Things You Want To See In GT6 Besides Vehicles and Tracks

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  1. jake2013guy


    United Kingdom
    Formula E
    2008 Super GT
    All tracks ever made!
    Indy 500
    Formula E endurance! E.g Power 50 minutes and if you crash and damage suspension, engineers have 50 minutes to repair/replace.
    Ability to save Power/Fuel
    Ability to choose starting fuel
    Ability to finish lap in Qualifying
    Standing starts when requires!
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  2. Kazzie77


    United States
    RS Watanabe wheels
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  3. TexRex

    TexRex Premium

    United States
    Not sure where this fits in, but I'd like to see a "Member List" (as in online lobbies) that shows the power, weight, and tire compound AI are using in single player career/seasonal race events.
  4. Mongbean84


    I only have 2 things I want to see...

    1) Fastest lap times to be noted online at the finish screen for all drivers (Unless catch up/boost is on) not just the fastest in race.
    2) Instead of showing the distance you are to the first place driver, show the distance to the person directly in front of you.
  5. Zachtan1234


    1. More teamwork (provided AI is smart enough), ie : One blocks, the other takes the lead.
    2. Sponsors : Complete objectives during races for bonus rewards
    3. Recurring race-rivals..... eg. (Senna vs Prost, Hamilton vs Rosberg, Webber vs Red Bull Management.... and Vettel)....,
  6. Mongbean84


    This would be super handy!
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  7. Thimble


    What I think would be really cool would be the ability to spec a car just as if you were buying it in real life.

    I.e. You go into the dealership, choose your car model, choose exterior colour and interior and then choose from a selection of manufacturer alloys.
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  8. GBalao888


    Features that you want to see in GT6 in a Spec 2.0 Update:

    Arcade Mode

    Single Player:

    Mode Selection:
    Single Race: Race against computer-controlled cars on a track and car of your choice on a number of laps and/or opponents.

    Time Trial: A total practice mode where you register the fastest lap time around a track with the car of your choice. There is no limit on laps, so, enjoy.

    Drift Trial: A mode where drifting is heavily simulated- drifting is a strategy where cars lose grip but stay under control. It is recommended you use a rear-wheel drive car for this mode. You have two selections for this mode: Full Lap Drift (where it is a non-stop session unless you end it) and Sector Trial (where you will be tested on sectors of the track).

    Time Rally Trial: This mode is where you race a full lap, with a time limit and plenty of checkpoints and plenty of computer-controlled cars for you to overtake. The more you make it through the track and overtake many opponents, the higher your score is gonna be. Hitting checkpoints will increase your time.

    Drag Racing Competition: Do a drag race in Special Stage Route X's very long and speedy straight sections with a car of your choice and number of opponents.

    Car Bowling Showcase: Around the Top Gear Test Track, see how much bowling pins you can bowl over on a single lap, they reward points when bowled over.

    Car Soccer: This insane mode around the Top Gear Test Track's Soccer Field pits cars against each other in a game of car soccer.

    Shuffle Mode: This one activates a random mode, with a random track and a randomly chosen car within the "All Cars In Game" category. Lap count, starting method, penalties and AI count are also at random. The only things you can choose or alter are the car, whether you want to personalize it or use the default colors, avatar personalization, tire and fuel wear, driving settings, track settings, quick-tuning, replay, data logger, saving replays, best lap replays and ghosts, leaderboards and whether you want to do an A-Spec or B-Spec race session.

    Elimination Race: Race against the computer-manipulated cars, where the racer in last place is gonna go "CONTENDER ELIMINATED!!!" You have three selections for this mode: which are Full Lap Elimination, where opponents in last place get eliminated, Timed Elimination, after a set amount of 30 seconds, a racer in last place gets eliminated and Sector Elimination, where the last racer to cross the sector will get eliminated. In Timed Elimination, a race with one opponent will last 30 seconds, whereas a race with ten opponents will last for about five minutes.

    Track Selection (with these categories):
    World Circuits: Real-life circuits across the world, raced by many of the world's racing disciplines with a countless sea of cars racing through them.

    Original Circuits: Fictional circuits created especially for the GT series.

    City Circuits: Tracks around major cities across the world, enjoy the breathtaking views, but don't get distracted during the race!

    Dirt/Snow Circuits: Rally racing tracks with the dirt, mud, snow and gravel as the pavement. Only rally-ready cars can be selected in this kind of track category.

    Created Tracks: Tracks made with the Course Maker.

    (NOTE: The Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb is only limited to Time Trial mode only.)

    Car Selection (with these categories):
    Custom Arcade Cars: Saved cars you have customized for Arcade Mode. They end up on this category, and it's up to a limit of 200 customized cars.

    *HOW TO SAVE A CUSTOM ARCADE CAR: First, choose a car out of all the 1200+ cars in the game, personalize it (it is recommended if you want to save it as a custom arcade car) as much as possible to your liking, then after making the final personalization settings, quick-tune it if you want. In Race Settings, you'll find "Save Custom Arcade Car" with the custom design and quick-tune set-up.

    All Cars In Game: All 1200+ cars in the game with all their default colors and liveries. You either have the option to drive them immediately or go and personalize a car.

    All cars you can select are divided to four categories in "All Cars In Game":

    "Manufacturer" (shows every manufacturer in the game)

    "By Era"

    "By Favorites" (You can register up to 200 individual cars)

    "Car Search"

    You can now have the option drive every single car in the game in kart tracks, and go-karts on tracks with variable weather settings.

    (NOTE: When choosing Dirt/Snow tracks, some cars can't be driven, therefore lacking the ability to use Dirt/Snow tires.)

    On a highlighted car of your choice before selecting it, press Triangle and it will be added to your Favorites.

    If you choose not to personalize a car, you will be taken to a gallery view with the selected car, where you can choose the default colors of the car. Unlike the fact that in the Dealerships, gallery view is not available for standard cars, it is available for standard cars in Arcade Mode.

    There are a set of backdrops when viewing the cars, such as "No Backdrop", "Day Backdrop", "Sunset Backdrop", "Night Backdrop", "Dealership Backdrop", "Vision GT Backdrop #1", "Vision GT Backdrop #2", "Vision GT Backdrop #3" and "GT6 E3 Backdrop". Press Up and Down buttons to change the backdrop, and press Square for a photo mode option to take a photo of the car. Press Select if you want to view the car's info catalog.

    Criteria for customizing a car for Arcade Mode:


    Paint Chips: Choose out of all the available Paint chips you have. You can then use it to paint the car's base color, or the brakes or the wheels (as long as they're custom).

    Racing Number (premium cars only): Choose a base for the racing number, then the number itself and the font (on base models and other race cars with this, it is already there and you can set it up)

    Rear Wings: Choose either a set of pre-set rear wings or create your own custom rear wing with your own adjustments.

    Aero Parts (premium cars only): Choose either a set of body kits for the car.

    Flat Floors (premium cars only): Add the option whether to add a race-ready rear diffuser on the undercarriage of the car.

    Custom Wheels: Choose either a huge variety of custom wheels and/or adjust the size.

    Custom Gauges (premium cars only): Add the ability to put custom gauges on the cockpit of the car. You can also adjust the color of the lighting of the gauges freely.

    Other Unique Parts (premium cars only): Some cars have unique personalization options to equip, you can put them to your liking.

    Horns: Choose a set of hundreds of custom horns, then apply the one you like on the car. This can't be put on all concept and race cars.

    (Press Triangle after when the selected car is chosen, then you can put any or all of this and then continue. Note that some or all options for personalization not available on some cars. When in the Personalization menu, press Triangle to use a full view for the car.)

    Then, after choosing the car and/or personalizing it, you have the option to choose the transmission, either Automatic or Manual.

    After choosing a car or creating a custom car, you are granted the ability to personalize your avatar. You will be given a selection of all manufacturer and car-exclusive suits, but all other helmets, racing suits and special outfits need to be purchased in order to use them here. If you have all helmets and racing suits with every color, you can choose any combination for the racing suit, helmet and vice-versa.

    Pre-Race Settings:
    Number of laps: Infinite or up to 99 laps (can't be chosen on Time Trial, Drift Trial, Time Rally, Drag Race, Car Bowling, Car Soccer, Timed Elimination and Sector Elimination)

    (NOTE: In the Pause menu, when you want to quit a race with infinite laps, "Exit" is changed to "Finish Race" as the race will be complete with the final results as opposed to losing the final results after quitting. This may make it possible to recreate the possibility of endurance racing.)

    For Full Lap Elimination, it's this criteria:

    1 lap for 1 AI racer, 2 for 2 AI racers, 3 for 3 AI racers, 4 for 4 AI racers, 5 for 5 AI racers, 6 for 6 AI racers, 7 for 7 AI racers, 8 for 8 AI racers and 9 for 9 AI racers.

    Number of opponents: None up to 10 opponents (can't be chosen on Time Trial, Drift Trial, Time Rally, Drag Race, and Car Bowling)

    Teams (Car Soccer only): 0 to 5

    Time Limit (Car Soccer only): adjustable from 5 minutes to 30 minutes

    Number of Car Soccer Games: adjustable from only one game to 10 games

    Tire and Fuel Wear: Off, Slow, Fast, Realistic

    Starting Method: Grid Start, Grid Start with False-Start Check, Rolling Start, Double-File Rolling Start (limited to Single Race and Time Trial, Grid start (with or without false start check) for every other mode)

    Penalties: Off, Mild, Strong (can't be chosen in Time Trial, Drift Trial and Car Soccer)

    (NOTE: Penalties are inflicted by using a false start, hitting opponents, cutting corners of the track and sometimes, hitting walls.)

    Race Settings:
    Driving Settings:

    Tire Selection (for both the front and back corners of the car):

    with the following tires:

    Comfort: Hard

    Comfort: Medium

    Comfort: Soft

    Sports: Hard

    Sports: Medium

    Sports: Soft

    Racing: Hard

    Racing: Medium

    Racing: Soft

    Racing: Rain

    Racing: Intermediate

    Dirt Tires

    Snow Tires

    (NOTE: On Dirt/Snow tracks, depending on the track you choose, Dirt Tires or Snow Tires will be equipped no matter what.)

    Driving Assists:

    Driving Line: On or Off

    Blind Spot Indicator: On or Off

    Skid Recovery Force: On or Off

    Traction Control: adjusted from 0 to 10

    Anti-lock Braking System: adjusted from to 0 to 10

    Active Stability Management: On or Off

    Controller Steering Sensitivity: adjusted from -2 to 7

    Force Feedback Maximum Torque: adjusted from 0 to 10

    Force Feedback Sensitivity: adjusted from 0 to 10

    Track Settings:

    Time: from 12:00 to 23:50

    Time Progression: adjusted from 0 to 60

    Weather at Race Start: adjusted from 0% to 100%

    Weather Changeability: adjusted from 0% to 100%

    Surface Water at Race Start: adjusted from 0% to 100%

    Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge: Low, High, Realistic

    Quick-Tuning (applicable to all cars in the game):
    Within car’s maximum tuning limit, for some cars that can’t reach 50% of their original power or can’t be tuned in simulation mode, their power will be tuneable by up to 50%, for electric vehicles and non-tuneable Vision GT cars, double their original power, and for 15th Anniversary cars, double the original car’s maximum tuning limit, or can be reduced by 50% of their original power

    Weight: Within car’s maximum tuning limit, and for cars that can't have their weight dropped (e.g. race cars and several tuned and concept cars), their weight can be dropped by up to 20% of their weight.

    Transmission: Can be adjusted freely up to an auto set top speed of 500KM/H, can be adjusted further, and you can also choose whether you want to use the default transmission, five speed or six speed transmission or a fully customizable transmission on cars with customizable transmission kits.

    Suspension: Tuning for ride height and spring rate will be within the car’s limits. You can also freely adjust the damper, anti-roll bar, camber and toe angle settings.

    Brakes: You can freely adjust the brake balance and you can choose whether you want racing brakes on cars with customizable brakes.

    Drivetrain: You can choose whether to apply a car with a fully customizable LSD unit, add twin or triple plate clutches, and torque split/AYC for 4WD cars.

    Downforce: Within the car’s limit

    Ballast: Can be freely adjusted

    Others: You can also improve the body rigidity and put nitrous on the car and adjust nitrous settings.

    *As with all cars, the PP level will either increase or decrease dramatically.

    (NOTE: This feature is in the "Race Settings" category before starting a race)

    Replay: Replay of the race, with mechanics of the replay

    Data Logger: A telemetry-based analysis of your race session

    Save Replay: Save the replay of the race

    Save Best Lap Replay: This replay will end up being useable for future Data Logger uses

    Leaderboards: Fastest recorded lap for the track, best drift score, best Time Rally score and best Car Bowling score, sorted by World, Region and Friends.

    Load Ghost: Load a saved ghost before starting a Time Trial session.

    Save Best Lap Ghost (Time Trial mode only): Saves a ghost of your fastest lap. On the next time you perform a Time Trial session, make sure to come back, load it, then attempt to beat it for the best effect.

    Save Custom Arcade Car: Save the personalized and quick-tuned custom car you made so it will be on the "Custom Arcade Cars" category on the car selection of Arcade Mode.

    A-Spec Driver's Mode: This mode is where the player will have to do all the work, doing the entire race by him/herself.

    B-Spec Driver's Mode: Choose out of any of your B-Spec Drivers that you have hired, then personalize his avatar, then as you start the B-Spec Race, assist him all throughout the race.

    Exit: Exit the current session and start a new Arcade Mode session with either a new mode, track or car.

    Multiplayer (2-player split-screen only):

    Single Race

    Drift Trial (either Full Lap Trial or Sector Trial)

    Time Rally Trial

    Drag Racing Competition

    Car Bowling Showcase

    Car Soccer

    Shuffle Mode

    Elimination Race (either Lap Elimination, Sector Elimination or Timed Elimination)

    *Same criteria for car selection, car personalization and avatar personalization

    *Same pre-race settings apply

    Race Settings:

    Start Race

    Driving Settings (Player 1)

    Driving Settings (Player 2)

    Track Settings

    Quick-Tuning (Player 1)

    Quick-Tuning (Player 2)


    Save Replay

    Save Best Lap Replay

    Save Custom Arcade Car (Player 1)

    Save Custom Arcade Car (Player 2)

    Data Logger (Player 1)

    Data Logger (Player 2)


    Created Events:

    Choose from two modes:

    My Created Events

    Downloaded Events

    *Same criteria for car selection, car personalization and avatar personalization

    *Same pre-race settings apply

    Race Settings:

    A-Spec Driver's Mode

    B-Spec Driver's Mode

    Driving Settings

    Track Settings



    Save Replay

    Save Best Lap Replay

    Data Logger


    Save Custom Arcade Car


    In Arcade Mode, you don't receive money and you receive very few prize cars in Simulation Mode through Single Player and Multiplayer races, but you receive them from the custom events that you made using the Event Generator or events you downloaded throughout the marketplace.

    For Single Player, on the Single Race category, you get A-Spec Points. Depending on your finishing position, you can earn up to a maximum of 200 A-Spec Points. Same with B-Spec, only that it's renamed to B-Spec Points.

    Other criteria:

    Number of cars driven out of 1200+ cars (Driving all cars that were released on day one of the game will award you a Gold Trophy and a reward car for Simulation Mode.)

    Number of tracks raced in out of all 100+ tracks (Driving in all tracks that were released on day one of the game will award you with a Silver Trophy and a reward car for Simulation Mode.)

    Number of sessions per mode (both A-Spec and B-Spec)

    Number of victories (A-Spec)

    Number of losses (A-Spec)

    Number of victories (B-Spec)

    Number of losses (B-Spec)

    Total driver points (both A-Spec and B-Spec)

    NOTE: Roughly 99% of all cars and tracks in the game are in Arcade Mode. Here are some unlockables in order to add them to Arcade Mode:

    BMW M3 GT2 Base Model: Win at least one race in Arcade Mode with the BMW M3 GT (BMW Motorsport) '11. This will add the car to Arcade Mode and the Dealerships.

    Lunar Roving Vehicle LRV-001 '71: Get at least all gold medals in all Lunar Exploration Events. The Moon however, can't be used in Arcade Mode as it is unrealistic and silly, and will probably be an issue due to the PS3's hardware limitations.

    Circuito de la Sierra: Complete the first challenge of the Sierra Time Rally with at least a bronze medal. This will unlock the track for Arcade Mode.

    *NOTE: All 25 15th Anniversary cars are immediately added to Arcade Mode to those who have the 15th Anniversary car packs installed. They can't be personalized, but can be quick-tuned. If you're lucky and have bought the BMW M4 Frozen Black Metallic before it got deleted in a hot-fix it will be in Arcade Mode.

    New cars and tracks from updates/paid DLC will immediately be in Arcade Mode once they are installed in the game.

    New Tracks:
    Top Gear Test Track
    Top Gear Soccer Field
    Special Stage Route X Quarter Mile
    Special Stage Route X Half Mile
    Special Stage Route X Whole Mile
    Special Stage Route X Full Straight

    Ability to gift cars (with no price limit)
    Ability to borrow cars from online players
    Ability to gift paint chips
    Shuffle racing
    Ability to share B-Spec drivers and driver data
    Smartphone support for community, event creator and course maker
    Remote racing
    Ability to upload our replay-based movies
    Support for drag racing and car soccer
    Vehicle maintenance can now be done online
    Leaderboards feature, with this criteria:




    and with this selection of modes:

    Best Lap Time

    Best Drift Score

    Best Time Rally Score

    Best Car Bowling Score

    B-Spec added to the game, both in arcade mode, career mode and special events
    Ability to name B-Spec drivers and assign their nationality
    Offline museum feature added, containing the history of all the manufacturers, tuning companies and tracks in the game, when new manufacturers, tuning companies and tracks come out, this will always be updated in future updates as new car manufacturers and/or new tracks come out. It will be under the same category as Garage, Gallery, Stats, Notifications, GT Store and GT TV.

    Criteria for the offline museum feature:
    (with pictures and information)
    All manufacturers/tuning companies in the game
    All real-world tracks
    History of the Gran Turismo series
    History of GT Academy

    Full, complete manual with tips on driving and tuning (similar to GT5’s manual) added to the user manual

    GT TV service added, it will be on the same category as Garage, Gallery, Stats, Messages, News, Museum and GT Store.
    PP, horsepower and weight values for opponent cars are shown before a career or arcade race
    Cutscene after completing all Red Bull X Challenge, Pre 1.01 intro video, New intro video added to Gallery mode

    2 Vision GT cars added
    2009 and 2014 NASCAR vehicles added

    (NOTE: All the newly added cars will be added to arcade mode and their respective dealerships.)

    Bugs and Glitches:

    Many major and minor bugs and glitches fixed, plus improvements to the game’s stability and controls
    Stockyard bug removed


    In Music, Arcade Mode and Race Settings are added categories, and the song "Power and Speed" can be used everywhere else throughout the game.


    A few cars will get improved sounds

    Photo Mode:

    Photo mode locations from GT4 (remastered) and GT5 added

    Data Visualizer:

    New criteria added:
    Gearbox RPM

    Speed Tests:
    Speed test feature from GT5 returned, with same features as GT5’s Speed Tests, located in the “Tuning and Maintenance” category in the main menu

    Other features/improvements:

    Support for future car and track DLC (paid)
    Ability to put nitrous on all race cars (both in simulation and arcade)
    KW 7-Post Rig added to “Tuning and Maintenance”
    New custom part: Horns (bring back all custom horns from GT5)
    Special Events: Drag Racing Competition, Car Bowling Showcase and Car Soccer Marathon

    Course Maker:
    Advanced Course Maker (Modnation Racers style):
    with this added criteria:
    Ability to make a roller-coaster like track with Mag-Strips
    Resources and environments from GT5, Modnation Racers and WipEout added (except for speed pads and weapon pads)
    Mobile support for course maker

    (NOTE: All of this will be on the "TOOLS" category.)

    Replay Movie Editor:
    Ability to make a one-minute movie off of a replay
    Ability to edit the replay
    Mobile support for movie editor
    Ability to share the replay through Community Features
    (NOTE: All of this will be on the "TOOLS" category)

    Ability for all cars to support Mag-Lock on tracks with Mag-Strips
    Ability to simulate KERS (Kinetic energy recovery system)

    Event Generator:
    Criteria for this can be seen here:

    Added feature: PC and smartphone support for the event generator, for uploading and editing created events

    (NOTE: This feature will be in the "TOOLS" category)

    Add a marketplace feature specialized for the event generator and course maker. This will be on the "TOOLS" category of the game. Then you can choose to share your custom track and/or custom made championship/event, which can be downloaded for free.

    Ability to choose units for horsepower, torque and weight such as:



    Tutorial (when game is started for the very first time) can be re-played from here

    Ability to rename player unlimited times

    Ability to choose nationality of the player

    Paint Chips:
    Ability to register a paint chip to favorites
    Ability to sort them out with this criteria:
    Manufacturer’s color

    Clock and calendar added

    Quick Menu:
    In Car Selection, the actions while selecting a car have been updated into this format:

    "Get In Car"

    "Gift Car"

    "Car Settings"

    "Update Car Images"


    New Intro Movie

    1. Make a new intro Movie for GT6 using this song:
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  9. Pootis


    Midnight Club: Los Angeles had this. Just bring up the pause menu and select garage and a simplified list of the cars you have will come up when playing online.

    Livery editor
    Better car sounds for ALL cars (including standards)
    Ability to have number plates on all cars* (including standards and base cars)
    Option to have one-make races in arcade mode
    Ability to choose cars from your garage when selecting cars restricted to a race in a online lobby.
    Course creator
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  10. austin4500


    United States
    I think it would be cool if you could pick real car features. For example you buy a base model Camaro and then they give you a choice of the packages that are offered like the SS, RS, ZL1, and so on, and other cosmetic features that they offer for each one.
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  11. blackjack


    I'd love to see a "Track-Day" option for online lobbies where you can temporarily "swap" cars with a friend during the session.
  12. SteveEnforcer


    New Zealand
    like a swap meet or something I like that idea
  13. chengman


    Ability to change suspension modes would be cool. Cruise on SSRX in a gtr with the suspension in comfort mode and then have the McLaren 12C hitting Monaco in track mode. Modeling the traction control to IRL standards would also be appreciated.
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  14. Broda


    Add the disengaging of the gear sound while changing gears in manual stick shift cars. They all sound mostly like paddle shifting. Was playing TDU(the first one) the other day. Oh man the manuals in that game feel awesome with the gears not being so fast.


    What I would like to see is the ability to sort and delete unwanted paint chips in the paint shop
  16. randyrockstiff


    dumper valve, makes a hiss sound when gear changing. certain vehicles only as it will more than likely sound a bit daft on others. be good to have it as an option though.
  17. Its No Use

    Its No Use

    Yeah, by reading this list, Gran Turismo is clearly not "the real driving simulator".
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  18. Its No Use

    Its No Use

    It says "ability to customzie grid girl" while it also says "no grid girls". WTF?
  19. QuikSlvr223


    United States
    Updates. :banghead:
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  20. peelo


    B-spec. It was listed as feature and i bought the entire game for that very reason hoping to play it like did in previous GT... And still nothing.

    I feel cheated to be honest.
  21. Rud85mon


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  22. Siren


    Better internal damage. Like over heating the engine or Brake wear and if your driving too aggressive you can damage the suspension.
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  23. swsc73


    For me the most important issue are realistic engine sounds. separatly adjustible tiresound-volume would also be very good.
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  24. Party Lemon

    Party Lemon

    United Kingdom
    I would love to see an official World Touring Car Championship Event as an update in GT6. One car I'd love to race in would be the Sebastian Loeb McLaren MP4-12C (FIA GT Series Variant) and they really need to bring back the endurance races with more modern Le Mans cars and OFFICIAL Indy 500 cars (no Le Mans Prototypes or Touring Cars) And it might be a small thing but I think they should bring back the pit stop animation from GT5 (Indy 500) when you pull in to change your tires or fill up your tank.

    Does anyone else like the idea of a safety car at the start of a race? Just to give it a little more effect. Perhaps a Mercedes SLS like in Formula 1.
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  25. noor mohammed

    noor mohammed

    U should do like realreally real engine swaps. Like a R35 engine in a GTO.
    Also, we should b able to redo races for money.
    Next, put wheel offsets for cars and neon. We do car shows and want our cars look good.
    Finally, please let us put the exhaust on the front bumper like how drag cars in real life does it.
  26. jake2013guy


    United Kingdom
    In the new quick match session in update 1.12, I would like to see tracks changing between races.
  27. pineapple


    Adding roll cage inside
    changing steering wheel
    custom gauges to replace original ones

    adding windshield decals
    buying used rims from other cars, would be great on making replica cars.
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  28. pineapple


    Also analog gauges to hud for option, instead of only digital
    or these in middle
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  29. Dynamite_Dave


    I`d like the time trial leader board to be editable as it was in the 1st game so you can delete unwanted times and for the leader board to have at least 100 slots
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  30. sneakypete123


    I'd Like to be able to sort my cars in my garage by mileage and be able to see it next to the car without having to select the car and go back just to see it. After all this data is already in the game and you used to be able to do it on GT5.

    Display how many miles you have driven round all tracks (not just the most driven on stats) when you see them in the menu, again they have counters for this already in the game data.

    Abillity to select a track and then it comes up with all avalible races (a-spec) for it, instead of having to search/remember what events you can do on what track.

    Just more A-Spec events in general, either that or more seasonals. Maybe they could have a vote option so each week when a batch of seasonal events get realesed players could vote for their favourite and the one with the most votes that week gets added permanently to A-Spec
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