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Curious how close it will be between aliens and casual drivers this time.
I'm curious as well. But if we consider the power and the downforce of the X2019, I believe the gap will be smaller and the only brain-burning points for casuals will be:

Turn 1 - Might need a lift.
Turn 2 - Blind corner entry, the most difficult in my opinion.
The left hander after the Esses - Track limits will be ****.
The two 90⁰ right handers might not be so hard.
The chicane after the back straight - Same as above.
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The 2019 Redbull is pretty controllable, imo. The other one, the 2014?, that's the one that's completely insane. It should still be challenging on this course, but not too much different than the Gr. 1 race at Road Atlanta that released with the update.

Should be fun, and I'm thinking more forgiving than Willow (but I also hate Willow with anything other than a Miata, so I'm kind of biased)

@zaxs PD just gave the car away if you participated in the Anniversary content. Check your garage unless you ignored the quizzes/Spa and Willow races, Willow TT. I don't think it was handed out in a ticket, it was just a pop-up saying it was being sent to the garage.
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New TT starting tomorrow

Why do they hate us so much? Why can't they make us use a normal car?

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I've done the 30 minute Atlanta race with it a couple of times.
First race didn't go so good,finished 4th,ran it today with anniversary car set at 949PP, won by 6 seconds
,fastest lap was 1:06.5,guess it depends on how many PP's they set it at(aliens could be under 1 minute) and maybe it will be at night,lol,just to make it a little harder! :cheers:
Man that RB is fun to drive on this track. Had some practise laps and if the tune in the car is stock, it is fast as you know what 😄

Just the slow corners can bite so throttle control is really important.

Did 1:02:001 just in rougly 15 laps.
Will se how close Ill get to that in the real TT.