You Could Win a Real Rally School Experience with DiRT Rally's Solberg World Cup

THat is a pretty cool thing they are doing.

Now what they need to do is put all the DLC on PS+ at a big discounted price so I can play. Lol
? Who got short changed?

@PJTierney So my friend won the FA Logitech G Livery competition and all is well, his livery is in the game, but he hasn't received any of his goodies for the win in nearly 2 months with only a "we will check" response. A lot of my friends are starting to wonder if he'll ever get his prizes, so maybe someone directly correlated to Codies here would help.

If the excuse is corona virus not letting the guys send the prizes, then maybe a digital compensation?? I mean he just wants his damn prizes and not be used again for free art
Oh that sucks big time.

I wonder if Alonso actually heard himself. Would be cool if he stepped in and put Codies on blast. If he did hear about this and couldnt take 1 min to send a tweet that kinda sucks too. I mean I bet hes got a bit of spare time on his hands at present lol.

Sadly I bet he did his part got paid and heard nothing more of it from Codies. Thought this fulla got compensated as per T&Cs of comp and sleeps like a baby.

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