The "Online Boost" demystified

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  1. Lion-Face

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    I can see the logic in including the RBE as the races are short, to give someone a chance from a mistake first corner or a punter being a punter, the RBE gives you somewhat some hope in catching back up to the pack for some decent racing rather than mindlessly hotlapping each race.

    Although i would like to see the back end of RBE, if for a start just remove it from Pro events. Or as longer events come into play, there is no need for it at all seeing as you'll have the laps to make up for your mistakes, while currently, 5 laps isnt enough to account for an early run into the gravel. As much hate as there is for it, i can see there is a place for it in the current state of GT5P online.
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    I was making the poll already, but then thought that it wouldn't make any difference so.. I guess it would be useless.

    @lion-face: the idea of removing it from PRO events is great imo..! At least remove the handicap from the leading car(s)... That is destroying the fun and is big nono. If it's a must to boost the followers a little, I understand that.. but why to slow down the leading group.. :yuck:
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  3. P3nT4gR4m


    RBE should be an option, same as it's always been in splitscreen. Sometimes it's good, when you feel like you want a close exciting race with lots of overtaking practice. Having no choice in the matter is just a pain in the rectum. :grumpy:
  4. MrKipling43


    I just finished a 'race' on Suzuka 750pp and, having lead the race by five seconds since the end of the fist lap, the guy who couldn't catch me miraculously found five seconds over the last TWO LAPS (2 on the penultimate, 3 on the final) and ended up winning the race.

    It's really beginning to wind me up - what's the point in being good?

    Roll on Autumn!
  5. The Outlaw

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    I've experienced this several times as well. I think your last sentence puts it best. What's the point in being good if there is going to be a RBE handicap?

    For the first 3 laps I'll lead the race by a good, consistant margin (5 seconds or so), and then on the last two laps my car turns to **** (feels likes the R3 tires were replaced for R1's and hp reduced). The guys behind magically start catching up to make the race as competitve and dramatic as possible right before the finish. The car gets so bad because of the RBE it makes it easy to make a slight mistake or misjudgment that can possibly cost you your rightful win. It's rather frustrating to say the least...
  6. MrKipling43



    I wouldn't mind so much if the handicap was there for the whole race, then there'd be a bit of ducking and diving and a good battle, but to feel your car turn into a lumpen hog in the last two laps, and have 45,000C lost unfairly is extremely annoying.
  7. Rusty*

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    As I see it...;)
    GT is a Simulator, and because of this the RBE does not belong. The RBE is not realism, so therefore does not suit GT, a game which is all about realism.:tup:
    The 'Rubber Band Effect' has to go to restore realism!;)
    I can understand why it was implemented, I think based on the response from GTP and alot of other major GT sites, I think its fair to say that at least 3/4's of GT Fans would be happy to see it gone.
    Peace out,:D
  8. Stotty

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    Personally I don't have an issue with the RBE the way it's set up at the moment.

    As long as there are at least 2 cars reasonably close together it doesn't seem to have any effect at all on the leaders and I've run a 10'09 whilst leading by 6 seconds to 2nd and 15+ seconds to 3rd. I found that as long as I'm slightly less aggressive with the wheel and gas I can still maintain pretty good lap times (in the 2'00 to 2'01 range)... just need to smooth.

    When several cars are running close together out front it has no effect at all.

    With the level of punting from non-tagged drivers in to turn 1 and through the esses it's a neccessary evil.

    EDIT; meant to add... that's at Suzuka 750PP with a tuned viper.
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    I am not entirely convinced of the RBE (rubber band effect) anymore. Yes, it was a clearcut evil in the early days of online racing, but I've noticed it less and less lately.

    Now the only people who complain about it are people who seem to lose concentration at the head of the field or whilst leading a race "under pressure".

    Could it be the UPE? Under Pressure Effect?
  10. gitSehT


    I was having a a great race on HSR last night I started 4 the and was in 1st by the 2nd corner. I put on a 14 second lead by the 6th lap and could no longer control the car, i finally lost it and spun out putting me in 3rd and then I got punted into 7th of 10 :(
  11. EvoS2i


    It's definitely there when I'm coming dead last which is quite often :dopey:
  12. MeWhiteNoise


    The other night, did a 1:56 in my GTR on Suzuka after being punted off at the first corner, in another race the same night the absolute best I could muster in the lead was a 2.06 - Ten seconds a lap slower? I could have got out and smoked a ciggy in that time. No RBE effect?!!
  13. AsteroidSHDTV


    RBE has been documented many times, and is definitely still in effect.
    I think the cars are simply matched better PP-wise than they used to be, making the effect less noticeable.

    Personally I'm not too miffed at it; predicting what grip levels you'll encounter through the the turns and having to adjust your line is part of what makes the online matches fun :D

    MrKipling43, being "good" is more than just having the overall quickest laptime; strategy plays its part too.
    The RBE has a lead time, and it took the other player a couple laps to see an advantage over you. So whose to say you have to push through the entire race? You could have shortened the gap between the two of you or even dropped behind him after the first lap, so as to time your own RBE to coincide with the last couple laps.
  14. Ravenmaven


    My findings for the current update of RBE at HSR PP800 are as follows:

    Ahead by 10+ sec = 1 to 2 seconds slower/lap. No loss of grip.
    Behind by 10+ sec = 1 second faster/lap. No increase in grip.
  15. MeWhiteNoise


    See, that's the problem. It's not like you've been caning your car and have worn out the tyres - how can you predict a constantly changing variable which presumably is based on your distance (is it in time or physical distance?) from the lead/second place. At least when you used to have 5 lap races with accelerated tyre wear, you knew where you stood. Please PD give us the option to turn this sham of a function off in private matches.
  16. xiv_R_A_I_D_E_R


    I don't really feel the grip loss while I'm in front(which is mostly never) but I feel the grip loss while I'm in the back of the pack weird.Anyways this game is just garbage online it's not the punters it's the ghosting effect it just makes the game fall apart.
  17. Biggles


    Wow, the RBE continues to be mystifying!

    Last night there were a couple of Suzuka 750PP races in which I led for the last 4 laps. In both cases there were cars parked at the side (ie. way behind). One race I was running 2.05s & 2.06s every lap & finished (1st) in around 10.30. The other race I was running around 2.00 every lap & finished (1st) in 2.09. Basically driving the same each race... :confused:
  18. andrewyhy


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    I think that effect depends on how far apart the leader is from the pack. If there're 2 to 3 cars leading away from the pack, those 3 cars will then be restricted on running fast laptimes (or I may say the normal pace from Free Run) and those falling behind will get a speed boost, which will be lapping much faster than normal pace in order to let them catch up the leaders.

    This RBE is sometimes not noticable when most of the drivers are racing closely, that means you can ONLY get normal laptimes when there're drivers racing close behind you. :)


    There is quite a boost when your running last. on HSR i normally do 1:04'xxx with boost doing 1:00'xxx
  20. Fuzzy

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    Me personally I think there is boost, hopefully PD take it out soon.
  21. GeneralMrFloppy


    hope so too!
  22. bicycleshorts


    Here's an interesting experiment:

    Normally on Fuji, the GTR and F430 are pretty evenly matched down the main straight, with the GTR having the slight advantage. Get in a F430. When the race starts, pull over to the grass to (safely) let everyone else past, turn around and go up to the run off past the last corner.

    Sit and wait there until the leaders come around (predictably in a GTR). Make sure not to interfere with their race and pull out so you're alongside them going up the main straight. What I found was a massive increase in speed, I don't think the speedo actually goes any higher though - so it's more like a fast forward of where you should be.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    Edit: I also agree that it is annoying, especially when this is meant to be a driving sim - not Mario Kart (also a good game) :/
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  23. Biggles


    I understand that theory, but in both races I think I was, & remained, a significant distance in front of the following cars. You'd think that running 2.05+ the following cars would catch up pretty quickly over 3 or 4 laps.

    Good idea. Have you tried it?

    OR: PD could just explain how it works ???!!! :idea:
  24. fasj6418


    Go ahead with the poll. It does make a difference. Remember the whole GT HD fiasco? i'm sure the community uproar made them re-think their strategy.

    Online boost is a joke. This is not Need for Speed or Mario Kart.

    Journalists should be able to press then to spill the beans.

    I still complain the fact that the draft is "on steroids" imagine what i think about "online boost":yuck:

    This needs to go. Period. We just have to keep complaining about it, until they realize.
  25. Cultlife



    I think it's still there, to be honest.

    I was freerunning 750 Suzuka in 2'01 the other day, only to be punted at the start of the race and start driving 1'58s. My driving or tune certainly didnt improve in the space of player matching.
  26. JPS


    I've raced where mixing it at front doing 1'59" in a fast race where most racers are fairly bunched up, again mixing it at front doing 2'03",4",5", where the pack is spread out, I've also done 1'54's when in mid pack of a spread out race.

    We shouldn't have the option to turn this off

    It should not be a part of the game full stop
  27. HaylRayzor

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    I see the plusses and the minuses to it. I have run 1:59 when behind in the 700pp race and can't do better than 2:08 when way out front.

    Plus: In the game you get a chance to catch and race the leader.

    Minus: When you drive well and gain a lead you get a penalty for doing well.
  28. bicycleshorts


    Yeah, I did it by accident. I was having a good race with a guy, then we bumped and I ended up in the wall. I was waiting for him to come around the next lap so we could continue racing (albeit ghosted) and I went flying past his GTR on the straight before pulling out about a 5 second gap over one lap :/ .
  29. DTM

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    I notice it to.

    I do alot of HSR 800PP races. When I do practice laps I do high 1:03 and low 1:04 consantly. In the race I do 1:04 1:05 and when I end up in the back of the field I do much faster laps. Last night I pulled out a couple of 1:02 and 1:01 in a row. I came from last place (10) to 2 place just behind the leader in about 4 laps.
    I notice it on suzuka 750PP aswell

    The fastest driver deserves to win.

    They REALLY REALLY REALLY gotto fix this.
  30. xchristox


    i tested it too... me and my friend both went in a game with both F430's, at the start i turned around and waited for him on the beginning of the straight, he was 2nd place when he reached me, i had bad timing going on the accel so he was in front of me again slipstreaming the GTR on the 1st place, but GUESS WHAT, i overtook them both before the finish line and had a 2-3 second gap on the end of the straight and i WASN'T EVEN SLIPSTREAMING!. as someone else said above the speedo simply said that i was doing 275 km/h but for me it looked like i was doing 325ish at the end of the straight...

    pretty hilarious of you ask me, as PD is advertising with -the real driving "simulator"-

    needs a big big fix!!!!!!!!!!