|| Team BURST || Waiting endlessly for GT7

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The Hague
What has to do the FIFA with MCR man @monsterGAUZ

I hope to see you @Duman079 and everyone from Burst back soon into action, miss the Sunday Burst lobby hehe

Been talking with Lukas about FIFA for a couple of years now. I guess he was a bit too enthousiast about FIFA 15 lmao.
Good to hear MCR is doing well, hope we'll see you guys on our event again!

FIFA is for goobers... ;)
(-_-) ... You probably hating because you guys in the UK have to wait another day for the release...
Haha, I know you hate football. I can't imagine life without it man. Life would be way more boring. It would be like life without RWD cars. Impossibruu.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Cool! I want to see you online more du-du...

What tires you guys use for touge? CS/SH?

The new track is pretty good for touge.
Normally i run touge on SH tyres, But in rare times i'll run CS tyres 👍

I will be searching for drivers as of today. So i shall be hosting "Team BURST & friends Touge" lobbies in the week.
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Team BURST Touge announcement:

I would like to officially announce the newest member of the Team BURST Touge.


He is a highly skilled Touge Driver and a fellow Drifter with a passion you excel at what he does best.

Again i am pleased to have Kami aboard Team BURST!!!