Video game pet peeves.

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    When shooters become too spectacular with all the plasma beams, laser weapons, ricocheting bullets, cluster explosives and what not - That it's actually better to Hip-Fire & Spray n' Pray than aiming down the sight or trying to dodge bullets... e.g Borderlands 3 and Ratchet & Clank 2016.


    Both games are good, but often i have no idea what's going on... Seizure alerts are now more relevant than ever :eek: Especially when playing Co-Op.
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    Overly long, tedious and repetitive boss fights.
    This was something that frustrated me a lot when I was much younger and upon revisiting some of those old games again in recent years, I remember why. While I get bosses are supposed to be a challenge, some boss fights are pretty dang hard and just go on too long without anything interesting happening. Here’s some examples I have come to know:
    Crash Bandicoot 2 N-Tranced - N. Tropy, the final boss in the game, is easily a proper example of this. How the fight goes is, he has two attacks, a high and a low attack, that he will constantly launch at you for a period of time. Then he will move across the map and you have to get there and hit him before he gets up and then repeat the process again 3 times. Once his health bar is drained, he teleports to another level and you have to do the same thing again, except this time his attacks are faster and more aggressive than before. So you do it all again and hit him 3 times once more, but does it stop there? Nope! He teleports to yet another level and like earlier, he gets even more difficult than before and then you have to do the very same process again and then that’s where it finally ends.

    I really struggled on this one as a kid and even as an adult, I still do. I have only beat it a handful of times. I get he’s the main boss of the game, but the fight just goes on way too long and it gets old having to constantly dodge the same two attacks over and over again with nothing to make it interesting. And of course, it’s tricky. What’s worse is, if you die, you have to start it all over again. Easily the worst boss fight I know in the Crash series and still not one I care much about.

    Tarzan - Clayton is the final boss in this game and I do recall having some trouble with him when I was younger and upon replaying the game recently, it was even worse than I remembered. It’s starts out with a chase sequence in which you run from Clayton and you have to avoid falling, getting attacked by animals and him catching up to you. Then once you reach the top, the actual fight begins. He has 3 attacks he will use against you for a while, once he stops, you can hit him and it will knock him back. You literally rinse and repeat at least 7 times until he falls off, with him getting more aggressive each time.

    For starters, the jump mechanics are not very good in this game and they certainly don’t help in this scenario. The chase is hard at first, but once you figure it out, it’s not too bad. The fight itself on the other hand is pretty hard and easy to mess up on. Having to dodge his attacks (which increase over time) and hit him 7 times over is just a bit excessive in my opinion and should’ve been cut back a bit. However, the worst part about this is if you die, you have to go back to the 2nd half of the chase sequence, run up the tree again and probably lose half your health along the way and then you can face him again.

    Honestly between Clayton and N. Tropy, I am not sure who is worse. They’re both pretty bad and I honestly cannot decide which I hate more.
    If they’re going to make a boss fight go on for a while, at least change it up some to keep it interesting instead of just ramping up the same repetitive attacks the whole way through and don't make it too hard. Long boss fights can be fun when done right. Dr. N. Gin in Crash Bandicoot 2 is a good example of this because while it goes on for a while, it’s not too hard and it changes itself up overtime, keeping it interesting and in my opinion, fun. The two I mentioned are anything but that and while I am sure worse examples exist, these are the worst I can think of.
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    Motion blur

    Treating my in-game "eyes" as if they're a camera
    Aka exaggerated eye adaptation aka auto-exposure. Blown out sky when looking at a dark forest? Why? My eyes are perfectly capable of seeing all details in the forest and the sky at the same time, even if a camera isn't.

    Tying the physics to the framerate
    Flying mammoths everywhere.

    Locking in-game framerate to 60
    Yeah, about those 144Hz and 240Hz monitors.....they actually exist now you know.
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    Race tracks with the first corner located right after the start/finish line
    This could apply to real life, but I have only driven on race tracks in video games. So, here we are.
    Iberian Circuit in Forza Motorsport 3 & 4 comes to mind. This annoys me as when I see a start/finish line, the first thing coming to my mind is to get across it fast as possible. Especially in a race where I'm trying to win! It's frustrating to get across that line only to slam on the brakes right after because there's a corner right there waiting.
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    Underutilized Soundtrack
    Over the years I have noticed some games have songs only heard in specific parts of the game that you either won’t be around long enough to properly enjoy them or you generally don’t have enough reason to be there outside of hearing the songs. This is something that’s begun to bug me even more in recent years. It’s most annoying when a game has a great soundtrack, but you generally don’t get to hear it enough due to how it’s utilized. Let me show you what I mean by this:
    Test Drive Offroad 2 - It has at least 4 or 5 full-length songs in the game, but you only hear them at the main menu. Every other menu has no music at all and when racing, all they have are these short, repetitive, low-quality instrumental loops of the songs from the menu. You never hear the full-length songs outside the main menu.

    Okay, for starters, unless you just absolutely want to hear them, you’re never going to be in the main menu long enough to listen to them fully because their just isn’t enough to do there. What’s worse is you can’t just sit there and listen to them while doing nothing because then it’ll go into demo mode and you don’t get to hear it all. The only way you really can fully listen to them is to stay there in the main menu and fiddle with the controls constantly to keep it from going into demo mode. While I imagine technical issues may be why they aren’t heard in races, I can’t think of a good reason for why they couldn’t have just had them play in every other menu besides the main menu and it’s sad because I like the game's soundtrack even if it’s only a few tracks and I wish it had been utilized better.

    What’s crazy is the game's predecessor I think did a better job at utilizing its soundtrack than this one did.

    Test Drive 5 - Although it ain’t quite as bad as Test Drive Offroad 2, it has somethings in common with it. I forget how many full-length songs it had, but like Offroad 2, they’re only heard in the main menu with the exception of one song, however they play throughout the menus until you get to the car selection menu. Both there and in the point to point races, you just hear these short low-quality instrumental loops of songs from the menu much like Offroad 2 did. Circuit races however are different, you get to hear high-quality full-length instrumentals of the songs from the menu, one of which is actually the same as what the menu plays and another is a shorter version of another one. (this isn’t a bad thing though)

    While it’s not as bad as how Offroad 2 handled it, you once again won’t be there very much to hear it in full and I still wish they could’ve used it a bit more because its soundtrack is one of my favorites on the PS1. Again, I can imagine why they didn’t use them in point to point races, but circuit races? Come on, they had a least one song from the menu there, they could’ve used the others as well, but it seems they prefer to use songs with little to no lyrics in races.

    Spyro Year of the Dragon - This one is a very strange and a very unfortunate one too. The reason I say this is because if you have any other copy of the game besides the NTSC greatest hits version, there are a number of levels where they don’t even play the correct music there. Instead, they will just reuse music from other levels instead of their intended themes, even though their intended themes are in the game files for most releases.

    While I firmly believe this a glitch, this is very bad because not only are some of the songs they reused horrifically unfitting for some levels and not what they're supposed to have, but that means people who don’t have the Greatest Hits copy never get to hear them in-game at all, which is a shame because the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. What’s worse is the PAL platinum release of the game is the latest version and rather than fixing the issue like the Greatest Hits version released earlier did, they removed some songs from the game entirely to where they aren’t even in the game files!

    Thankfully I grew up with the Greatest Hits copy so I never had this problem and from what I have read, the Reignited Trilogy doesn’t either, but man do I pity those who didn’t get the Greatest Hits copy.

    Need for Speed Carbon - Not quite as bad as the others, but it’s not something I can ignore either. The licensed soundtrack only ever plays in free roam and checkpoint races, meanwhile every other race type along with the pursuits and the menus have their own composed music and drift races have no music at all. My issue is the game doesn’t have too many checkpoint races if I remember correctly and with the ability to jump to races instead of driving there in free roam, players aren’t likely to hear the soundtrack much in free roam, apart from when they finish it and are taking the time to select another or if they just feel like free-roaming. What’s worse is, there is evidence it was going to have the ability to disable composed music like the previous game, but it was cut and I think this game would have benefited from it.

    However, I think it’s more forgivable than the others because if you want to hear it, it’s not hard. Because you can easily play it through the menu if you go to options and select the song you want and you can free roam pretty much anytime you want and provided you don’t run into cops, you can listen to it while free-roaming. While the composed music is really really good, I still wish the licensed soundtrack was utilized a bit more because it’s in my opinion the 2nd best in NFS and you don’t even hear them all that much unless you do certain things.

    Need for Speed 2015 - Theirs at least one song in the game that only plays in the main menu. Like Test Drive Offroad 2 and Test Drive 5, you won’t be on there all that much, so you won’t hear too much of it as a result. Not all that annoying really, it’s just a head-scratcher to me. Why they couldn’t just have it play in the garage and the main menu is beyond me.
    To go through the process to get the license to use certain songs in games and/or making your own for it and then never using it all that much seems kind of wasteful if you ask me and it sucks when the soundtrack to a game is really good and you don't hear it nearly enough to properly enjoy it.
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    Having to constantly respond to menus
    I was recently reminded of this and now I am starting to remember how annoying they can be at times. Being prompted to respond to menu’s constantly can get old fast if you have to do it over and over again and sometimes it just feels so unnecessary. Let me show you what I mean by this:
    Need for Speed Underground 2. Whenever you want to install parts to a car, it will ask you every single time if you want to do that and it’s the most annoying when you're upgrading the performance. If you ever create a bunch of cars early in the game and then unlock more performance parts and want to install them on all of your cars, it quickly gets annoying having to constantly respond to these menus. I think Underground 1 did this too, but it has been so long since I played it again, I don’t know for sure.

    Fortunately, I think the developers saw the absurdity in this and fixed it in Most Wanted and Carbon. In both games, selecting a part will add it to the cart and once you have chosen everything you want, you install them at the very end as you leave and it’s much better than having to respond to menus for each and every part you choose. It’s a pity they didn’t do this sooner.

    Twisted Metal Head On. Upon revisiting it recently, I was reminded of how endurance mode would bring up a menu asking if you wanted to quit, save, or continue every time you defeat an opponent. I really don’t like this because having to respond to this menu every single time is just intrusive and it breaks the immersion of the game.

    I really think they should have just moved the save option to the pause menu and have the next opponent come up automatically after about 5 or 10 seconds from defeating the previous opponent, instead of having to respond to that stupid menu every single time. It would have been so much better.

    Gran Turismo 5
    . Something I have gotten tired of lately is that PSN sign-in menu. It comes up every time you boot the game and every time you go to the main menu as well as when you try to leave it. While the one seen when booting the game can be disabled via the secret menu, theirs no known way to disable the one on the main menu that I am aware of.

    I tend to go in and out of the main menu a lot sometimes for various reasons. So I see it a lot and since the servers are shut down now, it doesn’t really serve much of a purpose anymore and it gets pretty annoying having to respond to that useless, naggy message over and over again.

    Spongebob Squarepants Legend of the Lost Spatula. While the annoying menus from the other games come up automatically when you do a certain thing, this one is different. You have to bring it up yourself and the game constantly forces you to do it. Spongebob has different items you can use in the game and you have to pause the game and navigate to the items option to equip a certain item. Some enemies require certain items in order to be defeated and if you’re playing a level with a lot of enemies (namely Kelpazoic Jungle), you’re going to be changing items a lot.

    Considering how slow it is to come up and navigate through the menus and how often you’re forced to do it, this is easily the single most cumbersome and annoying example of this. I still dread playing the Kelpazoic Jungle to this day simply because it constantly forces me to switch items coupled with the fact it is kind of hard. I don’t expect too much from a Gameboy Color game, but I do feel they could have done something to make this easier on the player.
    I feel like I could be missing some, I am sure I have other examples I could list of this, but I think you get the point now. Some games could really do a better job at preventing this.
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    @Sonygamer455 -- Are you sure that's a videogame pet peeve?
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    Yeah after recent discoveries this can get annoying, it's not present in 1.0, or early versions, though I do get annoyed much like you did in this instance.
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    *2 seconds later*

    On a more serious note, this pet peeve is certainly not limited to video games. Without a doubt, their can easily be other instances outside of that.
    You obviously know why I posted it then. :p Granted, I found it annoying long before now, but the most recent discovery made a few days ago is what really triggered me to post about it here since it requires going to the main menu.
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