Things in GT6 you want "fixed". (Please read bold first)

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While there are improvements in GT6, there are also some shortcomings.

I'd like this thread to stay on the topic of things that are in the game that you feel are either bugged, glitched, broken, changed in a negative way from a previous game, etc. with the hopes that Polyphony Digital will recognize some of the issues and resolve them.

This is NOT for the obvious things that have been stated a million times (I want more premiums, a livery editor, better car sounds, etc.). This is NOT a whining/wish list.

Before you post an issue, I strongly encourage you to read the following list. It contains many of the largest issues I've personally encountered while playing along with some additions from the community that I feel also need recognized.

(WIP)These issues are color coded for ease of understanding as follows:

Red - Critical problems
Blue - Major problems
Green - Minor problems
Black - fixed or needs testing

I will add issues onto this list as I continue playing the game.
(Hopefully not too many more :irked: Edit: There are many more issues than what I was hoping for.) While this is more of a personal list, if a user posts an issue that is quite bothersome, I may add it to the list. If an issue on this list is fixed in an update, I will cross it out.
  1. Cannot copy vehicle settings from one tab to another. Fixed v1.05
  2. Power limiter and ballast do not update the PP/HP figures in real time while adjusting making it time consuming and difficult to judge amount needed. Fixed v1.03
  3. Tire screech on comfort tires is horrendous. This has either been fixed to some extent or I'm just getting used to it.
  4. Cannot remove wings from some cars e.g. TSupra RZ/Lotus Carlton. (No reason you shouldn't be able to.)
  5. There is automatic traction control, regardless of grip settings, in areas off the course, making it impossible to drift some of the best sections in the game. (The whole drift community is waiting, PD.)
  6. Power curve graph is somehow worse than in GT5. (How do you expect us to tune accurately PD?)
  7. "Reset to default" option is missing from adjustable parts e.g. transmission, suspension, aero, LSD, etc.
  8. The RA function for adjusting vehicle aids during a race is gone, why? (Edit: Seems to be enabled for DFGT wheels only). Reintroduced, but is not fully functional.
  9. Cannot, from what I can tell, disable specific tracks from the in-game soundtrack (Like in GT5). Individual audio track options are under the gallery function.
  10. Using your real name online should be optional (it kinda is, you can put a fake name, regardless the option should still be there). Your PSN username is now used online as of v1.02.
  11. Auto replay after race is annoying.
  12. There's no shuffle racing... wow
  13. The top speed value no longer changes when adjusting final gear (like in GT5).
  14. Nitrous doesn't give relative power increase value. What does "x"% nitrous add to the HP/TQ?. (It's probably a percentage of overall power. Why not just give us shot values instead?)
  15. The dog clutch transmission doesn't seem to work with H-Pattern shifters. (Edit: It seems that some vehicles with dog clutch transmissions are compatible with an H-Pattern, but others are not. It seems random.)
  16. Karts cannot be used on tracks that have weather making some of the best tracks for karting unusable. Fixed v1.05
  17. Having to hit the "cancel entry" every time you leave track to edit your tune/change car/change settings is tedious.
  18. While looking at car stats in an online lobby, it does not tell you what rev. your max HP/TQ is at. This issue compounded by the terrible transmission editor and terrible power curve graph.
  19. The "Next" option while doing license tests is gone. Bring it back. (Would also be useful for Goodwood/events with same regulations)
  20. Cannot re-size the map.
  21. You can apparently use any word for your first/last name. I've seen some interesting names online. Fixed v1.02
  22. Cannot customize on screen HUD to the same extent as in GT5 e.g. remove time from HUD. (Would like even more options as well, speed/rpm gauges from bumper cam in hood cam, movable time/map/gauges/etc.)
  23. You can no longer see to what extent a lobby is restricted anymore. No PP value, no HP limit, no tire restriction, only the highlight where it indicates it has been restricted. Fixed v1.05
  24. Having to change driver aids after every event is very tedious. (There should be a global default option menu.)
  25. Driving aids shouldn't be forced on, like SRF with Goodwood events/license tests. Also, the decision to leave SRF as an "option" for seasonal events is pointless. If you do not use SRF you wont be as fast as somebody that does. Considering it's an unrealistic aid and that GT is supposed to be a "simulator", it should be disabled or the leaderboards should be split, one with SRF off and one with it on.
  26. E-brake now has some input delay. (Whether or not this is intentional I do not know.)
  27. There are very noticeable dips in performance, frame rate needs to be improved, especially for cockpit view. Drift lobbies are typically very laggy, often suffering from non-stop screen tearing due to the smoke.
  28. Lobby music still has it's own playlist. (You still cannot edit it. Same thing in GT5, this is extremely frustrating. I only want to hear MY music, and the only time I don't want to hear my music is when I'm on track.)
  29. Light dispersion, both headlight and tail lights, is quite poor for AI cars. Online is quite poor as well.
  30. There's no online/friends leaderboards for A-Spec events/mission races/coffee break challenges/one make/Goodwood/Lunar Rover. (Why not make all A-Spec events a type of playlist online as well?
  31. We still cannot do vehicle maintenance online. (This makes no sense considering we can do just about everything to a car online.)
  32. Cannot filter online lobbies by other useful parameters like other driver aids/tire restriction/pp limit/hp limit/weight limit/NASCAR/gt300/gt500/rally/stock/karts/one make/drag etc, etc, etc. SHUFFLE (IF WE HAD IT) There should also be a "race type" option for each of these, or at the very least rally/drag/kart, instead of only having "race for fun, race for real, drift and free run."
  33. Driving line seems to randomly turn on while online. (Seems to be due to changing some settings on your car) Fixed
  34. Frame rate stutters when somebody enters course or enters the pit.
  35. FFB response for wheel users disappears for a second when somebody enters course/pit. (Might be caused by #34.)
  36. Tires/wheels can glitch at slow speeds, looking like they're spinning or burning out.
  37. Cannot see what track others have voted for while you're deciding.
  38. Unlike in single player, during online lobbies, if you have on different tires/aids than what the host designated, it does NOT switch them automatically for you.
  39. Some variations of Silverstone a few tracks do not produce tire smoke.Partially fixed, it seems smoke is back on Silverstone, but not on some layouts of the Nurburgring.
  40. Players get removed from track even if the host looks at the settings without changing them, or changes a setting that does not affect the physics (number of laps for instance).Still not entirely fixed, and seems more random now.
  41. PP system seems more arbitrary now. Aerodynamic changes do not affect the PP value, and adding/decreasing weight only slightly affects it. Tires/suspension/drivetrain/nos still don't affect the value.
  42. While solo qualifying, the blindside indicator still registers the other opponents. Headlights and tail lights of other players are also viewable. Fixed v1.05 however introduced new problem #129.
  43. The clutch for wheel users is still terrible.
  44. The stockyard seems to be bugged, which can result in deleted cars.
  45. Considering you can use paint chips infinitely, it would be useful to know which paint chips you've already obtained, while buying a car.
  46. It's much more difficult going through your garage of cars and tuning them. Now you need to go through about 5 menus and must switch to a car before you tune it.
  47. NOS indicator continuously and erratically flashes after the first button press.
  48. Replay view options for roof forward/reverse do not work while spectating live, or while watching a replay. Fixed.
  49. Cars that have been de-winged still produce a shadow as if they still have a wing.
  50. Your best time is no longer saved into track history during a free run. (Like in GT5.)
  51. Give us an option for standing/rolling start in every mode.
  52. The credit payout curve is indeed terrible. It seems like credit payouts have been altered in some way to make microtransactions more appealing. :yuck: Fixed with reintroduction of login bonuses in v1.02
  53. There are no sign in bonuses anymore. Fixed v1.02.
  54. PP values for opponents is not shown in arcade or a-spec.
  55. Oil change and engine rebuild options no longer tell you how much power you gain.
  56. During a replay, live or saved, it still shows what song is currently playing even if you have music disabled. There is an option to disable this in replay menu.
  57. Smoke seems to be more dense and lingers longer than in GT5 even with low HP/TQ cars. Tires also smoke much more quickly and with much less wheel spin than what seems realistic.
  58. Saved replays do not work in some cases, freezing the system. Fixed v1.04, however replays that froze prior to v1.04 still freeze.
  59. Player names are now forced on at all times during a replay. Fixed v1.05
  60. Rewind function during a replay does not seem to work properly. Fixed.
  61. Can no longer use L1 and R1 with a DS3 to navigate menus if you have a wheel plugged in. Fixed v1.03
  62. Cannot see current time while tuning, making it difficult to judge how much time is left if automatic race start is on and you're in the tuning menu. (Give us the clock back in the menus and home screen.)
  63. Cannot see how many servers are available after refreshing the list.
  64. Custom wheels can change tire width which also affects grip compared to stock wheels. (PD, give us a tire width option, please... and offset 👍) Fixed v1.04
  65. Some cars have buggy textures with paint, such as the S14 or AE86. Fixed v1.04
  66. Tuning pages seem to affect each other, messing up parts/settings. Sometimes settings can be altered even if the player hasn't changed anything themselves.
  67. Motion blur is gone? (I think) Give us an option for it instead of completely removing it.
  68. Sometimes during a qualifier you start in reverse, already moving, or not moving at all.
  69. Let us drive whatever vehicle we want on whatever track we want e.g. cars on kart space (like GT5), and karts on tracks with weather.
  70. Your fastest replay for license tests is not saved automatically. (It should be considering everyone elses is.)
  71. The transmission editor can be quite laggy while online. Fixed
  72. No abs is almost impossible on comfort tires with moderately powerful cars. (My brakes lock up at half throw on almost every car, regardless of brake upgrade or brake bias strength.) Fixed v1.04
  73. Still no rear view mirror option for hood view.
  74. There is a significant change in physics after getting the 2nd tire set in the pits. AKA the pit glitch. (ty Fong74)
  75. No option for metric units for temperature.
  76. Considering IRL rally cars use whatever wheels they desire, why can't we?
  77. This has been mentioned a million times but this is absolutely necessary if you're going to have a single player portion to a game: FIX THE AI. And if this isn't fixed for GT6, it 100% NEEDS TO BE for GT7. They are stupid, slow and predictable, making the single player boring, uneventful and just about pointless.
  78. Online vehicle restrictions are a joke. Let us choose ANY car(s) from the game to restrict the lobby to, then let us tick a box that says tuning allowed or not. (Just give us the whole list of cars, and a tick box next to it, so we can properly restrict a lobby to 1 make, 3 make, old muscle only, civics only, subies and evos only, etc etc etc. Let US choose the EXACT cars we want in our lobbies.)
  79. No minimum values for lobby restrictions. Let us choose both the maximum and minimum for PP, HP, and weight. All of this ALONG with what I posted in #78 and #124.
  80. Unlike our cars, we cannot delete paint chips we do not want. (A tick box to "include paint chip" while buying a car would help as well. So would an option to "favorite" paint chips. Alternatively, alongside paint chips, a hex color code editor would be nice, just saying :sly:)
  81. Remove the credit cap.
  82. We can't break in our cars anymore? Considering all cars we buy are new and start at 0 miles/km, taking this out makes absolutely no sense. And changing the oil on a new car gives it a performance boost of 10-30hp? Reverse what you've done here PD.
  83. The photo travel locations from GT5 are gone. WHY?
  84. Still no option to adjust front aero even if an aero kit is installed on the front.
  85. Opponents in single player can sometimes break race regulations, and many are often not even within the same vehicle class.
  86. There's still no individual audio options for things like tire squeal, engine, exhaust, drive-train whine, turbo, etc. (Tire squeal can be especially loud compared to everything else on some cars)
  87. Cannot set tire wear/fuel consumption/mechanical or visual damage or penalties for test drive, single race, time trial, drift trial or 2 player split screen. In addition to this, you can only set "Weather" in increments of 25% and weather changeability between the values of 1-10 in these events compared to increments of 10% and values between 1-60, respectively, for online lobbies.
  88. Cannot sort vehicles by distance driven anymore.
  89. The "favorite" for dealership and course in the stats page should be categorized differently. (The course I drive the most isn't necessarily my favorite, nor is the dealership I buy the most cars from my favorite. Also a total list of tracks by distance driven would be very nice.)
  90. While previewing aero parts, custom parts stay on the vehicle preview even if you select "standard".
  91. Telemetry data visualizer during a replay is gone. Tire load indicator is also gone.
  92. Cannot easily compare settings on different tabs compared to GT5.
  93. It would be nice to see a list of fastest lap/top speed/average speed by each person in race results.
  94. Your car slides slowly, even if parked, if it is on a slight incline.
  95. Surface water and to a lesser extent "Weather" seem to incorrectly affect the tire physics, making it feel more grippy, especially around 1-35% surface water. (This is most noticeable while trying to drift CH tires. It feels like traction control)
  96. Wheel users are locked at roughly 540˚ while on dirt or snow tracks. (Hidden degrees of rotation option for G25/27 does not work either.)
  97. I have run across a connectivity issue many times where people cannot see each other on track.
  98. The tuning sliders are either too slow or too fast, making it difficult to get to the desired value.
  99. Transmission editor sucks, e.g. the indicator lines on the slider are gone.
  100. Your cars length, width and height in the car settings menu are incorrectly displayed as "in." when it should be "mm." (Also the inconsistency between the types of units used makes no sense to me. In the garage menu, LWH, distance driven as well as torque are displayed correctly in imperial but then everything else is in metric. An option to choose unit type for car information would be nice, PD.)
  101. "Total Driving Time" incorrectly records how much time you've spent driving. (My stat was increased by three hours after racing for less than one. Maybe this is affected by time progression value?) Seems to have been fixed.
  102. Ride height's influence on handling characteristics seems to be backwards.
  103. There's still no official drag racing mode. (This makes no sense considering the popularity and prevalence of it online.)
  104. Split times are very, very buggy. Fixed v1.05
  105. There is still a glitchy/laggy animation when somebody enters a corner at 90˚ or more while drifting.
  106. Cannot remove "wrong way" flashing symbol. (The desire to have an option to remove this comes mostly from the drift community as you very often don't go simply in one direction.)
  107. Any amount of camber seems to either be pointless or negatively affects lap times.
  108. Cannot save replays after the host changes track/settings, also cannot save replay unless somebody has finished the race. (In GT5, you could leave the race and still have the option to save it regardless of anyone finishing or not.) Fixed.
  109. The selection of "borrowable cars" for spec racing online is pitiful. (Just give us all cars as an option.)
  110. Sometimes when the host changes settings, you freeze. Also sometimes when you leave the track, you can freeze or be stuck in an infinite loading screen.
  111. On rare occasions, the host can be stuck at the start of a race, unable to move.
  112. Update v1.03 doesn't allow the use of X2014 Red Bull Juniors online anymore. Fixed v1.04
  113. There should be an option for a more detailed description of the room rules/goals that are easily viewable after somebody joins a lobby. This would make it easier for the host to make everyone aware of the small details instead of having to repeat rules, spoken or in text, every time a new player enters the room.
  114. Qualifying seems to be bugged in some way, often the field seems scrambled even if lobby is set to fastest first. Seems to have been fixed, have not run across this issue again.
  115. 0 ABS affects braking differently depending on game mode, as here. Fixed v1.04
  116. While tuning your vehicle to match lobby restrictions, PP/HP/Weight are not highlighted in red if you are above regulation, requiring you to frequently ask about/check regulations. Fixed v1.05
  117. There's no endurance races.
  118. Cannot set HP limit in lobby settings in increments of 1hp, making exact desired values impossible.
  119. There should be an option to disable the "profanity" filter. (I would put this as a "minor" problem if the censor wasn't so blatantly broken.)
  120. The steering wheel in cockpit view still does not realistically turn past 180˚. Also an option to remove the steering wheel is still greatly desired among wheel users.
  121. The true "best lap" on track often doesn't load for users who have joined late. In addition, the "best lap" should be reset when the host changes regulation settings.
  122. When a lobby is set to "fastest first", without qualifying, you lose the position you acquired during practice laps for the race if you exit the track, even if you do not change any vehicle settings.
  123. NOS is almost useless as a variable in any lengthy race considering when you pit it cannot be refilled. Also, it would be interesting to adjust it's value with the RA function. (RA function still broken)
  124. In addition to #78 & #79 allow us to choose EXACTLY what type of parts/tuning is allowed e.g. GT500 / mid RPM turbo only / suspension: anything goes / no aero below 300/500 / weight must be 1250kg etc etc. Basically let us choose exactly which upgrades/parameters are eligible and to what extent they can be tuned. An important option for this would also be an option to prohibit and/or regulate power limiter and ballast settings.
  125. There are some cars that cannot be used in a "tuning prohibited" lobby, even if they are unmodified. In addition in some cases even looking at car settings without changing them can render the car unusable in these lobbies.
  126. The player who occupies the first pit position at Ascari almost always hits an invisible wall while exiting.
  127. Sorting lobbies by "friends' rooms only" often doesn't show any rooms, even if you do have friends online in a lobby.
  128. There are still no proper units of measurement for dampers, anti-roll, brake balance, LSD or aero.
  129. Ghost lines of other players during qualifying cannot be disabled.
  130. The current best lap on track is no longer displayed at the top right during practice.

As hopeful as I am that Polyphony Digital will patch existing issues, I fear they do not take community feedback as importantly into their considerations when creating or patching their games. If anyone knows a way to contact them, or knows a way that a list of issues may be brought to their attention, it would be greatly appreciated.

Opinions (There is some whining here):

I miss some of the old community features, uploading pictures, uploading custom courses, (obviously we couldn't do that yet anyway) message board, friends stats/cars, car sharing, etc. I have a strong feeling however that some of these features will be returning in a future update.

I also have a strong dislike towards auto viewer after buying a vehicle (I know it's tradition) and the "completing work" after vehicle maintenance. I simply would like an option to skip those animations. I wont put that on my list because I know PD would never remove them and it's more of a wish than anything.

It makes NO sense to me when game developers take out fully functional, working, useful, sometimes critical elements of a game from a sequel. This absolutely infuriates me. I realize PD are under deadlines/stretched thin, but come on. Some of these things are elementary to the genre. How can I efficiently tune my my car when I can't tell the values? What am I supposed to do, eyeball it?

The more I play, the more I keep thinking to myself that this was a rushed game. But then I remember that PD have had at least 3 years to work on it, to iron out the kinks still remaining from GT5, and it surprises me exactly how many of the little things didn't make it over from GT5. It just makes no sense to me. Sure there's a new UI, a few more tracks, new premium cars and new physics, but that still leaves so much to be desired. As I posted in another thread:

"I feel if Polyphony Digital don't do the things other racing franchises have been doing since the PS2 days, GT will start to lose it's relevance as the PS4 generation grows. I have the utmost respect for the things that GT does well, physics, car and track models, but that's honestly in my opinion about where it ends. While these are the things that keep me playing GT, it's difficult for me to overlook all the things that would make GT a better game."
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While there are many improvements in GT6, there are also some shortcomings, I'd like this thread to stay on the topic of things that are in the game that you feel are either bugged, glitched, broken, changed in a negative way from a previous game, etc. with the hopes that Polyphony will recognize some of the issues and change them.

This is not for the obvious things stated a million times ( I want this car premium, livery, car sounds, etc, you get my point)

These things come to the top of my head, I will add more as I continue playing the game. (Hopefully not too many more :irked:

1. Cannot copy vehicle settings from one tab to another
2. Power limiter does not update PP/HP figures while adjusting making it time consuming and difficult to judge amount needed
3. Tire screech on comfort tires is horrendous
4. Cannot remove wings from some cars (ie Supra MK4, no reason you shouldn't be able to)
5. There is automatic traction control (regardless of grip settings) in areas off the course, making it impossible to drift some of the best sections in the game
6. Power curve graph is somehow worse than in GT5
2, 3, and 6 bug me. The others I have not encountered yet or enough times to bug me. Another thing I don't like is that you must "enter" a car to view it in the gallery mode in your garage. Idk why, but that really irritated me. Sometimes I just want to look at the car, not drive it.
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Number 3...tire screech. Most people who manual shift go by engine sound (hard to watch the tach and road at the same time). In a number of races, if you turn up the volume enough to hear the engine, the tire screech will make your ears bleed. PD needs to separate the engine and tire sounds into separate controls instead of lumping them together in one.

My Altec 511b horns probably don't help the situation.
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United States
I agree: tire screech is pointless loud and masks the engine noise.
Other things I've noticed after a few hours play:

1. Licence tests are too easy. Can gold them even if the line I take is obviously a bit crappy. It's hard to learn from the licence tests if they're this easy.
2. Under some conditions (e.g. Brands Hatch in the morning) the lighting leads to lots of very dark shadows, which is rather unpleasant and appears unrealistic.
3. No PP listed next to "typical opponents" on race selection page.
4. Being sent directly to the replay after each race. Why not make it opt-in rather than opt-out? I usually don't want to see the replay.
  1. New audio engine: better engine/exhaust sounds, reverb effects, backfire sounds, gearshifts sounds, rumble, downshifts, rev-limit bouncing
  2. User-defined in race sound parameters (Wind, Tire, Ambient, Engine, Surface, etc)
  3. Better ffb
  4. Steering wheel in cockpit should matches my steering wheel direction (As in simracers)
  5. GT5 had better FPS than GT6. What was all this new engine is all about then???

I must be dreaming...
GT5 had better FPS than GT6. What was all this new engine is all about then???
I must be dreaming...
I have to say, I have seen many people complaining about bad 1080p I have honestly not noticed any massive fps drops at all. I've played for about 10hrs since I picked it up. I feel it runs much smoother than GT5 for me. Maybe I'm lucky or i just haven't been bit yet:)
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Theres this weird glitch when you buy the fully customizable transmission, it wont let you use your H shifter or clutch. This happened to all my cars and now im just running the stock transmission :(

A similar thing happened to me with my SupraMK4. I only have an option for a fixed six-speed and a Fully Customizable Dog-Clutch Transmission. The dog clutch transmission only works sequentially for me with the paddles. No option for a regular FCT. Seems odd...
The stutter in video before and after each race is terrible. Music shuffle isnt working for in game music or personal playlist-sick of songs repeating. I also agree with @umafeckit that License tests are too easy to gold.
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Can't turn the names off anymore! which is annoying in cockpit view as it takes up a third of the screen
Can't adjust brake bias while driving anymore ? why? this was a really cool feature of using the wheels because u could setup the buttons!


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Just finished playing for the first time and there are a number of little things that I noticed that seemed somehow awkward though I wasn't particularily noting them so I can't think just off the top of my head exactly what they were. :dunce:
I'll take some notes tomorrow and list them here.
The licence tests I've done so for are way too easy but I love the friends leaderboards with them though.
Can't find any gifting ability - I want that back.
Also agree with the automatic replay after races - should at least be a global option to turn it on or off. If I want to watch a replay it's so I can take photos and you can't take photos from the auto-replay - you have to quit that and then start a replay from the menu - that's just retarded!
The games credit economy - seems totally screwed thanks to the whole micro-transaction credit buying rubbish. Unless payouts are massively higher in the top tiers of career mode or it's going to take months of grinding to buy any top money cars. The pricing for the credits is mind boggling crazy. $95 (NZ) for 7 million is blatant robbery. I hope nobody buys a single credit pack so they can see it's a bad move. I can see the game being hacked for credits instead.
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Something they missed (also on GT5) is displaying the time gap between the car in front and the car behind you.It only displays the gap from the 1st car.
I would like also like to see a graphical improvement 'cause there is a lot of aliasing (far worse than GT5) which is too sad...the graphics are better BUT they need to improve the AA asap.
There is automatic traction control (regardless of grip settings) in areas off the course, making it impossible to drift some of the best sections in the game.
  1. Cannot, from what I can tell, edit music from the OST you want to hear. (Like in GT5)
Could you elaborate on point one please. I see compulsory SRF is on for license tests but not otherwise. Are you saying this comes on once you leave the track area?

Point two, there is the option for your own race BGM in the options sounds section, as always.

...Optional install
That's already there - somewhere under options.