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Race 1 @ Willow Springs: Stock ‘68 Dodge Charger Hemi - put on Sport Soft tires - Easy win in Hard difficulty
Race 2 @ Tsukuba: Stock ‘83 Toyota Corolla Levin 1600GT - put on Sport Medium tires - easy win on Hard difficulty
Race 3 @ Grand Valley Hwy: ‘18 Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge tuned to 600pp Tokyo settings - Easy win but fun last lap against the Lamborghini.
Race 4 @ Kyoto: Stock ‘13 Ferrari LaFerrari - Super Easy win on hard difficulty. Should have taken a weaker car but I’ve never driven this car before and wanted to give it a shot.
Race 5 @ Red Bull Ring: Suzuki Swift Gr.4 tuned to 700pp on Racing Hard tires - Close Race with the Supra on hard difficulty but I ran FM6 the whole time to keep the wheel spin down and only pitted for a little bit of fuel at the tires were fine for the last 2 laps.

4* Marathon Ticket gave me a Stroke Up S part for an ‘02 NSX (38k credits)

6* parts gave me Ceramic Brakes for the Eckerts Mach Forty (16.5k credits)

6* Car Ticket gave me an Aston Martin One-77 (Currently 625k in the Used Dealership)

Overall, pretty crappy gifts for those 5 races but I didn’t expect much.
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Maybe unpopular opinion maybe. I actually prefer 6 star tickets for cars instead of some credits because it is nice to get new car even if it is duplicate of one of I have. It reminds me a little prize cars in older GT games.
Last time I did got Ferrari Enzo which I already have, but instead of Rosso Corsa one I've got Giallo Modena so it is expensive car + invitation required I was pleased to get another version.

BTW. Is there any chance to get one of 20 mln cars from this tickets? Somebody got one?

Yep, and there is always a chance you will get a car that is worth more than the max credit given if you wish to sell it.
Used the 911 (992) for the Hypercar race and that thing is a beast. Easy win and got a Ferrari FXX K. Score for me since I didn't own one.
I couldn’t believe how better it was than my my 918… I mean when you go down that huge hill the 992 doesn’t get any lift in this front vs the 918 I have to come of the gas a bit. I really love the 992, and father bless anyone who has a real one because sheeeshhhh!!!
Today I did last two races, hypercars with Porsche Spyder and WTC 700 with Alfa 155.

6 star ticket gave me Hyundai VGT Gr1 - disappointed with that.
Got half a million from the races and a Bugatti Chiron from the ticket. Didn't own one so now I do.

Only tricky one was the Grand Valley race which I managed second with an F40. Must try that again. Used the Valkyrie for the Hypercar Parade.
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What would be the cat’s ass…is if PD intermittently through some of the human comedy missions in there. Those not being replay-able for $$$ is one of the biggest wastes of coding in this game.

They could throw the Spa 1hr in there too while they’re at it
It was last minute, but I got last week’s challenges done, depending on your time zone.


For the WTC 600 Grand Valley race, I used the Nismo GT-R, upgraded and on SS tires.

And for the Hypercar Kyoto race, I used the LFA, with @praiano63 ’s tune on RH tires. Pretty overkill, but was fun to drive.

Here are the prizes I received:

6-star Parts Ticket - Titanium Rods & Pistons (Tundra TRD Pro ‘19)

6-star Car Ticket - Hyundai N 2025 VGT
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Eh, might just do 3/5 races, if only to collect 300k credits - plus the rewards from the races themselves. The time I'd be spending on the last two, I think I'll instead use that time on the Online Time Trials or working on my Master IA license.

EDIT: Not to mention other events I haven't gotten to yet, like the Super Formula rounds, the WTC 800 round at Spa-Francorchamps, or the Gr.1 Prototype Series event at Road Atlanta.
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Not a very good selection of events this week, in my opinion. I have completed all the races before.

I'll complete the weekly challenges however, just to see what the 5 stars ticket will give me.
On the bright side, the 4 retreads are all (relatively) short races, with only the Porsche Cup race at Spa extending much beyond 6 minutes, and all 4 together taking less than a half-hour. I haven't seen any YouTube videos of the Radical one-make race at Road Atlanta yet (it was a Daily C a while back), but I can't imagine it being more than 5 laps or 8 minutes.
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I hate the Radical, i hate hard, slippery tires, i hate Road Atlanta. But, man, this is a great race.

Just started it so i can see how much i have to tune the Radical to have an easy win. It's great at stock. Completely butchered the first lap and had a close win anyways.

Can recommend! :-)
Definitely had fun in the Truck and Radical races. Good fun discovering the limit of adhesion in those two.

Swapped the 3UZ-FE in the Tundra. Slapped on the high boost turbo. Racing transmission, Race suspension, weight loss program, loosened the ARBs, close gear ratios and lots of suspension travel. Too much fun!

I agree about the Radical in stock set up. I‘ll be driving this car a bit more now. Lovely in VR.
I would just wish that after completion the (new) special events remain available permanently at least.
You can easily make them by yourself. You just need one car in custom race and select for opponents "same car". It is just as simple, you can even "fix" those events with better options like grid starts etc.

Cash will be similar after 1.40 update.
Just blitzed through these this morning with completely overpowered cars. Definitely want to revisit the Radical race later with a slower tune to make things more challenging, it’s such a fun car.
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I did that first event at Brands Hatch Indy but I didn’t seem to get the ticket, even though it says I’ve acquired it in the Weekly Challenges menu. Anyone else experiencing this?
Did all races ,miss CRB twice the on was Spa the other the first one.
Ticket gave me a mazda gr4 but i prefer the Ferrari invitation next to it that i didn't get it .
All in all significant " cheaper " from previous time which already was cheaper than the pre previous one 😵 .
Am dealing with them as Griding races which they are in fact .
Next week now .