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Right, basically I'm tired of Polyphony Digital acting like there are no errors in their game. Despite their communication improvements they haven't acknowledged any of the important bugs in GT6, not even when they fixed them (e.g. the pit stop bug, or the camber bug, or the MR handling bug, ...). And despite fixing those major issues in past patches, there's still many issues, some caused by patches, others in the game since launch. That's why I think a list of all current bugs in GT6 would be useful to have. It's a bit late to start this but there's still many errors in the game at this point which could confuse players or lead to misunderstandings in online lobbies. So it's great have a central source to look them up and report them, and I hope enough people are interested in this.

There's a similar thread on the official PlayStation forums with 90+ pages to go through, and this thread, at the time I became OP, already had 50+ pages but I'll try to gather all important information from these threads, and of course everything new you contribute here.

I'm trying to list bugs which are still occuring in the current version and which are reproducible and therefore could happen to anyone, it makes filtering information in the threads I mentioned (still valid or outdated, one time occurrence caused by an individual install/console/disk or not, etc) quite difficult. I'm also not sure yet how much detail I can give on each listed bug (what causes it/how to fix it), while trying to keep a stringent writing style and keeping descriptions short. For general bugs, e.g. in the Cars category, I might add lists or link threads/posts containing precisely which cars are affected later on. I also consider adding a list of major errors PD has already fixed as they refuse to list most things their patches do, so the only way to find out currently is following the Undocumented Changes threads.

  • Stockyard: Randomly loses all cars inside of it. It's unclear if it got fixed, I lost a lot of cars fairly recently myself (in v1.06, thread about it here).
  • Cockpit lighting: In many cars, the inside (cockpit view) is notably darker than outside cameras, affects the cockpit and environment (view out of windshield) so both are too dark using that camera setting. (Fix: Turn up brightness in the quick options of the pause menu, although even at max +EV the light is too dark in some cars. This also leads to simulated overexposure and it has to be adjusted once you switch views again.)
  • LOD (level of detail) on car models: Issue where brake lights don't appear turned on even at short distances, important at night.
  • LOD on car models: Issue where cars appear visually damaged at short distance (so they are still clearly visible), even when damage is fully disabled.
  • Rain effect inside cars: Better visibility when wipers are off than on, even in heavy rain at high speed. Wipers have no clear effect as water doesn't 'stick' to the windshield. No water on side windows. GT5 did this a lot better.
  • Handbrake: Even with the handbrake pulled, cars move slowly when parked on uneven surfaces (pretty much everywhere), sometimes even sideways. There also seems to be input lag (mentioned here, barely noticed this myself).
  • Topspeed: Inaccurate for some cars while it is accurate for others (extreme example is the SL55 '02, goes 235mph stock). Meanwhile the McLaren F1 cannot reach its famous topspeed of 231mph.
  • Aerodynamics: Various small issues. Performance Points aren't affected by this setting. As listed above, topspeed is inaccurate for some cars. Plus, adding aero parts to the car doesn't enable adjustable front aero, whereas even the smallest wing does.
  • NOS: The NOS scantling continuously and erratically flashes after pressing the button first time, until NOS is empty
  • Spoiler parts: Cars that have been de-winged still produce a shadow wearing a big wing.
  • Transmissions: Various cars modelled visually as automatic, act manual when you drive (e.g. Mustang GT '05, detailed list may follow).
  • Wrong brands: The SRT brand no longer exists, older Dodge and Chrysler models have been wrongly listed as SRT since game launch. The Dodge Ram, built in 2004, is wrongly listed under the brand RAM which was created in 2009.
  • BMW M3 GT2 Base Model '11: Not available in the car dealer. (Fix: Drive the BMW M3 GT (BMW Motorsport) '11 in Arcade Mode or purchase it.) It's one of the few cars that flash the headlights when you brake as well, reported here.
  • Bugatti Veyron 16.4 '13: This model does not exist. Production of the regular Veyron Coupé stopped in 2010 when the Grand Sport was released. It has the headlights of the Grand Sport which were never officially sold on the original Coupé. More detail about this weird car here.
  • Ferrari F430 '06: Gear indicator in dashboard does not work.
More detailed lists of wrongly represented cars here and here (thread was made for GT5 but is largely correct about GT6). More links to be added here soon.

  • "The race information is invalid": Bug that does not allow you to drive in any game mode in any vehicle, appears to happen under certain conditions after playing online. (More info here.) (Fix: Restart the game.)
  • Mount Panorama (Bathurst): Lots of technical issues caused by this track both online and offline, frame rate drops, tearing, sound stutter, completely cut sounds, freezes while driving, even freezes while moving around in photo mode's walk mode.
  • Ascari Race Resort: If you're going on track from the first pit position, the autopilot will most likely hit an invisible wall while exiting.
  • Goodwood Hillclimb: Visual damage is always activated, even in Arcade mode when the visual damage option is turned off.
  • Tire smoke/dirt particles: Missing on Nürburgring GP/F and Nordschleife VLN (4h) layout while they do appear on other Nürburgring layouts. On Bathurst they are missing too.
  • HUD: The entire head up display/UI occasionally flickers on track. It's a very brief moment of all on-screen information disappearing and reappearing immediately afterwards. Especially noticeable when using bumper cam.

  • All wheels with clutch & h-shifter: Customizable transmissions lock the clutch and h-shifter functions on many cars. Appears intentional to simulate sequential gears but makes no sense because it applies to random cars from any class and age, would only make sense on racing cars that have sequential transmission in reality.
  • Logitech G27: Extreme FFB vibrations while launching a car and driving at low speed (up to about 30mph), higher class tyres increase this issue.
  • T500RS: FFB strength on straights completely messed up since v1.09. (Videos + discussion here.)

Online Lobbies/Races
  • RA (real-time adjustment) menu: Locked during online races.
  • Restrictions: There are some cars that cannot be used in a "tuning prohibited" lobby, even if they are unmodified. In addition, in some cases even looking at car settings without changing them can render the car unusable in these lobbies.
  • Performance: Players joining the pit/track often cause everyone else to experience frame rate drops, FFB response for wheel users also stops for a second.
  • Name tags: Often wrong name tags appear above players when in free run in a lobby. This glitch is caused by players leaving the room and new ones joining, as the game doesn't load the new name tags while you are on track. (Fix: Leave the track & rejoin it.)
  • P2P (player to player) connection: Players cannot see each other on track. Sometimes, but not always this can be seen in the lobby menu as players appear to be loading for you when you cannot see them. Leads to more issues for others who see both players as the players not seeing each other can be at the same location. One of the oldest issues still plagueing lobbies, only occurs when the host is not set to fixed and connections are between players directly. Influenced by players' connection speed, quality, and often by distance (happens a lot in international lobbies with players from various countries). If the players rejoin this can be fixed at times, but the issue will most likely stay.
  • Race start: Since v1.09 races start in cockpit view, but looking back is not possible until you switch the camera. When you do switch cameras the first time, they do not switch in the normal order, further indicating messed up code.
  • Track changes: Sometimes track changes/track votes result in no change although the lobby chat says the track has been changed. Different scenarios can happen, either the previous track stays with no change, or the new track appears to be loading but doesn't, making the lobby look at a frozen frame of the track that's supposed to load. In rare cases I had the track load up minutes later (could be related to other people leaving).
  • Adding friends: After adding a person, you still cannot join that person's private lobbies until you both restart GT6. If only you restart the game, it will show his private room under "friends' rooms" but when you try to join it will always come up with the "room is full" error, even when it says it isn't on player count and the list shows there's free space too.
  • Joining a room: Error where after joining a room, the lobby screen appears, lobby members, their cars and chat correctly show and update, but the track and any further menus refuse to load. You can only read and write in the chat, but you cannot press the 'Leave' button. Only solution is to leave the game which can result in a system crash and forced reboot including a file system check. Possibly related to a host change while joining the room (had this only two times, but it was both times if the host changed while I joined).

That's it for now, feel free to post here if you have more bugs to report or if you're are able to add to descriptions/possible causes/solutions for the ones listed. I'm sure there's a lot to add to the current categories, and there could be new ones like A-Spec/offline racing as self category later on, suggest them if you like.
A lot of the things listed here are written by myself based on my own experiences with GT6, it's just now that I'm starting to add information from other threads. That's why a lot of the things aren't backed up with sources, while some, apparently random things do have a source linked. Feel free to ask for evidence of stuff listed.

Fixed/rewrote some bullet points, fixed formatting, added links.
Added info from this thread.
Added info from this thread and personal experience.

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This is a thread to report any glitches, errors or anything not right in your copy.

I'll start firstly with the Bumper cam glitch on the Lotus Europa.

I also pretty sure I hear tyre squealing noise from AI cars when driving in a straight line (Happened once)


Right will start to compile a list over the coming days with the most popular glitches:

-Online is filled with glitches and sometimes a person who crosses the finish line isn't classified as finished and gets lapped

-Online replays render a race incorrectly

-Wrong Tach on the 288 GTO

-Endurance races bug (If you come first sometimes the game won't realise this and have you finish lower) Possible fix is to not cross the finish line before the timer hits 0

-Online Pit bug

-In an online race, if other cars make a pit stop, the moment a car stops at it's pit stall, other racers on the track will notice a brief, momentary freeze/stutter.

-Now confirmed on several cars and by multiple sources, we have discovered that fitting custom wheels gives your 4 wheels/tyres of the same width. So in the case of cars that have wider rear tyres on stock rims, you lose rear grip and the whole balance of the car is ruined.

-Cars do stoppies under heavy braking before the 2 corner in Monaco

-3 beeps when quitting GT6

-No Engine sounds for a few moments after race begins
-Game freezes for a few seconds while racing

-Broken Online Pit Stops

-Dry Tyres work better than wets (On Wet Track surfaces)

-Tyre squeal on straight lines during replays

-Some errors when redeeming cars from packs

-AI doing stoppies when braking

- SL 55 AMG (R230) Weird wheel glitch in motion (replays)

-Changing you tuning sheet removes the driver number from Base model/RM cars

-New stockyard glitch. As we know cars put in the stockyard may disappear randomly or after online race. Now I have an instance of all but one car disappearing. This one car is impossible to sell, and if I try to move it to the garage the stockyard "crashes" and I skip straight to the main menu.

-Probably wise not to use the Stockyard


Several players continue to have this error (lost all cars and stars), apparently it is related to a strange "GARG" naming in the car settings (when you click on the A/B/C car sttings). This is NOT the "stockyard glitch" as far as I understand (it happened to players who never used the stockyard at all).

- @Jump_Ace has shared a serious issue that corrupts your save data
Okay so I ran the races same races again today and guess what? My gamesave got automatically corrupted somehowagain. I'm thinking this is somewhat related to what happened in GT5 when people opened/used the history car cards or whatever they were.

I'm making a video of what happens when the gamesave is corrupted. This is a serious issue. I won't go back and play career mode again until this is fixed I guess it's about time for my first GT6 online race! Thankfully I still have the one good gamesave 👍

I don't have much to go on, but here's what I suspect thus far:

1) The gamesave corrupts after you reach about 80% complete in career mode (anyone confirm thats not true?)
2) You 'shouldn't' have more than 22 million credits. My 'good' save is at 22 million and both times it's been corrupted, I was up to 23 million.
3) Gamesave file gets corrupted after completing one of the following events that I've recently done twice:
- Nascar races in IA
- Like the wind races in IA
- Suzuka 10 lap race in Super
- Silverstone 10 lap race in Super
4) You shouldn't have over 1250 cars between your garage and stockyard (484, 786 respectively)
5) Don't glitch for credits/cars? I see this as highly doubtful as I did this numerous times and the corrupted file only started days after I stopped glitching.
6) Manually saving after having 20 million or too many cars? I am thinking manually saving after having over 20 million does it? But thats just a thought more than anything.
7) Turning my SCR-Elite wheel off after I am done racing and starting a controller up to save and exit the game.
I will note that in both cases I have simply exited the game, not shut the ps3 down. And I have heard a few beeps when exiting GT6, but that hasn't been for many days now.

Here's the video of what happens after my gamesave gets corrupted:


And please guys don't post any exploits keep it clean :cheers:
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DM me
Sometimes when i finished 3rd (no, i am a better driver), i get 2 starts instead of 1. Read the post below me.

Two crashes happened to me, one when i finished the race at autumn ring and a second one while i browsing cars in the dealership. Nothing happened like freezes or crashes anymore.
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Bumper cam in Lotus Europa in London track reminds me this :


The first coffee break is broken, i get gold but it only shows silver. I need to be under 21 seconds, i got 20.450 it gives me gold but on the coffee break screen it shows silver.
Anyone else having problems with the license test IB-4? First time it took me to a random arcade race without cars, tracks or anything. Second time the whole console crashed and had to reboot. I hope the save game is not damaged. :(

Edit: It took 1,5 hours to get PS3's back-up loading operation done, and it almost failed. Luckily another reboot got it right. I'm afraid to try that license test again.
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United Kingdom
I got silver on the autumn ring mini kart race as I cooked the last corner so when I went to go back to it, it froze and I had to reboot, it's done it twice now :(
I have a few.

Firstly the rx7 gt limited savana has an unfinished cockpit view while driving at night, no lights on the dash at all it's all black, the lights on the bonnet don't show ( meant to flick up since they are pop up lights)

Secondly in a career race ( night masters race 2) I came first in the race but when the race was finished it showed me in last place on the grid.

And lastly when I was going around a fast speed corner my car decided to float in a straight line off the track, no tire screech at all, just lifted up off the floor and went straight.
Anyone else having problems with the license test IB-4? First time it took me to a random arcade race without cars, tracks or anything. Second time the whole console crashed and had to reboot. I hope the save game is not damaged. :(

Edit: It took 1,5 hours to get PS3's back-up loading operation done, and it almost failed. Luckily another reboot got it right. I'm afraid to try that license test again.

Exact same thing happened to me only it worked the second time i tried it. Also had the game freeze once on the menu


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I did an arcade race around the Nurburgring, set the weather variability to max and road starting at 0% wetness. It was raining heavily, and it didn't take long for the wetness to reach 100%. The rain started to slow down to a trickle, and the wetness began to decrease. The rain picked up again, but the wetness continued to go down, ultimately reaching 0% again before I finished the race despite there still being heavy rain.
First time it took me to a random arcade race without cars, tracks or anything.
I literally got this the first time I tried to do a time trial. Moving back to 1.00 solves the problem, but evidently it is not as recurring as I first thought. Still absolutely shocking and fatal error. Needs fixing without question this second.


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United Kingdom
I just crossed the start/finish line in 2nd place on lap 2 out of 3 and the game put me right down into 10th. Kind of annoying given they were 2 minute laps and I now have to stop playing for the weekend.
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United States
i had a game breaking error earlier, Was doing the B-4 license test. It loaded all fine but then the backgound went black and the race wouldnt actually load, so backed out and reselected the race which again loaded fine and without the black screen this time but anytime the race would start i would just sit at a picture of the background of the track with the 3-2-1 count down going. This effect was on all my races except id get a "Race may not be completed, Race info invalid" message.
Solved it by restarting the whole game but was kind of annoying and worrysome.
The 09' Abarth 500 has a different exhaust on each side of the tea bumper lol

Ok now I put racing exhaust and it looks right, except the exhaust flame it coming from the center of the rear bumper when the outlets are actually on each corner....
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Anyone else having problems with the license test IB-4? First time it took me to a random arcade race without cars, tracks or anything. Second time the whole console crashed and had to reboot. I hope the save game is not damaged. :(

Edit: It took 1,5 hours to get PS3's back-up loading operation done, and it almost failed. Luckily another reboot got it right. I'm afraid to try that license test again.
I was just doing the National B-5 License waiting for it to load when it flashed black for a moment and then loaded into a single-player Arcade race with no cars or track. I backed out of that and tried again and it seems to have loaded properly this time.