around LA in my 240sx prentending to be a acual citizen...cause thats just how i roll.
  7. Aces & Eights

    Aces & Eights

    They'll only stop making MCs to put those MC Physics into the ultimate GTA game, because we havnt heard anything about a newer GTA or MC so they may be holding out on us.
  8. Blank_Redge


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    Holy Thread Necro, Batman. o_o
  9. trangurismo


    That sucks. MC:LA was a disappointment, MC3 was pretty good, and MC2 was awesome. I was hoping the next MC game will be like MC2 but it looks like that's not happening. :(
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  10. Darren.


    United Kingdom
    Maybe PD or Criterion might make a new one.
  11. marcus_war


    I wouldn't be surprised if THQ, Namco, or Eutechnyx picked it up. But, in many ways, MCLA was flawed. Damn great game, but with issues.

    The physics engine was ok, but needed improvement. If you hit a light post at 140 mph, you somehow bounce off of it. And occasionally you could move cars with your bike at 50 mph. I don't want this in GTA.

    Weather system was horrible.

    But online play suffered from freezing issues. And everyone was laggy.

    But the cars looked amazing. And a visual improvement over MC3 for NPVs as they don't look like RC cars from a ps1. Skid marks were also where they belonged, on the ground (except for the bike glitch at the boardwalk) and not on the walls or in the air.

    Overall, it was just a notch under MC3 and worthy to be played to this day.

    But as far as physics modeling is concnd, I prefer GTA4's RAGE engine.

    Sad to see the series end like this. All four games were fun. Especially that jet car in MC2 that had machine guns and bazookas (cheat coded) I was like rambo!
  12. Crumpet

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    United Kingdom
    The first Midnight Club I played was back when I was 4 - 6. I believe it was called "Midnight Club: Street Racing".

    What a great game, I loved racing the buses, made up cars and playing games on 2P with my Brother. Chasing eachother around to see who could sustain the less damage.

    I really liked LA when it came out, it was a really enjoyable game, and I'm really sad to see such a great franchise come to an end.
  13. With a EG6

    With a EG6

    I will always miss MNCLA. I sold it ages ago because i lost all my data and i could not face seeing it or playing it again. :indiff: I shall buy it again some time......
  14. TankAss95


    I've only played L A but it was a really great game. It also had Feeder in the music playlist! Well goodbye MC. :(
  15. ImprezaAddict


    I logged 1000+ hours into MC3. Online was the place to be. I was one of the top drifters in MC3's fastest drift club in Atlanta.

    I love that game, it's what initiated me in online gaming. RIP Midnight Club.
  16. bass264


    Dominican Republic
    It was a awesome game,I just wish someone would make another one a or a game similar to it. :(
  17. oqvist


    Midnight club LA was amazing. In what way did it let down the old midnight club fans so they think it´s awful?

    Working good with wheel check. LA is beautifully rendered. Cars nicely modelled and it was truly challenging really giving you incentive learn all the short cuts.

    Can´t find anything in it that is utterly horrible.

    Make me wonder how much is nostalgia.
    I have a similar going with forza. Forza 2 my first Forza and had great fun with that. F3 and F4 demo and GT 5 so much deja vu it´s just not that interesting anymore :)
  18. PTK

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    United States
    well i know this is an old thread but since I was young I always played the MC series and loved the arcade feel of the game... I tryed LA but it just wasnt the same as I used to know.. wasn't fun to me... I loved 1-3remix and I still play them all today...This is really quite sad
  19. Bananasplat cat

    Bananasplat cat

    I don't get it LA was easily the best midnight club ever. Not because it was newer or had better cars it was because the gameplay was just on another level that no other midnight club could touch. True its sad that they killed it off but there is no need to say LA was terrible. That's almost like you going to your brothers funeral and spitting on his dead body. SHAME!!
  20. aceospades


    I really loved MCLA so much so that I even got the platinum trophy in it. After I completed it I deleted my save file so that I could do it all over again. It was easily the best arcade racer this gen imo and it really sucks that they may not make any more of them.
  21. brettono42


    It would be pretty cool if they made it with gt5 physics. It would be something new because I dont think thier is any street raceing game with real physics.
  22. SuperShouden

    SuperShouden (Banned)

    Midnight Club LA was just time consuming in my opinion. I played it for a little bit and it took me like 3 days to earn enough money to by a second car. That's what really killed the series. I mean, in GTA, after a few missions you've got enough money pretty much buy whatever you want, but with MCLA it took FOREVER to earn enough money to do anything with. And...there wasn't a lot to do. MC3 was much better, imo. It kinda sucks that the series might be dead, but if keeping it alive meant another MCLA style grinder...then good riddance. Don't get me wrong, the graphs in LA were awesome and I liked all the muscle cars...but....again...make money took way too long. I mean, the upgradability was supposed to be the strong point in that game pretty much had to beat the game to afford to use and even then you had to grind and grind to get the money to modify a car.

    They needed a couple of races where you could earn 50K or so each time. Yeah, it's still a little tedious, but it's better than the 5K grinding.
  23. Submerged

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    United Kingdom
    But if you did that, you'll lambast it as being far too easy to modify the cars.

    Having a limited cash meant you had to stick to the budget and make every choice count. It was closer to real life style of money management than anything else, which was a refreshing change from all the games that just give you a ton of money for doing simple, dumb stuff. Also, you had to really look hard at the stats and really drive the wheels off the damn car.

    Which made it fun.
  24. Bobert power

    Bobert power

    United States
    MC3 is and always will be the best MC game IMO. I remember getting 100% in MC3 when i was 10. It's hard to believe that was 5 years ago.:(
  25. 19988pasha

    19988pasha (Banned)

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    Same dude 100% on mc3 remix dub edition tho It was a blast and now its old and collecting dust somewhere in the house i finished when i was 8 or something.
  26. G219


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    If they did, I would never play any other video game again.
  27. Swara


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    I still love MCLA, but one issue it always has is that it gets stuck quite frequently.
  28. 1241Penguin

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    I would still be playing MCLA if it isn't for the fact that a) I have a G27, and using it in an arcade game feels terrible and b) the adaption to a more realistic game (i.e. GT5) has sort of alienated me from arcade racing games in general.
  29. 19988pasha

    19988pasha (Banned)

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    I really like mc3 not la mc3 was cool during the age of the ps2 but now they didn't make all ps3 compatible with ps2 games thats just bad they could have made more money I'm not buying any ps2 game but i would if it were compatible with ps3 with online functions and stuff plus i would get the good old games gt3 and gt4 (grand turismo not grand theft)
  30. Diogo

    Diogo (Banned)

    Dead !? :grumpy: RIP !!!!? :mad:

    He ain't dead , you can just buy another one and play online

    I got many MC and still loving them , but unfortunally I don't play online MCLA because I no one does it aswell ... It's like Juice , no one knows that awesome game that's basicly same as MC.

    Soo don't tell dead or RIP 'cuz he's still alive in our heads and playstations ;)