Super Unofficial DiRT 4 Thread (PS4/XB1/PC)

Hey guys, can you set elevation changes in dirt4 stage generation? Would be cool to try replicate hillclimb courses, and also race them downhill as well.
Thinking to get it now, so low price on sale on psn in n.a. now.
No, you can't. The stages are generated through a pre-set number of tiles that link a series of curves to each other. There is zero variety as far as stage generation is concerned beyond you asking for more sharp or less sharp turns in and between the tiles. The only elevation changes are pre-baked into the tiles which means that, no, there will be no elevation changes, and that you cannot create a stage with elevation change.
Unfortunately no elevation stages are possible. Still worth it though ;)
Yes sir, 👍, i just got it and love it, setups have a nice effect on how you like the cars to handle, and they do lose grip etc. Pretty good feel for me when all set to your liking.

The sounds are super, especially external sounds, and when turn cam to the front and swivel it back to the hood, it sounds amazing from the engine bay.
Nice game all around up to now.
Just be nice have a replay in the dirtfish gymkata type course, to look at the stunt style challenges you do.
Did a custom event and stages looked great, with lots dips, bumps. Cars look super, with nice damage, dirt etc.

Was having a ball in dirtfish with the wrx and lancer, in a mix of dirt and tarmac, super cool handling, grip edge to me. And effects from setups.
Anyhow, cheers.
Oh i like the copilot voice, so smooth nice woman voice ❤ haha, hay ok.

Edit: what an amazing rally sim game for me, just tried the focus 2001 on a faster wale stage kinda like Finland, super good all,around.
Even replays are super especially considering its generated stage, even the co-pilot is cool.

Super nice physics, controls, sounds, looks..
Woohoo hehe, giggling here from how pleasantly surprised i am.
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I tried other rallies like australia and sweden, only with a pad just now though, and it felt really light.
Also sound wasn't as good, and much worse than in dr1/2. Strange, even some cars like r5 category sound same.
I guess dr is still best.

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