Watch as Kazunori Yamauchi and Igor Fraga Drive the Porsche Taycan Around Monaco

There is no doubt Kaz's a genius, but his demeanor is quite strange compared to "normal" people like Fraga next to him...

But Fraga speaks fluent Japanese ???!!! I never knew that... ! Impressive!

We need Monaco, Paul Ricard that is about a short hour away... We also need Ascari to come back ! Dang it! and all the Classic Original course from GT2/GT4....
I watched this yesterday I absolutely love it.
It’s great seeing a different side to Kaz we normally don’t get otherwise. He sure knows a lot about this EV Taycan. It’s great hearing him talk about the car and all the features, but also what’s in the game version VS real life version. Love the part when Igor took over and mention the Brakes and Kaz was like See I told you! Lol so cool. Also Kaz knows a thing or 2 about a linear Throttle. Wish next GT will apply it probably. :cheers:
It was great to see Igor hang out with Kaz chatting naturally. They have a good rapport and it was relaxing to watch their drive and conversation.

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